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Hey Chotu, don’t you have school today? I’m on my way to school right now. Uncle, this is my pet Mickey. Can you keep him with you until evening? Mom’s gone out or else, I would have left him with her. Don’t you worry, your pet is my pet, here, give him to me. Oh! He is so sweet. Hello Mickey. Bye uncle. Patlu, mice eat grass or not? I have no idea, I have never really had a pet mouse. I’m sure mice eat samosas. Come, let’s feed him samosas. Mice eats grass or not, he hits samaso or not. But one thing is for sure. The cat eats the mouse. Boxer brother, please take your cat away otherwise she will eat our Mickey. Haha!! Until when are you going to keep you mouse safe? One day my Kitty will eat your Mickey. Why don’t we go to the tea shop and have some samosas? Don’t you dare touch Mikey, get away, don’t you even think about him. I will teach you such a lesson, such a lesson, such a lesson. What did you say? What lesson are you going to teach her? I was just joking. Joking? I like joking too. Now I will joke around, haha!!! Help!! Oh my god! She is back. Motu, do something. I can’t think on an empty stomach. Why don’t you think of something. Idea!! Bye bye Kitty, bye bye. Look, she is coming back. Hey, stay away!! If you get close, it won’t end up well for you. Don’t come any close, stay away. Careful. Bye bye Kitty. Big brother, one cat has wrecked havoc in our lives. Quickly, arrest her. Oh my god! There’s no law to arrest a cat. However, I will try saving you from her. Come on. Chingam sir, that’s the cat. See, how she’s trying to bully us and trying to stop us. Today, I’ll show that cat that its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, impossible. Oh my god! This is a dangerous cat. Sir, what do we do now? What to do,run!! Look how she is walking towards us in slow motion. Oh my god! Take me with you. Big brother, save us. One cat has wrecked havoc in our life. She is after Chotu’s Mickey. Oh my lord! I have 20 years of experience dealing with cats. Listen, what you have to do. Come, we are fully prepared for you. If you dare, try attacking us now. Hey, dogs are supposed to chase cats and not the other way. Why are you spoiling dogs name? Stop and fight back. Oh my lord! Are you guys taking my dog for a walk or is my dog taking you out for walk. My bones have broken. Ghasitaram, your dog is taking us out for a walk. Oh my lord! Looks like the Dog scared the cat away. Now you are happy? He is a brave dog. Even he has 20 years of experience fighting with cats. Now you guys have to throw a party for the dog and me as well. The dog dragged us around town and broke all our bones and this man wants a party. Now that cat can’t do anything to us. We will keep roaming in the car until Chotu is back. She can’t get to us like that. No, where is that sound coming from? It’s just your imagination. There’s no sound. Yes, I hear the sound, this is impossible. Where is she? No!! Oh, god! Please send the cat away!! Not just a cat, send this demon away. This cat is not less than a demon. Come back Micky, come back. We can’t be sure of the cat. Hello Mickey!! Leave my tail. If I won’t, what will you do? By the way, I’m very hungry. So tell me quick, what will you do, if I don’t let you go? Here, we were being afraid of nothing. Now, that cat’s is never going to trouble us. Hey!!! Well, the cat’s not going to trouble you, but the cat’s owner is sure going to make a lot of trouble. Take this!! Help!! Mickey, help us!! I won’t let you go!!

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