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Motu Patlu, what is this, have you started a new business? Yes sir, this is the easiest job. Whoever wants to go somewhere, can leave their child here and we will be taking care of them. Ok Motu, all the best!! Yeah, we will get to play with children and we will get money also. Chingam sir, since you are here, then why not break a coconut and inaugurate it. Oh my god!! Chingam sir, coconut is not broken, so please try it again, and I will try to put the board back on the wall. Let that board remain down till I go, I don’t want it to fall on me again Oh my god!! Oh my god! It is always danger when Motu and Patlu are around, I am leaving. Oh my god! Now, what happened? Yes, tell me. Can you keep my child for 24 hours? I will pay you, whatever amount you say. Yes of course, we will keep the baby but why are you not keeping the child? One alien is after me. Oh, I mean I have lot of work to do, and I want to finish it by tomorrow, ok, I will come tomorrow. Bye. Please listen, what is the name of your child? She is gone, she was in hurry. Take this milk baby, drink it. We have to feed the milk again, this time I will not give him the bottle to hold. Where is the baby? How did he go up ? He fly’s too. Stop my dear, my sweetheart, my love, we can’t run after you like this, we are not so young. Stop! This can’t be a normal child, that lady was telling the truth that some aliens are following her. This is an alien and it is harassing us now. Motu Patlu, how dare you? You have come to my house and you are jumping on me. Patlu, nobody is going to save you, you are dead now. Take this!! Take this!! Now, you are dead. Take this!! Not even god can save you people. Hey, you people broke my wall and came inside. Mummy!! Daddy!! Hey baby, why are you putting us in trouble? What have we done to you? Hey, the wall is in good condition, how can Motu Patlu be here? I guess, I saw a dream, but I loved it, I could hit them so much, haha!! Come Patlu, let us go and eat some hot samosas. Now, you have to behave properly, don’t harass us like last night. Hey, what are you doing? I am dreaming, I am definitely dreaming. I am dreaming, let me go and sleep now. Baby, you have harassed us so much, so please be a good boy and sit quietly till your mummy comes back. Oh my god! I am very tired of chasing John. Motu Patlu, you people are expert in catching him, take my bike and get him here. Chingam sir, we are taking care of this child. Why fear? When Chingam is here. Go, in the name of the law, hurry up, I swear you on the law. Oh my god! What creature is this? Fly low!! Stop in the name of the law, I swear you on the law, in the name of mother India. Oh my god!! He will kill me, its burning, help!!! I think he has harassed you a lot. No, he is a very cute child, he has won Chingam sir’s heart also, isn’t it sir? Oh my god! I haven’t seen such a cute baby in my whole life. All right, then It is confirm, I have to go somewhere for few days. Till then you people keep my child with you. No!! Oh my god!! Not at all, run!!!

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  1. chalya bananya film3 bahadur hum bhi ayan gyan rooko jo aysi hoo gi tuotya our jyan gyan inshAllah aap sub kya

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