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  1. Idk but it kind of seems like she is holding negative feelings toward Amanda Perry. Almost like a competition of who had it worse. Of course he’s going to treat her different. She was there for many years in comparison to the time she spent there. I hope I’m wrong and misinterpreting

  2. Yes all 3 girls went through hell, but this woman? A fucking trooper. So much respect and love for her, she probably won’t ever see this comment but hon you are the strongest person I’ve ever had the pleasure to learn about. I hope she lives a happy fulfilling life with endless love and opportunities.

  3. I can't imagine. 10 years of horror. I know I wouldn't survive. My temper would have gotten mr. Killed. I pray for healing and comfort for these women. Especially Michelle.

  4. Only an american could get jealous of another prisoner having ‘More than them‘ lol,greedy little hostage bastards!!

  5. I remember when I first ran across a documentary back in 2013 about this story. It's one of the few of the hundreds I've watched over the years that I'll never forget. All these years later, and Michelle still seems to be the one who can continue remembering the torture. He definitely treated her the worse. Proves to me that she's probably the strongest out of all three women. Not saying that the other two aren't, but you get what I mean. God bless all three of them.

  6. i pray he lives a full life, and gets raped and tortured every single day until he dies the slowest most painful death every.
    fuck that dude

  7. Me and Peoples in this Planet:
    I hope Goverment in America will protect and blessing her until her grand grand childrens as well,. Must be have happy life,. Amen

  8. Even though you hear more about the other, I think Michelle is amazing woman also! May they all have blessings

  9. This women bought tears to my eyes they are strongest survivors I've ever heard about…hugs to you Michelle

  10. It was obvious she got treated badly because she wasnt as willing, attractive enough, or good enough for Ariel. She became the punching bag because nobody was really looking for… He used that to manipulate her and to get what he wanted from her..

  11. This poor girl. She was hurt by far the worst. She isn't persevering as well as Gina and Amanda. Ariel Castro, may you rot.

  12. These women are the strongest women I have seen for what they have gone through. It takes a lot of courage and guts to even talk about what they have gone through. It is not easy. My heart goes out to all three women. Amanda, Michelle and Gina for enduring ten years of torture. That whoever Castro, got off too easy by hanging himself. There should have been a trial and an immediate slow and painful death.

  13. Omg this lady has developed a negative feelings to /against people….. A little hard feeling for amanda…… And its completely understandable

  14. It's evident that Castro must have shattered her self image, and consistently picked on her looks to try and make her feel guilty for looking "imperfect" (when torturing her, by mocking her for example) as at 0:55 she still tries to mask the idea that maybe he found her more unattractive, by resorting to a child-like (I say child-like because her expressions and body language resemble a hurt broken and lost child) tactic of dodging the question by drawing a vague comparison with no further reason as to why the comparison exists (punching bag/wife). Instead of just admitting what we already know to be true – that Ariel found Amanda more attractive physically. The point being that out of all the pain she expressed about the other things he did to her, she still cannot seem to come to terms/accept she was physically 'not good enough' while Amanda and the other girl were (she felt she was their equal). It's like her last spark of self-worth before her entire self image shatters.

  15. I’m glad the sun of bee killed himself. If I was the one that was captured by a psychopath like this man Castro. I think I would end up in a mental hospital. I would be starring at the wall 24/7. With me I rather get shot then being raped tortured I prefer death then being forced by a man I don’t like to have sex with, because I will not heal. I am so happy for these 3 ladies that are mentally and physically strong. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  16. If only public flaying was a thing. Suicide or jail is too good for that scumbag. The only real way for him to get what he deserves is to rip the flesh from his body with the best trained medical staff on sight to make sure he stays alive as long as possible. It’s cases like these that make me support the death penalty. It’s too bad he killed himself. I’m sure he was in store for a number of ass rapings.

  17. I just want to hug these girls so hard that I wish I can make this horrific time they suffered take it away from them! I pray to GOD to give them peace in this world so much and bless them more in hereafter Ameen….😁

  18. I wish three of them remains good friends for life. They all experience horrible situation. But my heart broke coz she was all alone. I hope she has all the good things in life.

  19. Those girls were in hell. He should have been chained in jail like he chained them. What on earth could have made him treat those innocent young girls the way he did. Even mental illness cant explain what he did. He had to have been possessed by a demonic force. Just unbelievable what he did. How on earth did he keep his brothers from finding out? He knew what he was doing was wrong. I hope Amandas little girl will be ok in the future. Amanda will worry that her daughter will have some of his traits. What a heavy burden to suffer under.

  20. It's really fucking weird that she is so visibly angry as shit that she was not treated as well as the others more than she is angry at what he actually did.
    I would be supprised if she doesn't end up losing her shit one day, and taking her anger out on someone else

  21. It is quite pitiful, and even worrisome that some people here have attempted to analyze who Michelle is. The ordeal those girls had to go through should never be put to the test like this. They were not in a beauty pageant! They were tortured for over a decade and if you think that resentment against one another is not possible or even conceivable, is preposterous. They were forced to live like no person should ever live and each is allowed to cope now as they see fit without judgement.

  22. People should stop speculating about what Michelle or the other women were thinking and why they are like they are now. All of the women went through a terrible experience, and they are all dealing with their trauma in their own personal ways. I am just thankful that they were able to escape, and I hope that all of them get help that they need and that their families and friends support them and love them.

  23. The way i see it, Michelle suffer the most , not saying the others didn't , but she did , always thinking about her son and her mother didn't Care for her , i mean what kind of mother is that … She had adbortions , poor her, this is why she is alone in her interviews she was treated badddd compare with the other two… Michelle and Ariel had a coversation the night about Joselyn , thats why they we're free… Because she was growing and he didn't want that for his daugther… Crazy men oh gosh, and Michelle giving up her son , so he can be happy that broke my heart…

  24. You could tell Michelle is forever gonna be fucked up in the head because of this . That man is disgusting & I hope he’s not resting in peace

  25. I feel really sorry for this lady… hurrendous… hurrendous… she didnt get the luxurious the others was getting talk about utterly being lonely ……

  26. You utter morons. This is the last time I watch anything from you. You're not the only channel that has interviews with her, so you've shot yourself in the foot by cutting off the end of the interview.

  27. Michelle deserves more love it's unfair that the news will always mention Amanda and Gina but never mention Mitchell

  28. I found this story today and I felt so sick inside and cant sleep bc of this. I am so pround of you Lily and you got your husband now. Many blessings to Amanda and Gina also. Michelle Lily dont worry you baby will be coming to find you, shame on those adoptive parents who only got him bc she was kidnapped and put through horrific things for 11yrs. How can those adoptive parents not have a heart to give her back atleast visits if not her biological son?? Karma is going hit them

  29. Ironic how he kept 3 girls imprisoned for more than a decade but could only last 1 month in prison. He couldn’t even endure 1% of the prison experience, whereas these innocent girls went through years of all kinds of torture.

  30. Not saying its right… But if u gonna kidnap someone and keep them hostage at least let them be bad not special ed and look like this…

  31. I feel for her. I've just watched the whole story. You an see in her eyes that shes the one who is effected the worst. My thoughts and prayers go out to all three of you. I hope one day, you will all lead a normal life with soo much love and happiness

  32. He treated them differently so as they'd kinda be jealous of each other and that they wouldn't be friends. With that being said, they wouldn't gang up against him. Just my thought, i could be wrong

  33. The most terrible thing was that Michelle was forced to help deliver Amanda’s baby while she was forced to undergo miscarriage 5 times. Can’t imagine how hard it must have been

  34. The resentment she feels for Amanda seems like a clinging to the mental and physical torture in which she has still affecting her. She’s gone through the worst and most but Amanda and Gina didn’t decide to be the chosen ones or whatever either.

  35. Got to be scarred mentally for life for these poor ladies.
    Hidden away so close to their homes, you really don't know what happens behind closed doors 🚪
    Hope they all make a full recovery & can lead a normal life as possible, considering.

  36. Is to bad there are not in touch with michell, i think something else happened in there during the all those years, they just don't want to talk about it, its not amanda's fault that he prefers her more, they all 3 were victims

  37. I feel sorry for her, she’s mentally messed up
    Being jealous that the rapist preferred other girl just shows how they were mentally manipulated by that monster

  38. She lost so many years of her life and Had been raped before she even went into that hell and still she doesn’t have the best family or I think she fights with her mom or something but either way life has been super unfair to her and the other girl’s

  39. There’s no amount of positivity, money, good YT comments, awards, and even recognitions that will heal Michelle back to normal. Michelle had a new normal right now.

  40. Ofcourse the ugly ones the punching bag. Idk why he took her he shoulda just got another cute girl. Maybe he wanted someone to beat tho

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