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Borne trying to take advantage
of the epic confrontation that Yim went through at TakeOver Toronto Two, failing to dethrone Shana Baisler,
but putting up the fight of her life.>>Certainly hurt the champion Baszler, arguably worse than any
other challenger thus far. Injured in the right arm of Baszler.>>Leapfrogged by Vanessa Borne.>>Again trying to bend the rules
to the shot to the throat.>>And speaking of bending
the rules interference.>>And Mia’s been the different maker for
Vanessa Borne.>>Samoan drop by the half
Samoan Vanessa Borne.>>Born was struggling to
get that shoulder down, it may have cost her the victory.>>Let’s go, Mia. Let’s go, Mia. [NOISE]
>>Aliyah is running might yes.>>And they just tagged Yim a lower.>>Lower.>>Of course, Borne and Aliyah feel
that they are higher than everyone.>>That just stick a fist.>>Well, that’s just classless.>>[SOUND]
>>Borne continuing with this of trash talk.>>A loser.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yim taking Ember to the fact that Borne called her a loser,
pops up a left hand and there was a slap across the face
by The Vision, Vanessa Borne.>>And look at face shows that story.>>All the way take down ground and
pound by Yim background in Muay Thai and
Taekwondo, utilizing kicks now. Forearm smashed to the face
of Borne by a fired up Yim.>>And The Vision is rocked.>>Machine gun chops.>>Nice.>>Mia, you are badass.>>[NOISE]
>>You have had to go to some dark depths to climb yourself out of
the places you’ve been, but I got to thinking we don’t need to
stand across each other like enemies.>>[SOUND]
>>You could stand right beside me.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This, this, this is a cold,
cold business but ask these two. It’s nice and
warm here under the dragon’s wing.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I think that’s a no.>>Yim is sticking with the Mia militia.>>To that olive branch.>>Rejecting the Horse Women’s
advances and now the Horse Women making Mia Yim pay.>>In a two on one attack.

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