Megadisaster 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami: Deadliest Earthquake and Tsunami of Modern History

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Over 11,000 people are now thought to have been killed in southern
Asia after an undersea earthquake sent enormous waves rolling across the Indian Ocean. The quake measured 8.9 on the Ritchler scale. The biggest on the world for 40 years. Waves up to 10 meters engulfed the coasts
of many countries. The quake’s epicenter was off the Island of
Sumatra in northwestern Indonesia. I am here in the busy city center of Banda Aceh
and it was here, on this street corner, where some of the most graphic video footage of the tsunami was recorded On the street behind me the tsunami surge
came flooding up the road, channeled between the buildings. Watching the footage we see that the leading
edge of the Tsunami was actually slow enough that people could escape simply by running
or walking. However this part of Banda Aceh is very far
from the ocean and people simply didn’t knew what to do. As the flood depth increases, so does the
speed of the flow, and there’s no way to escape unless you can get to high grounds. The person who shot this video did; he climbed
up here. And he lived, however thousands of other people
that day could not get to high ground and ended up dying in the waves. I just
happen to the get hurt in my shoulder, some people standing on other people started to
run. I stood up picked up my bag and in those few
seconds of standing up, picking my towel the headphones got out of my ears. I heard just how loud the waves are really
going. I started to run. Go go go! On Boxing Day, ten years ago, a massive earthquake
struck in the Indian Ocean and triggered a series of giant waves that toured through
14 countries across Southeast Asia. It left around quarter of a million people
dead or missing. The deadliest Tsunami in Modern History. Entire coastal communities were wiped out,
thousands of tourists were killed and 1.7 million people were displaced. When the waves came there had been effectively
no public warning or evacuation, so it took everyone by surprise. The disaster sparked major international action,
with 13.5 billion dollars pledged in aid and the introduction of a Tsunami Alert Center for Asia.

48 thoughts on “Megadisaster 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami: Deadliest Earthquake and Tsunami of Modern History

  1. When we were in grade school the first thing we were taught was the signs when a tsunami is coming. I grew up in Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles. All the schools at least once a year would have tsunami warning exercises. They would blast sirens all along the beaches and everyone in each school had a designated spot where we would leave our class and walk to. My schools were near and right next to the ocean but as you went inland less than a mile the area was 300 to 400 feet above the ocean level. This was where we all would walk to when the siren went off. We spent a lot of time studying earthquakes and tsunamis in school since we are in earthquake and tsunami land. We learned that if the Ocean receded past it's usual point then a tsunami is coming and head for the hills. I surfed everyday and in Jr high and high school I was on the surf team, our class was at 6:00am on the beach surfing and lasted until 8:30am when we would dry off and go to our next class, only one time did we have a siren go off when we were surfing so we all had to run up the hill too our designated area. I cant believe all these people walking out on the reef when the water receded farther than they had ever seen. Then they see this 40 foot high white water coming their way and just stand there. Living by the ocean while making your living off the ocean and you dont know what to look for when a tsunami is coming. Worse off there are two military warships sitting right off the beach looking at the big waves and the low water level and not one person on any of those boats warned the local police, coast guard or even lifeguards.

  2. So odd that the man just stands there as the wave comes at him. Did he know he'd left it too late to run ?

  3. To All those innocent people animals too that lost their lives may you all now R.I.P XXX 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 my condolences to the families of the deceased xxx from England uk xx

  4. Woman : maybe the earthquake affected the water
    Man: Nahhh

    Back in the times when we are not literate to what happen when there is an earthquake.

  5. A tsunami is the earths revenge to punisch us for global warming and destoying this planet so that why we get to extreme violent water wave to kill thousends and destroying entire city's its only the beginning because if we don't stop it will get much more violent and killing more people

  6. I've seen all these clips before (except for one) from different sources, but you put them together very nicely. Thanks.

  7. The part at 2:02 and 10:50 pisses me off they see the water building way off shore but they just stand their making stupid comments, instead of running while they have a chance

  8. people enjoy ocean but if the tsunami struck goshhhh super scary condolence to the family this is sad to watch

  9. Just before the 8 minute mark lies a true test of whether or not you are an empty soul-less human being……. that guy you prob didn't even notice on the bottom right of the screen getting smashed into by a pile of junk really got me in the feels. I replayed it numerous times. And to think that this is just one of hundreds of thousands of innocent victims… really brings the feels. RIP 7:55

  10. The tsunami in India was a punishment from Rama for the Indian people's filthy habit of shifting in the street.

  11. Yeah, I don’t think that person shooting the video was able to escape that torrent by standing on a three foot wall. I suspect there was a building there at the time if tsunami.

  12. I'm sorry, but those MORONS standing on the beach watching deserved what they got. Dumb fucking, irresponsible people.

  13. at the time pretty sure no one ever heard the word tsunami before. thats why peoples just stand still watching the wave.

  14. In Aceh, some of the educated people warns other citizens to relocate to higher grounds after the second earthquake and he said the tsunami may come after that. But not that many people trusted him. That's one of the reasons so many life lost in Aceh

  15. Some people acting too cool and too slow while the waves coming in and they'll be asking for help like help me I'm you already knew it's dangerous but you acting like yeah that's alright 😳

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