70 thoughts on “Mayweather vs McGregor: Los Angeles Press Conference

  1. just pause it at 30:27 and see how out of position aldo was or how horrible the defense is of these guys conor is knockin out. conor is a great boxer for a mma guy and probably could have been a great boxer but its a lot of muscle memory to kill to not worry bout takedowns and legs kicks, but flod looked like he reall lost something in the berto fight so maybe even 2 more ears could be a difference, but i cant see it, conor gases pretty quick

  2. Dana is an idiot, he introduces Connor as the defending 155 pound champion and he hasent even defended either one of his belts again Dana your an idiot

  3. Canelo is one dimensional. He throws punches going forward and backward only. When he started missing he mentally defeated. Pacquiao was the only fighter who cuts ankles resemble Conor but he is smaller fighter and over extended in most of his punches. Maiden is an hard puncher but he has a slow mind-body reflexes and less precision. Most of his punches are telegraphic. Canello, Pacquiao, and Maiden have strong mental games like Conor but fight in patterns and they are not smart. Conor is a combination of precision and timing, he is mentally tough plus his physic is going to be too much for Mcgregor. Conor will win via KO or decision.

  4. 37:05 – 39:05 Connor is a nervous wreck. Twitchy, nervous, over chewing gum, calling for cheers from the crowd, fidgety and yelling. The whole time Floyd is calm, poised, confident, motionless. Most of you faggots can't understand the difference between a champion and simply a loud-mouth brat.

  5. Yes, Ronda Rousey was an unknown factor in boxing, on Ring Magazine, and was supposed to school traditional boxers. Now it is Connor McGregors turn. These MMA people just do not see.

  6. It was humiliating for connor to be beaten by floyd in 10 rounds. But not as humiliating if connor strangled mayweather in the octagon. Mayweather said it himself "I dont care if its the ring, i dont give a f*ck if its the octagon, put me in there and i'll kick ass" Well time to live up what you've said.

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  8. U know I saw something in Mayweathers eyes, but it isn't weakness it's loss, it's power that he won't have over boxing and rigged matches, well at least he'll have to share with McGregor. The fight game belongs to McGregor, think about it 29 years old, the first man to face Mayweather who was as big or bigger then him considering that he wasn't as successful as McGregor at that age compared.

    McGregor showed tremendous skills in his last bout, there are still many great victories and successes headed McGregors way; aside from the 123$-127$ million he just finished making

  9. I'm a huge fan of Mcgregor, I watched these press conferences as they happened! Looking back at them now 'which is painful' FLOYD is a smart guy

  10. Mayweather is a champion when wearing a big boxing glove.
    There are many reasons for him to wear a big glove and win
    ? can win if you save your stamina without attacking as much as possible.
    If he play with bare hands, I think he is a second-rate player.

  11. Mayweather Champion When Wearing Big Boxing Gloves
    If you play with your bare hands, you would be a regular boxer.
    There are many reasons for this,
    Boxing hopes not to wear big funny gloves forward

  12. 49:37 "The Rolls (Royce) are 2012 outside"

    Says the guy who rents his cars, pretends like he owns it and almost got sued by the dealerships.

  13. i wish Conor would've just KICKED HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF during the match lol
    Just to see Floyd K.O'd
    That wouldve been as epic as the Tyson Bite!

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