Matt Riddle’s tense meeting with Goldberg backstage at SummerSlam: WWE Watch Along

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So, William, I’m walking by and
I see his locker room. I’ve already seen Brock’s but
I see Goldberg’s locker room and I’m trying to get a peek and
I’m looking, I’m looking. All of the sudden, big shoulder,
300 pounds at least. I look up, it’s Goldberg. He goes we got some talking to do. And I’m like well,
we can talk any time, bro. He’s like yeah? And I’m like yeah, and
then he’s like all right, bro. Well, any time,
he’s like I’m not your bro. And I’m like all right, bro. Like take it easy.>>[LAUGH]
>>Whatever. And then he’s like yeah, we’ll see. I’ll see you later and I was like, and
hey it was a pleasure meeting you and he goes the pleasure was all mine bro. And then he goes I’m not your bro.>>[LAUGH]
>>And then I walked away and I had to come here.

100 thoughts on “Matt Riddle’s tense meeting with Goldberg backstage at SummerSlam: WWE Watch Along

  1. I really think when these to get into the ring if they ever do It's going to turn into a shoot match by that I mean Goldberg is legitimately Going to spear him as hard as he can And then legitimately jackhammer I like Matt riddle don't get me wrong but I think you barking up the wrong tree Delay not even walk out at all from the match Because I don't make Goldberg is going to want to play story line I think hes going to go off script and seriously hurt him I mean if I was that powerful and i was a wrestler some person ligetmently Started something with me My temper would get The Best of Me I think anybody's would So I wouldn't blame him if he did and beat him down And trust me he could in real life but I am a fan of Matt riddle I hope you dismount don't get him hurt but to be honest I have to say he kind of deserves it if it does I will still be a fan but he had it coming if it does

  2. I don't think that they will book this match Because if they did after all the things that he really did say about not him And the fact that it's not storyline the fact that he legitimately has beef with him would seriously injure him And who could blame Bill Goldberg after all most of the things Matt riddle said it is out of arrogance and ignorance

  3. The more WWE kind of plays into this story makes me feel like someone is telling Matt Riddle to do this before he moves up the main roster. I honestly would love to see WWE take Orton's old Legend Killer gimmick and put a repackaged version of that on Riddle when he comes up to the main roster. Have him go over guys like Goldberg, maybe Taker, a few other guys and then build towards a match between Lesner vs Riddle by having Riddle take out Paul Heyman because Heyman is a legendary promoter.

    Like, WWE doing this now with Riddles character is going to make him more money once he gets to the next level because he is already building his brand before he gets there.

  4. Man…

    It’s so hard to dislike this guy, hate is too strong because he doesn’t deserve it but even a disllike?

    No, I can’t.

    He’s too chill, cool, so consistent with this personality that I am content.

  5. Matt needs to respect wrestling veterans. And GOLDBERG is just just the vet to spear and jackhammer some into him

  6. Riddle just wanting to make a bigger name for himself by calling out a legend to get a match and goldberg fell for it, much like the rock did for cena calling him out for not caring about the wrestling business anymore 11 years ago.

  7. Because Riddle was so high, he thought a random Custodian was Bill Goldberg.

    So, no. It wasn’t THE Bill Goldberg, just some guy from Maintenance.

  8. Lmao I love how hilariously GENUINE Matt Riddle is. You can see the excitement in his face! Don’t worry Matt we can be bros

  9. Dude says "Bill Goldberg". That's two b's but his lips never close. He bites his bottom lip to say his b's. I think he's wasted.

  10. Matt Riddle in general is a loser. his gimmick is dumb. he has a face youd want to just cave in. hes never going to get his match with Brock or Goldberg. dude sucks.

  11. Is it just me or do the rest of you think Bill Goldberg would eat his lunch and I am sure you people know the beast would as well

  12. Matt Riddle been acting like a fool showing disrespect to legends Like Jericho Booker T he is not in there leauge and to have a go at Goldberg he is a fool and if he ever moves up to the main roster he won't be more than a mid card wrestler.

  13. Can't stand Riddle. His voice is grating and saying bro all the time doesn't make you cool.

    His name should be Chad Riddle

  14. 😃😃😃Matt Riddle is Bromantic!! Seriously i think he is a big fan of Goldberg actually and it's his way ( ranting about Goldberg) of getting a match with him.

  15. my opinion about this video Matt riddle is Full of S*** he didn't speak one word to Bill Goldberg because he's afraid of them

  16. A: Who's Matt Riddle?
    B: Never heard of him..
    C: Heard he is newbie on the block
    B: Really?
    A: What?
    C: Nah, just ignore this kid
    A,B&C: Lol

  17. Matt Riddle should retire Bill Goldberg and keep retiring other legends as he works his way to Brock Lesnar.

  18. Chippa would wipe the floor with Goldberg in a fight, he would end up like that poor fuka on the ultimate fighter moaning on the floor with a jacked jaw.

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