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  1. Hello, i have question, when i play 170 bpm and up my left foot doing swivel because i used to use swivel, and my left foot is weak than right. Is it good when my left foot is weak??? Thank u 😀

  2. Could you recommend a good vid that shows in detail how to drum a bass drum for double pedal, as far as principals of rebound that may help, and proper set up of the pedals themselves. Not only does my bass sound like crap, but the pedals feel god awful as well. On top of that I have no clue how to get the ball rolling in regards to the basics. I'm just hoping to get the setup right before lamenting over how hard and long it will take to become proficient.

  3. I am trying to get fast with DB and i think i hace succeded in this. But the problem is that this teqnike i can only use from 180-220bpm 16th notes, and i can play full leg from 0-140bpm and cant get faster… so i have a gap from 140 to 170/180bpm witch is so disturbing ;D any tips?

    This is a little video taken by my girlfriend, its only taken from a music shop so not my personal stuf but still shows maybe how i play with the feet.. i dont acually play the notes with my foot as much as just controlling the pedal/strokes..


    anyone can help?

  4. man, I used to play 160 BPM with little practice, now I can't even come close to that speed, even though I play every day:/ Don't know if it's the change of pedals (from elims to axis – tbh I hate DD;p) or wrong choice of exercises, but I feel like going back to single pedal…

  5. Hey Man!

    I love this video thank-you so much for your assistance. I have created a mastering tutorial video if you would like to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6H5OQfepIo
    it might help you as well! Have an amazing day.

  6. The pattern is 4 bars or 4 measures long the 1st bar has 8 kicks the 2nd has 8 kicks =16 the 3nd bar has 16 kicks and the 4th bar has 16 kicks =32

  7. hello friend, good video, I wanted to make a query pedals and shoes you wear? thanks for answering . Greetings from Peru

  8. "Gaining bpm, will take time" undeniable truth. I've recently picked up drumming again after a 12 year break and i struggle with 190+ bpm

  9. i play metal for 10 years and double bass for 8…but the average maximum speed i reach is 32th notes at 160 bpm XD

  10. I've increased 0 bpm in the last 15 years. It's frustrating. Switching to an Axis pedal made it more relaxing to play, but I haven't sped up.

  11. People complaining about where is part 2?  I want more lessons!  You can sign up, and pay for premium lessons on dirks official site.  He has to make a living You know, and If you want more pay for it.

  12. Ruck marches
    Stair stepper and
    Running has built my calves up well I can't really get speed but I can get it dowm for a while

  13. i love my vkit…….. i am not actually a drummer, i am a guitar player with a studio……. the thing i love best about my vkit. is my P.A. subwoofer (b-52's) when u stomp the bass pedal…… every one in the front row gets free C.P.R………..lol

  14. Would you suggest using a direct drive double bass pedal over a chain or strap? I've read plenty of reviews and seen it in action… its much different to play vs a chain or strap. I'd love to get up into the 280 bpm region but I feel limited by either my footwork or double bass pedal. I'm using the Tama Speed Cobra double bass pedal btw… figuring the name itself would be targeted towards those who wish to really crank up the speed on their double pedals. It's good dont get me wrong but I feel as if its reached its limit or maybe I need to try a new foot style. I did notice your left heel moving from left to right which I've seen before but never understood how that works.. I was taught the heel toe movement as I was use to playing doubles with a single pedal back in middle school jazz band. Great teacher and he allowed me so much afterschool time to work on my techniques. 3 years went fast though and high school band was all about football games and marching. Plus that's where I got heavy into different music (rock and heavy metal) and ended up joining a garage band lol. Anyways good video, I just really wish I could of fully seen your left foot and had an explanation as to why your heel went left to right.

  15. I really like this guys drumming! He's very talented and great for Megadeth. I watched quite a few live performances,and he always nails it. I can't play drums right now. My joints are shot! I can still play guitar though. I'm working on reversing my joint damage,so I can play drums again. It's working slowly,but takes a lot of discipline and change.

  16. I hear part 2 started production shortly after part 1 was made and is still in production and is almost finished! 6½ years later, part 2 is gonna be EPIC!

  17. This might seem inconvenient to a lot of folks, but one thing about double bass that people forget, is that if you're going to play heavy metal as a genre, you need to be in shape . Verbeuren, Roddy, Kolias… all of these double bass masters all have one thing in common regardless of technique; they're all fit dudes with good body fat to muscle ratio. If you're feeling puffed out whenever you try to play fast double bass, you may need to consider that your body simply isn't in tune with what you're asking it to do. So drop the cheeseburgers, eat less, and run more. If you still have problems playing fast after that, then you'll know that the issue is with your technique, not your physique.

    And for those who want to incite Hoglan; don't forget that he became the big texan you know him as after joining SYL, and that he wasn't fat at all back in the 80's when he learned double bass with Dark Angel.

  18. This vid makes more sense than the last 400 vids ive watched,the 3 ps makes more sense than spring tension,yes its important but ur vid made me try harder,thanks man

  19. Absolutley no hate for Bastian Thusgaard, but Dirk is still THE drummer for Soilwork in my heart <3
    Versatile, technically flawless, very straight forward. Living Infinite and Ride Majestic are un-friggin-believable!

  20. Great exercise! It's wise to begin slow, pay attention to the details and speed up step by step.

  21. I don't even play drums.
    I play guitar.
    And the part 1 about practice patience and perseverance has been my motto for a year.
    Haven't seen so much result since I've actually starting applying it.
    I used to say "Yes" to that philosophy but get easily discouraged and give up for several months, never training regularly.
    But what truly makes it happen is the strength to work through the frustration and pick up that fucking instrument the next day and accept to fail, again and again. Try to find a solution and improve, but accept that some training sessions you'll have failed everything you tried, couldn't figure out what was wrong, and walk out of there having barely played a single note correctly.

    …and not get discouraged.

  22. 16ths and 32nds at 160bpm? If the quarter note gets the beat then he's actually playing 8ths and 16ths. And 16ths at 160 is outrageous for a beginner. Not Sure why so many of these drum instructional videos for beginners are demonstrated at impossible tempos. Yes, he suggests starting the beginning tempo at whatever is comfortable, but let's make it approachable/comprehensible for people of lesser technical ability. What the beginner really needs to focus on is accuracy and evenness between the feet, both dynamic and rhythmic, so that every stroke between the feet is the same volume and evenly timed.

    Not trying to be overly critical. He's certainly got some great technique based on what I've heard here. And I appreciate his time and effort to get this video out. Thanks

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