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Atena Sadegh: This video is all about manifesting
that love in your life and I just want to tell share with you guys that just before
I got engaged, I was literally going over all the content that I’m going to be sharing
with you on this video and from me. It’s epic that as the boat was driving to
the destination where my man could post to me, I’m literally thinking of all these things
that I’m about to share with you because not only was did, it felt extremely aligned when
he surprised me with that proposal, but it is 100% validating everything I’m going to
share with you today. Everyone on this planet deserves love. You deserve love. You can find it. It will manifest if you take these steps that
I am going to teach you today, I am not allowed to say 100% guaranteed, but I really, really
want to say it because I believe in it and I believe in you. So if you are someone who is okay, that was
a little low. If you are someone who has struggled in the
past or even if you’re in a relationship right now and you’re not sure how to strengthen
it, this video is for you because it’s just, it’s for you. Take the minute and listen to it. Atena Sadegh: Step number one in manifesting
love is that you need to manifest first, unconditional love within yourself. Let me break it down for you. You basically need to have solid self esteem
and this is not the same thing as self-confidence. You can be rich, beautiful, young, smart,
successful and still had zero self esteem. Have you ever like looked at a gorgeous woman
and she is smart, she’s beautiful, she’s witty. Then she’s dating some douchebag who like
cheats on her. Everyone knows it and you’re just like, why
though? Or you see that guy who’s dating this woman
who totally using him for his money, he knows it, she knows it, his friends, no way. And you’re just like, why are you letting
yourself be used? And honestly that’s just literally a lack
of self esteem. And I think the most, I believe to my core,
the most dominant form of self esteem that our society’s currently suffering is from
people who say, I don’t want to take the risks because I’m afraid of getting hurt and I don’t
want to open up my heart. And that is fundamentally a lack of self esteem. So let’s break it down. What is self-esteem anyways? Atena Sadegh: The essence of self esteem is
that unconditional love that stems from the unshakable internal understanding and acceptance
that you are a beautiful, unique individual who has infinite value and worth. It has to do with external factors. That journey are the pillars of our level
of self confidence and with a high level of self esteem, you understand that you are not
better than anyone else. No one is better than you. And with this you’re able to take risks and
make mistakes without feeling like the world is about to end. You are able to readily apologize when you’re
wrong and make adjustments. You understand how to place healthy boundaries
and not overextend or under extend yourself. And you know that when someone crosses the
line that they need to back up. Atena Sadegh: Self esteem is that unshakable
core inside you where you are enough as a person just the way you are. You do not think you are better than others. Others are not better than you and I will
be the first to admit that I literally personally needed a lot of work on my self esteem. I actually took a good four months to do it
and this did not even come after a breakup. It came after one of the biggest fallouts
I’ve ever had with my mother. My mother was my emotional rock and when we
had that major fallout, I realized that I placed a serious amount of my sense of self
worth in her head. And this should never be the case in your
life. Never should you put your sense of self worth
in another human being. To that extent, a mistake, whether it’s from
a parent or a loving partner, because this is literally why so many relationships suffer. Atena Sadegh: Because when you don’t have
that unshakeable sense of self forth within you and you seek it in other people, you’re
always susceptible to their behaviors and actions and even if you are seeking your sense
of self worth and validation constantly from the most loving person, the minute something
doesn’t rub you the right way, you will react like that. And this is why so many people get into relationships
and you might love them but you have no sense of personal self worth. So you just end up having fight after fight
and break up after breakup and it’s just, it becomes a headache. This is literally the number one reason or
so I believe. So you might be someone who has a little bit
of self esteem issues. Maybe you have none but you might have a lot. I did create a free e-book for you guys to
go download and I go through the 10 most common automatic distorted thoughts that lead to
a defeating, a sense of self esteem and personal sense of self worth and this free e-book,
I literally actually put a lot of effort into it. Atena Sadegh: I know will be a game changer
for you guys. It is was a game changer for me and the self-esteem
workshop that I did like a couple of years ago, it was super, super boring, a very effective. And I noticed when I recommended it to friends
who, or people that I know that needed it, they would always get it but they would never
go through it. So I decided to just simplify that shit. Make it easy for you. These, they’re a basic cognitive psychology,
it’s effective. It works. So download it, it’s free. And I, this is my gift to you. If you really want to find love
Atena Sadegh: So the second step you need to take into manifesting the love of your
life is to start enjoying the time you spent with you. You could do that at the same time as you’re
building your self esteem or you can do it after, but you basically need to just make
it epic and awesome for you to hang out alone. And this means saying no to social events
that you don’t actually want to go to, but you don’t want to be alone. And the reason why I say this is because if
you are constantly seeking to be with other people because you don’t know how to hang
out with yourself, you will always seek the first person that comes your way. And that’s just the game of the game. So you know, if you don’t want to go really
feel like going out on a Saturday night and you just scared because you don’t want to
spend title, switch it up, make it fun. Atena Sadegh: What would you do if you were
in a relationship with the man that you love? Would you be ordering pizza and watch the
movie do that? Would you be popping open a bottle of red
wine and reading your book? Do that. Take a nice bath. The point is make it epic and awesome to hang
out with yourself because you need to be enough. And once you start making a long time epic
and awesome, you’ll start looking forward to, and ultimately the goal of having a really
deep sense of appreciation for yourself and the time that you spend alone is that you
start looking at life in a way where the fear of being alone kind of dilutes. And ultimately it will also discourage you
from pursuing relationships with people who just aren’t up to part for you and they’re
not for you. So you’re not that desperate into getting
a relationship or like you’re not afraid of letting go of a bad relationship if after
maybe a couple of months you’re like, you know what? This isn’t the person for me. A lot of people are scared to get out of relationship
because they think, oh my God, what am I going to do if I’m going to be alone? Am I going to have, am I going to be happy? And, and this is where a lot of things get
messed up again. So when you are manifesting love, get your
self esteem on, make sure that you are happy alone first. Atena Sadegh: All right, so now that you are
covered in self love and you love spending time with yourself and now is the time to
write that letter, the universe asking for your perfect person or as perfect as can be. Personally, I wrote this letter twice because
after a little while I was like, nope, there’s more things that I want. So what do we write in this letter? You want to stay away from super, super specific. Like if you start writing a I wanna date a
six foot, a 66 inches guy with or girl, I don’t know, with a really a hazelnut green
eyes that works at this bank on this floor. Like, like just stop. Like you’re never gonna get anywhere with
that. You want to write general specifics and what
does that mean? So you want, if you want a physical attraction
is something that it’s important for you, which honestly in a little romantic relationship
and honestly has to be you, right? I want like right that you want to be physically
attracted to the person and you have a spoken chemistry, but I would honestly stay away
from giving details, physical attributes because you don’t know who your soulmate is and most
attraction is actually even based on scent Atena Sadegh: Yes, you have all this self
sense of self worth, you love spending time with yourself. You can are ultimately at them best place
to say what is important for you in this life and your partner needs to have those about
views and this is what you really need to write into the letter of the universe. If you want to be spoiled with gift, right? That if you want to have an adventurous person,
right? That if you want to have someone who’s extremely
compassionate and who listens to you when you talk, right? That, and I call this right in general specifics
because it’s still general, but it’s specific in many ways and that makes sense. Like saying that I want to be Atena Sadegh: Now the final step is to put
that letter away and just start living your life and doing the things that you love. Joining dance classes, going out for dinner
with your friends, taking boxing, I don’t know, pink classes, whatever you want, but
just start living your life and doing things that you would do, whether you’re in a relationship
or not, because this is how a manifestation of love works, because now you have an unshakeable
sense of self worth. So you’re exuding that into the world. You are comfortable being alone. So you’re also exuding that you’re, you’re,
you’re standing tall, you’re standing firm and you’re comfortable with who you are and
now you wrote a letter. So to the university, you know what you’re
seeking. And before you know it, like damn, that’s
how you meet the love of your life, Matt, through manifestation. And this is not rocket science. Atena Sadegh: You guys, if I can do it, you
can do it. I have 100% faith in you. And I know it’s hard when you’re single and
it’s been a while and everyone’s like, why are you so single? But you’re still wonderful, blah blah, blah. And like it kind of sucks when you get that
because you started thinking about what is wrong with me? Nothing’s wrong with you. You just didn’t have the manifestation tools. Now you have them. So you know, go out there and get that love. You deserve it. Everyone deserves it. And honestly, finding low is not as difficult
as maintaining glove. So not to discourage you, but one of the best
things that you will learn by adopting these practices is that you will find a partner,
not like being in love is wonderful and the best thing is finding that love with someone
who reflects your values. Atena Sadegh: And you need to be super clear
on them because it’s the minute we’re not clear on our values and we’re afraid of being
alone and we start making desperate decisions and we enter these relationship that yes,
you might love and you might be in love, but like, it’s just like this. It’s constant ups and downs. When you’re in a loving, solid relationship
there. There are ups and downs, but they’re there
like this. You have arguments. It goes like this. There’s reciprocity, there’s communication,
there’s negotiation, everything. So I studio has probably gone on longer than
I wanted. And give me a thumbs up if you like the content. Ask me any questions. I mean, I could literally go on and on. There’s one thing I feel like I have mastered
in this life is how to have strong foundational, really strong relationships based on love. And it is, it’s just a beautiful experience
to have. And I can honestly say this hasn’t been my
lifelong experience. I’ve had many, many terrible, terrible relationships
and they were full of love, but they were, they were full of turmoil as well. And it was hard when, when it was cloudy. So I hope I’ve given you some clarity and
I hope you used these tools. Thank you guys so much for watching video. I can’t wait to see you next two week and,
uh, have a fantastic day.


  1. I absolutely loved this video! Adored all the tips you provided and your own personal story too. So inspirational my love! Keep shining and being such a light in this world! Can't wait to see more of your videos x

  2. I love this!!! You are such a great speaker, and the content in this video is soooooo good!
    I practice scripting now every day.

  3. This video is amazing and so helpful I love that you start with loving ourselves I truly think that’s a big factor in a healthy relationship

  4. You can totally be specific with how you want your partner to look and their appearance. You can even get as specific as the height and the race if you wanted to. Don't place limits on yourself. Write EVERYTHING you want. There's no rule that states that you can only manifest certrain things. Anything is possible, if you truly believe it. It's law. The Universe is abundant! 😁❤️

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