13 thoughts on “Man sucker-punches victim at bus stop in Montebello I ABC7

  1. Probably lives off one of the bus stops. Maybe Whittier or the last bus stop. Reminds of a person I saw driving in front of Astros in Monterey Park

  2. Pussy ass bitch, i want to see you try that with one your size and age. I bet that old man could of handled your fat ass if you dint attack by surprise like a coward.

  3. I guess the miserable pathetic piece of ish criminal didnt like seeing another mf minding their business and enjoying their bus ride home or to their destination. So the mf felt the need to ruin the innocent man's night by beating tf out of him. Then kicking him in his mf head a few times. I hate criminals like this. Can you imagine listening to music. Then finding someone beat tf out of you and stomping you and ish??? This bih should get life in prison. This ish is attempted murder.

  4. Sad but it's not like it's anything new. People keep voting in people in power that brushes off this behavior.

  5. Cameras and microphones everywhere. We are watched and listened to by Big Brother 24/7, yet it is recorded of a Man brutal attack on another and this guy was not suddenly surrounded by cops? It just shows they pick and choose who is more important to meet justice and who is just another number like marked cattle.

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