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multiple huge and very controversial returns to WWE, more on reports of Lio Rush having
backstage heat, and yet another wrestler is leaving WWE.
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But first… This is Bray Wyatt. His Wyatt Family faction
was once one of the most popular acts in WWE, but he’s had a rough time ever since Randy
Orton burnt down his compound from outta nowhere. And then had a WrestleMania match where ‘creepy’
images were projected on the ring. And then had a House of Horrors match where they beat
each other up in an abandoned house with a haunted tractor.
But now Wyatt is a new man, with a new cardigan. He’s most definitely put all those demons
totally behind him and has started the not terrifying children’s show Firefly Fun House.
And after painting this wonderful picture of someone trapped in a burning down house
(don’t look it directly in the eye as it’ll eat your soul), Bray has continued to heal
by forgiving his former tormenter: “A couple years ago @RandyOrton did some
pretty bad stuff to me. He destroyed my temple, uncrowned me as The Champion of The World,
caused my brother to abandon me and betrayed my trust. Worst of all… he didn’t say
he was sorry. 😞 BUT, I forgive you Randy Bo Banders!!” with a gif of Bray saying
YOWIE WOWIE! Bray thought he was in a safe space. But little
did he know there was a Viper in his house, as Randy Orton replied from outta nowhere!
“You had WWE spend 2 million on photo projected bugs what you expect me to do @trailerparkboys
bo f’n bandy over n out #houseofhorrors” WWE spent 2 million dollars on a fancy OHP?!
Lest we forget, this was also the WrestleMania where Orton was followed out by a giant sperm.
Randy by name, Randy by nature. Bray’s recovery, thankfully, wasn’t derailed,
with him replying with yet another nickname for Orton: “We did our best Ran Ran Bodingo
Man.” But while Wyatt has found a brilliantly creative
way to repackage himself on the main roster, not all are so lucky. They’re luckier. They
get to go back to NXT. Following the never-ending Superstar Shake-Up
– when will you end? – the Wrestling Observer is reporting Killian Dane will be moving from
SmackDown back to the NXT roster. This now means his former Sanity faction has
been completely separated, with Eric Young being drafted to Raw, Alexander Wolfe turning
up on NXT UK to form their version of Ringkampf called Imperium, and Nikki Cross currently
stuck in the quantum realm. And Dane isn’t the only main roster star
being called back, as Tyler Breeze turned up during last night’s NXT TV tapings to
challenge Velveteen Dream to an North American title match. Breeze has actually been wrestling
on NXT live events for quite some time now, with his Fashion Police tag partner Fandango
out injured, but this marks the first time he’s appeared on TV since he fought Ricochet
for that same title back in November. But NXT isn’t for everyone, and at least
one more WWE wrestler appears set to leave the company entirely… ALL THE RELEASES SEGWAY Wrestling Inc is reporting that Raw superstar
Rhyno – at least I think he’s on Raw, I’ve lost track of the shake-ups – has his WWE
contract expiring this July. Rhyno returned to WWE back in 2015 after a
ten year hiatus, where he had a fun tag team run with Heath Slater in 2016, even becoming
the inaugural SmackDown tag team champions. He was actually kayfabe fired last December
when Slater beat him in a loser gets fired match on Raw, but because WWE don’t keep
track of their own stipulations, he last featured at WrestleMania 35’s Andre the Royal Giant
Memorial Battle last month. Further confirming the report, Rhyno is already
preparing for life outside WWE, with IWC Wrestling announcing:
“BREAKING: It just became official! Former IWC Heavyweight Champion, @Rhyno313, will
return to the IWC roster in 2019! When will the man-beast return?! Who will his target
be?! There’s only one way to find out!” Letting your contract expire is one way to
get out of WWE at the moment. Another might be to just annoy everyone backstage until
they tell you to leave… Oh hi there, Lio Rush!
Both the Wrestling Observer and Fightful started reporting last week that Rush has considerable
backstage heat in WWE after rubbing many in the locker room the wrong way, and just a
few days later, he was nowhere to be seen on Raw, with his former partner Bobby Lashley
now a solo act with no explanation. PWInsider have now added details to Rush’s
backstage heat, reporting Lio first started frustrating the locker room during last November’s
European tour where tradition calls for the junior main roster members to be “at the
gorilla position after matches to provide water to talents as they returned from the
ring as well as carrying coolers and drinks into the hotels where the roster was staying
in order to set up a common area where everyone could socialize privately together.”
But Lio reportedly refused to do any of this, despite several veterans trying to explain
to him he was making a mistake. Instead, Rush “complained to WWE management, which didn’t
score him any points.” In recent months the site claims Lio brought
“friends and relatives backstage without proper credentials” and “There’s been
a lot of talk within the company that he’s going to be shifted back over to WWE NXT in
the near future.” Dave Meltzer has also added on Wrestling Observer
Radio that Rush had complained backstage for not being used correctly, that he should be
a babyface and pushed as a bigger star. When the Wrestling Observer, PWInsider and
Fightful are all reporting the same thing – three of the most respected wrestling news
sites out there – it generally means there’s most definitely fire to all that smoke. But,
on the other side, sometimes backstage sources have their own agendas and leak exaggerated
information to journalists to enhance their own careers.
And that’s exactly what Rush is claiming. Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reached out to
Lio directly to get his side of the story, and – to his credit – Rush actually responded.
According to Lio, “There is someone who works for WWE who has hated me since the day
I’ve worked for ROH and now that they work for WWE they’re leaking false information
to get me released.” Rush also explains that because he’s just
been Lashley’s promo guy, he hasn’t received any compensation from meet & greets or merchandise
despite them using his catchphrases, and that means – despite working for the biggest sports
entertainment company in the world – he ends up “walking around broke”.
Well, WWE do seem a bit strapped for cash at the moment, because they’ve got to spend
all the money on part-timer returns for Saudi shows. Because WWE announced yesterday – officially,
albeit quietly – they’d be returning to the BEAUTIFUL, PROGRESSIVE CITY OF JEDDAH,
LOOK AT IT IT’S SO PROGRESSIVE! In Saudi Arabia on the 7th June, where “The event
will feature WWE Superstars Roman Reigns, Undertaker, Kofi Kingston, Braun Strowman,
Seth Rollins, Goldberg, AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar”. Wait, what?
That’s right, the Saudi money means no retirement is now safe, with Shawn Michaels being tempted
back into the ring at last November’s Crown Jewel, and now Bill Goldberg returning to
WWE after his brilliant final run with Lesnar through 2016 and 17.
Goldberg had teased a return to the ring the day before the announcement, posting on Instagram
“#whosnext ?? #whatsnext ?? Stay tuned 🤫” – just hours before Dean Ambrose unveiled his Jon
Moxley promo, starting speculation Goldberg too might be on his way to All Elite Wrestling,
which has been rumoured ever since reports first broke about the new wrestling promotion.
But alas, the answer to this ‘what’s next’ is WWE’s next Saudi show.
Just in case you missed it, Brock Lesnar was also announced in that press release, you
know, the guy we all thought we were rid of after Seth Rollins finally took the Universal
title off him at WrestleMania 35. This comes after months of Lesnar going back
and forth with a return to MMA, re-entering USADA’s drug testing pool – a prerequisite
for fighting in the UFC again – and even shooting an angle with current UFC Heavyweight Champion
Daniel Cormier to set up a fight between the two.
UFC President Dana White, however, has revealed to ESPN that Brock “told me he’s done, he’s
retired. We’re going to move in another direction with Cormier.” A direction that appears to
be DC facing former champion Stipe Miocic. So it seems Lesnar has done it again, playing
both WWE and UFC against each other to see who will pay him the most – with Vince McMahon
coming out on top once more. Whether this means the Saudi date is a one-and-done show,
with an exhibition match against Goldberg for example, or marks Brock’s part-time
return to WWE in the face of falling ratings, remains to be seen. Which could mean in the
darkest timeline, Lesnar beats Seth for the title.
It must be noted that Brock has retired from MMA once before, so take his announcement
with a USASA-failing pinch of salt, but with him turning 42 this year, his time is possibly
running out for one more high profile UFC match.
And the other big name for Saudi Arabia is The Undertaker, who’s been rumoured ever
since McMahon reportedly convinced the Deadman to return to WWE after he started to get very
lucrative independent bookings. The Saudi show doesn’t yet have a name,
but WWE’s press release reveals it’ll take place at the King Abdullah Sports City
Stadium in Jeddah – so progressive – on Friday, 7th June at the local time of 8 p.m. – and
it will “stream live on WWE Network.” WWE’s continuing relationship with Saudi
Arabia is highly controversial given the country’s human rights abuse record, that women aren’t
allowed to play sports without permission from their male guardian, the government’s
alleged murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi last year and loads of other
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that was wrestling.

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