Lucero x Catalyst: Episode 1

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I hope when people say how do you know
Aimee Anaya Everett… I hope people say well she’s just like the most awesome
person ever and I really love her and she’s a great coach.
That’s what I hope people say. [ g i g g l e s ] There was a girl in one of my classes
in middle school who had made the Junior World Team. She was like the youngest girl ever to have made Junior World Team. She was 11 when she made it and they went to North Korea we were really good friends in middle school I thought she was like the coolest girl in the world. She’d always
wear her team USA stuff to class. She was always so quiet and so
different, she reminded me of me. If I could be focused like that and if I
had something to be super movie montage and put all of my energy into I
would. I would give everything. My stepdad one day saw the team running around the neighborhood doing a 5k or something and said I didn’t see you running with the girls I was like oh you probably
didn’t see me because I was in front. I was probably winning that’s probably
why I didn’t see me. But I was really skipping practice so I could go to weightlifting. I think that I used to be known as an athlete, but now probably hardly anybody except the old school lifters even know I was ever an athlete. I had never been interested in weightlifting to be honest. I actually played sports in high school. When I graduated I was playing volleyball and I was playing on a summer club type of team to get ready for college. I had a really good vertical jump but I was a little skinny kid. I weighed like 115 pounds. Maybe. When I was in high school it was a really poor high school and it wasn’t how schools are today. Where there’s strength coaches and weight rooms and athletes if they don’t do extra strength work in their high school their parents may be higher than the coach, or they do stuff beyond on the field or on the track or on the court. We didn’t do that and so it was all
very very new to me but I was very natural at it and it came very easy
to me and I loved it. I love the community in the garage and I loved being in the garage with those people. So I kind of just changed my whole path,
I stopped going to volleyball I didn’t go to college. I was gonna go to college
at Long Beach State, I didn’t go. I stayed home and fell in love with
weightlifting. The club coach had saw me doing clean and jerks for the high school and he asked do you ever want to make the Olympic team?
I was like yeah duh, like that’s the plan. I didn’t put it together like okay it’s the plan but I’m not going to soccer practice anymore and this high school
thing is an Olympic sport so I was like kind of it was like weird.
He said that I should quit everything that I’m doing and just focus
on weightlifting. It was the only push I needed and so I have been
just doing weightlifting ever since. I met Aimee at a CrossFit seminar at
the original CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz. It would have been early 2006 I guess. She was there with Mike Burgener while he was doing his part of the CrossFit certification seminar. Shortly thereafter, Burgener got
me working on Aimee’s nutrition. At that time she was a 63kg lifter and wanted me to help her stay lean and still be able to train as hard as she needed, to be able to weigh in more easily and essentially I
just parlayed that into flirting. After a month or so of her still not having any idea who I was I kind of just beat her into submission. We found out later of course Burgener was trying to set us up the whole time. The first time that I met Jessica was in Orange County through Barbells for Boobs. The first time that I saw her was on a Catalyst video actually. Not
only was she super beautiful but she was also lifting heavy weight. I was like oh my gosh I’m gonna marry that girl. Just said it kind of casually and
then little did I know X amount of years down the road… … careful what you say. I was tweeting and I said don’t you hate it when you pour yourself a bowl of ice cream and walk to bed take your pants off, get in bed and realize you forgot your ice cream in the kitchen? Christian responded saying I’ll
get it for you and I thought what a creep. I don’t even know him why would he
say that. Then I stalked him on Twitter and thought he’s kind of cute but that doesn’t excuse him being inappropriate. Pretty much we’ve been talking ever since. I grew up doing martial arts… so a few different disciplines. Starting with Taekwondo when I was
really little and then Muay Thai boxing. After high school that turned into me doing MMA for three years When I first started doing CrossFit I was still trying to fight at the same time while still trying to maintain going to Muay Thai, fighting, Jiu-Jitsu, all the practices and then trying to do CrossFit workouts. It only lasted probably like a week or two at the most. Just because I had done “Helen” for the first time ever and tried to jump right into our team practice for fighting and we were on the ground rolling.
I was just dead. I was laying down and wasn’t doing anything. I was just getting my ass kicked on the ground. So I don’t think this is gonna work out trying to do both. So with Jessica I met her when she was
just a baby years and years and years ago. She left the Olympic Training
Center and came to California to lift under Greg. Because at that time I was still competing competitively and I wasn’t interested in coaching anybody so that’s why I didn’t offer to coach her. Greg was coaching the entire team and I
was lifting, that was my number one thing. I wasn’t coaching at that time and
so she moved out and Greg was coaching her but she was still going through a
rough transition in her life at that time. She wasn’t as focused on lifting as she should have been. She wanted to be but there were things that she had to work through. So she ended up moving back to Florida to her mom’s and was kind of just doing her own thing using old Zygmunt programs and stuff. But she was texting me every day and still
asking me things and at that time she had met Christian. One day I think
Christian’s like why just have Aimee coach you. And it’s something we had never
thought of because I was lifting at the time and I was a selfish lifter and I
didn’t want to coach anybody. I was like well I’m already her life coach so I may as well just start coaching her. So it’s like yeah why don’t you let me coach you.
I think that was about four and a half years ago. So I took over her coaching and I knew what she needed. I knew the mental training that she needed and what needed to be done to bring out the best lifter in her. I knew all along even when she was
a terrible lifter and going 0 for 6 at Nationals I knew the potential in her
and someone just had to bring it out. That ended up being the perfect pairing and they were able to really work together in a way that no one else had really been able to previously with Jess. And Jess has had a couple of the best coaches in the country. And Aimee’s the first one who
was really able to get out of her all the potential that Aimee and I saw in her
when we invited her to join the team. So that’s been really gratifying. Obviously for Jess, I’m sure. For Aimee and I who really feel like Jess is part of our family. Wanting to make sure that she
is absolutely as successful as she is physically capable of being. I’m so thankful that that happened and now it’s been about four and a half years and now we’re going into this next
quad just ready to stack bodies.

10 thoughts on “Lucero x Catalyst: Episode 1

  1. honestly i appreciate jess so much simply by the fact that she's been a lifter for 10+ years and has never given up her dream. I aspire to dreams that big. my progress is slow and steady and over time. and I love to see other athletes like jess who over time have progressed into amazing dedicated athletes. Slow and steady wins the race and I have no doubt we'll see big things from her this quad.

  2. great video, shows how time, dedication,'and perseverance is so important in achieving goals. Things don't just happen overnight. Looking forward to next weeks episode 💪🏾

  3. If I could have picked anything you guys would do a series on next, I couldn't have made a better choice than this. So stoked for coming episodes. Hopefully the Oregon crew who roll in with them from time to time (namely Carly Fuhrer and Cody Anderson) get some screen time as well. Such cool people, the whole bunch of them, and hopefully a great foundation for future success.

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