100 thoughts on “LOGAN PAUL WINS OVER KSI?

  1. Pewds i know you think ksi is an ass hole but uf you acc look into who he is hes not hes just a comedian in a way he makes jokes and accusations which he thinks people will like and by saying hes an ass for making sexiest jokes is stupid concidering how many antisemitic jokes you've made in the past. So let me ask you this if ksi is a sexist ass for making sexiest JOKES, does that mean YOU are an antisemitic white supremacist for making antisemitic and white supremacy JOKES. ill leave you to think about that.

    Also hi i love your vids been watching since 10k

  2. Logan Paul literally had a personal trainer to get ready to fight, where as JJ had a fucking Nintendo Wii to practice. It was a tie, well.. there’s a clear winner. 🤡

  3. This reminds me of when I was in year 7 and got in a “man off” with this kid then repeated the exact same conversation at school the next day.
    We were 13.
    They are adults

  4. I’ll be honest I like pewds but he was so post to end the fight not add on pewds you got to realize that millions of people watch you so that also means this adds on to you but all the things aside I very do agree with you

  5. Little did we know PewDiePie would receive help from Logan Paul in the T series war. Yet KSI didn’t even acknowledge it.

  6. I'm sorry but why Is logan vegan when he tazed a dead rat and pretty sure he has done some other messed up shit to animals. Al least he should not be proud.

  7. Hey pewds man I know we all are angry at Logan for what he has done but still we can’t make fun of him by the way OG sub

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