Live Rescue: Crashing Cars and Throwing Punches (Season 2) | A&E

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70 thoughts on “Live Rescue: Crashing Cars and Throwing Punches (Season 2) | A&E

  1. Wow I need a boyfriend like that fire fighter when Taco Bell forgets my cinnabondelights 🤷🏽‍♀️🥰

  2. Imagine getting mad cause they ain’t putting out he fire fast enough lmfao pretty sure they took their time putting it out after that

  3. Shimmy shimmy coco puff listen to me now light it up take a puff and pass it to me wow… Nelly? Anyone? Wild'n out thur in Mo.

  4. I bet he didn’t have full coverage car insurance and he freaked out that’s understandable go easy on him judge

  5. They should have just shot it in its equivalent to a humans throat. It would be aaaaaalot cheaper to kill it and pay up 2500 to its pack as well as being an invaluablea service to our community

  6. Is it fully involved or fully engulfed.. blonde moment question but i always thought it was fully engulfed but the guy sounded like he said fully involved? 🤣 yes i prolly sound dumb af but real question

  7. That takedown definitely wasn‘t his first one!
    Must have been a wrestler or something similar.
    Good work controlling the threat!

  8. Watched the viral video of the police take-down, and now I get a little 'behind the scenes' action?

    Oh LivePD, you sure do butter my bread.

  9. I'd be more worried about whether or not I'm injured in anyway or not than how damaged my car is. Like, damn….I especially would never freak out like this moron did to a firefighter

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