Lio Rush vs. Danny Burch: WWE 205 Live, Dec. 6, 2019

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86 thoughts on “Lio Rush vs. Danny Burch: WWE 205 Live, Dec. 6, 2019

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  2. To be honest 205 does not need to be live. The dead crowds constantly dampen this show. They are better off doing tapings Full Sail especially now that NXT is live.

  3. I was at the Crown Coliseum last night and trust me everyone was blown away when The Fiend came out and beat The Miz , I’ll tell you this his entrance is terrifying.

  4. The cruiserweights should be at Full sail they will be appreciated more and it’s called the “NXT” cruiserweight championship

  5. This show is so great I wish more people would watch it. Also, stop calling the belt the NXT Cruiserweight Championship….I know why they did that…but just change it back….

  6. Ima say this again 205 needs a arena like nxt this crowd is really dead it is not enough people to care about wrestlers that are 205 pounds or under maybe saturday night 205 live

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