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– Vin Diesel’s cool, Tyga’s
very sweet. Tyga’s actually…– Yeah
– Very nice.– I’ve heard that.
We’re friends.– Yeah, you are?– No. God.
– Oh.– From the
basement of a pretty normaloffice building
in New York City.It’s “Shoot Your Shot.”Thrillist’s boozy
trivia game show.With your host, Wil Fulton,and special guest–– Lindsey Pelas.– Cheers.And remember to
tip your bartender.– Hello, my name is Wil Fulton
and this is “Shoot Your Shot,”the trivia game show where
we ask some questions,take some shots, maybe
get a little tipsy.Today, my guest is none
other than Lindsey Pelas.– Hi, guys.– How are you today?
– Thank you for having me.– Thank you for coming.
– I love your bar.– My fake bar?
– I love it.– Please. Pretty much the
queen of social media,she has millions of followers.She also has a podcast
called “Eyes Up Here,”and she recently helped
open a new restaurantin Los Angeles
called Sugar Taco.– Yeah, come get your taco fix.– (beep) I would.So I’m going to ask you
a bunch of questions.You get it right, I
have to take a shot.You get it wrong, you
have to take a shot.– Sounds like a win-win.– Today we have a signature
cocktail just for Lindsey.It’s called the Bombshells Away,made by Garin Ferri from
Brooklyn’s Reclamation Bar.At the end of today’s show,we’ll teach all of you
at home how to make itif you stick around.Number one.– Oh, man it’s like already?– What is Louisiana’s
official state drink?A: Abita Root Beer.B: Hurricanes. Head to
New Orleans, you know.C: Milk.D: Watered down Hawaiian Punch.– I think it’s B, hurricane.
– It’s just like a thing.– Do you think that?
Well, you’re wrong.It is C, Milk.– What the…what?– I don’t know.
– What the hell.I grew up in a dairy farm town.Like, I should have known.– Man.
– Yeah.– They’re gonna be mad at you.– Yeah, Loranger, Louisiana.– What was it like
growing up in Louisiana?– It smells like cow poop.– No, not all of Louisiana.
Just where I grew up.– Take a shot.– OK, Bombshells Away.– Bombshells Away.– Cheers.– I’ll cheers you.– Cheers.
– We’ll both take one.– OK.
– Cheers.– Woo!– That’s fun.– Yeah, it’s tasty.Number two. The inventor
of the modern bikini,French designer Louis Réard,named his now iconic two-piece
bathing suit after what?A: The Polynesian word for sex.B: A famous Tiki drink.C: A tropical island used
for testing atomic weapons.Or D: Bikini Bottom,where sponges, starfish,
and squids coexist.– Not D. ’cause Spongebob
was kind of recent.– OK.
– I’m going to go no on A.– OK.
– ’cause I just don’t thinkhe’d be that pervy.– OK. He did invent the
bikini, so. And he’s French.– Oh (beep) OK.
I’m going to go C,because it sounds
just out of the water.– You’re absolutely right.– Yay!– Bikini Atoll, that’s where
they tested the A-bomb.– Oh my God, sick.– Yeah, it is.You have a quote that I love.“I’m making bank off of
what should oppress me.”I think we’ve been really
lucky with the internetbecause a lot of times
women’s careers were definedby the men who
placed them there.So it would be some
rich guy who decidedyou’re going to be the
cover of this magazineyou’re going to do this.And with the internet,the world gets to choose
what they’re invested in.– Right.– And a lot of times it
doesn’t need that middle man.It’s just, I post
whatever I want,and then I get the followers.So then, I make my
own endorsements,and my own advertisements,and I don’t need to answer
to some corporate weirdo.Which is awesome.– So suck it, you corporate
weirdos out there.– Yes, suck my–
– No, I like that.Question, the third.Which of these celebrities
has posed nude for “Playboy?”A: Christina Aguilera.B: Lucy Liu.C: Charlize Theron.D: Dame Judi Dench. Love her.– I’m gonna go Lucy Liu.– You’re not even
gonna think about it?– No.– Well you’re wrong.It’s C: Charlize Theron.– Shut up.– In the 90s,
yeah. I Googled it.– Are they great?– From my home computer. Yeah.– I didn’t know that at all.– Yeah, I mean, you
can look it up later.– What the hell.– Yeah, blame Lucy Liu.– To Lucy Liu anyway.
– Yeah.– Cutie.– I blame Lucy Liu for
most of my problems, so.– Same.– So you posed for “Playboy.”Was it something you
always wanted to do,or did it just kind of come up?– You know, I was 21.And I watched “The Girls
Next Door” my entire life.– I remember that show. Yeah.– I was obsessed with
glamor all across the board.– There was a
casting around Texas,and I just thought
I had to do this.– What’s a party like
at the Playboy Mansion?– Sick.– Is it everything
you think it is?– Yes.
– Wow.– It is sick.The only this is the
house seems smaller.– In real life.– But it’s stunning.
It’s beautiful.It’s so fun. I met the
Backstreet Boys there.– All of them?– No, A.J.– A.J. told me he followed my
Snapchat, and I just died.– Which one’s A.J.? The bad boy?I’m more of an *NSYNC guy.– Oh, OK.– I’m more of a 98 Degrees fan.– Wow. You’re unique.– Right now, we have a
wild card assignment called– Cupcake Roulette.Basically for this question,we’re subbing out
shots for six cupcakes.A lot of these cupcakes
are filled with,I don’t wanna say gross,they’re unusual.What have we got,
mayonnaise, ketchup, lentils’cause I heard you like lentils.– I do like lentils.– Just not in cupcakes?– But not in a cupcake.– Same rules apply,but we’re dealing with
loaded cupcakes here.You ready? I think you’re
gonna like this question.In the late 90s cult classic
“Fear,”which is heard is
your favorite movie.– Oh, I’ve got this.
You’re going down.– Are you sure?
– Yes.– What band covers the Rolling
Stones even more iconic song“Wild Horses” during
the Ferris Wheel scene?You know the Ferris Wheel scene?– Oh my God. I had
this song on Limewire.I should know exactly what–
– On Limewire?– Yeah, but that was–
– That’s a deep cut.– Back then.
– Right.– No. OK.– I’m going to give you options.– OK.
– I’m surprised.I tried to make this hard,
so you wouldn’t get it.– I might not get it.– A: The Smithereens.B: The Sundays.C: The Replacements.Or D: The Cherry Poppers?– That is so wrong.I’m gonna go with
B, The Sundays.– Son of a bitch.
That’s right. (beep)– Yes!– (beep) it.– Yes. Limewire,
literally, 2007-ish.– What the (beep).You’re not supposed
to get that one right.– Cause I would scroll down,and I knew it was around the S.Wanna do it again?
– That sucks.Yeah, you can spin it for me.– Who’s got the fear now?(banging music)– I guess the choice
has been made.– I think it chose you.
– (laughs)– I’m scared.What is it?– It’s ketchup.– You’re kidding.– That’s really gross.– I thought you guys were lying,it’s actually ketchup.– That’s (beep) up.– Bringing up Dan Bilzerian.So you guys hung out, dated?Is that too strong of a word?– Yeah, loosely dated.He was like, “You know what?”“I’m gonna make you
internet famous.”He started posting me often.I had, like, a million
followers in six weeks.– That’s amazing.Which of these Dan Bilzerian
facts is not true?A. He was honorably discharged
from the Navy SEALs.B. He was arrested
in high schoolfor having a machine
gun in his car.C. His last name means“over-compensating
boulder” in Armenian.– What?– Or D, he suffered
two heart attacksbefore he turned thirty.– The heart attacks is for sure.– Mm hm. I mean I don’t know.– “Overcompensating
boulder” is like.– In Armenian
(laughs)– I don’t speak Armenian,
but that sounds like a dig.Geez, this is so hard!– I just ate a cupcake
filled with ketchup,this is not hard.– Why would any word mean“overcompensating boulder”?This is really hard,I’m gonna go “C.
Overcompensating boulder”.– That’s right. (Bleep)!– Yes!I’m so proud of myself.(fireworks exploding)
(lively music)– There’s this whole
public perception of him.– Yeah.– What do people
not know about him?– He’s not faking anything.Guns, girls, like, it’s
kind of, it’s just wild.– That’s him.
– That is real.– Wow.– He’s more laid back,he’s actually
kinda more country.– Really?– Yeah.– Would you hang
out with him, like,if he was at our fake bar,would he just be cool
to, like, talk with?– Yeah, he’s cool!
– Okay.Do you wanna take one?– Yeah, I will!
– Just for fun.You’re kicking my (bleep)!Mm.– I do have a buzz.– Me?– Me.– How do you think I feel?And I have that
ketchup aftertaste.– Should I ask the
question? (laughs)– No.– No.– Hot Takes or Shot Takes.– In this segment,you must answer a tough
question truthfully,or take another shot.– Oh, OK.
– Easy, yeah. Easy, right?For the first one,I heard a story that
a former boy band starhas tried to pick
you up in the past.Who was that boy band star?– I’ll give you one better.I’ll give you both
one from *NYSNCand one from Backstreet Boys.But I will not tell you who.– What color hair did they have?– Brown. Both brown.
But I answered.– You did.– Basically.– Out of all
the celebrities you’ve met,who sucks the most?– Oh, no, I have this story,but I was gonna save
it for like 10 years.– Who knows what’s going
to happen in 10 years?– Oh, I cannot say.
– The world could explode.– No, it’s actually some
tea, I cannot say it.– (laughs)
– It’s a lady.There was a supermodel who
talked shit about me at a party.– A supermodel?– Supermodel.– But not a super–
– A legendary supermodel.But I don’t wanna
spill the name yet.OK, I’ll take this one.Cause it’s a good story
I’m gonna save it.But most people are cool.Ludacris!– Oh, yeah?– I love him so much.– Ludacris?– But I met Leonardo DiCaprio.– What?I like him.– So cool.
– Down to Earth?– The coolest guy.– Fun to hang out with?– It’s unfair.– Seems like it.– Yeah.– You do still have
to take that shot.Although that was great gossip.– Cheers.– You need to
refill these shots.I’m not a real bartender.– I used to bartend.– What tips do you have
to bartenders out there?– Low cut shirts?– For everyone?– Yeah. Kind of.Any service industry job.– You have to take (beep).– You do. Tip your bartenders.Who of the followinghas the least amount
of Instagram followers?A: Odell Beckham Jr.B: Klay Thompson.C: J.J. Watt.D: Tom Brady.– Whoa, this one
I might not know.– Whoa.– Klay?352 00:08:44,326 –>
00:08:45,535 – It’s J.J.– Dammit.J.J. Watt and Odell Beckham,
you called them out.Especially J.J. Watt.– No, OK, to–
– And I know you,bequeathed now to someone else.– Yeah, betrothed?
Is that the word?– Yeah (laughs)
– Isn’t it betrothed?What’s bequeefed?– You!
– Did he say bequeefed?– I did not say bequeefed.– Did you?He said bequeefed.– Never been said on this show.– This is awesome. OK.– So, J.J. Watt, Odell Beckham.– Yeah, so here, look.TMZ comes up to you
and they’re like,“What do you think
about so-and-so?”– What do you mean
TMZ comes up to you?– The airport was
the first time.– So they brought it up.– I didn’t run to
TMZ and be like,“Hi, I’d like to talk
about J.J. Watt.”They said, “Who would you
holler at if you could?”And I thought, I did think J.J.
Watt was really, really hot.– Yeah.– He still is, but
he’s betrothed.– Bequeefed.– I hope he’s not bequeefed.– We have another
wildcard segment.This is called–– DMad Libs.– You have to fill in the blankson our poster board truthfully,or take another shot.This section is
all about your DMs,which I can only
assume are very active.As all social media is.Especially LinkedIn.– That’s a fact. OK.– OK.– That’s good.
– Oh.– For every blank
you don’t fill in,you have to take another shot.But for every one you do,I have to take a shot,and I’ve taken a
lot of shots so far.You’re killing me at this game.So I’m gonna go through
this paragraph first.I’m gonna hand it to you.
– OK.– And see how you fill it out.I get about blank DMs per day.The first famous person to
slide into my DMS was blank.Blank shot their shot once,
but failed because blank.– OK.– I actually wish
blank would DM me.My advice for
sliding into the DMs?My handwriting’s awful.
– I’m scared.Let me just…– I’ll stand back here.– I feel really bad
about having (mumbles)Let’s do it.– Is that true? (laughs)– I’m so scared about this.– OK. Thank you for
answering all of them,– This is intense– Which means I
have to take a shot.– Exactly.
– Which sucks.I get about 500 DMs per day.That’s about 500
more than I get.The first famous person
to slide into my DMswas Jared Leto.Is that true?
– Yeah.– What did he say to you?– I’m not sure, but we’re
both from Louisiana,so maybe something about that?– Did you answer him?– Yeah.– What’d you say?– Probably responded
with an emoji.I’m not sure.
– Have you ever met him?– No. No, we’ve never met.
– Really?– Yeah, we never hung out.
– Wow.So it’s just an
online correspondence.– Yeah, just a little “Hi.”– But, failed because
I was preoccupied,what does that even say?– It says,actually I texted back–
– Yeah.– But we never hung out.– I actually wish
Oprah would DM me.Me, too.– Yeah, I love her.– My advice for sliding
into the DMs, don’t neg me.– Yeah, don’t.
Get out of my DMs.– That’s so stupid.I don’t know anybody over the
age of, like, 14 who negs women.– I do.– You really do.– Check the 500 a
day, I’ll show you.– You filled in all of those.Congrats. Good for you.
– Thank you.Congrats, you get a shot.– Yikes.– Good for you.– I’m a tough competitor.I’m kind of like Monica
Geller when it comes to games.I take it very seriously.– What is Sugar Taco,and why did you want to be
involved with the restaurant?– I had Jayde Nicole
on my Podcast.Jayde Nicole was a
Playmate of the year.She was in “Girls Next Door.”– Right.– And she came on my
show to talk aboutwomen in business.And Jayde was like,“I’m opening up this plant-based
taco shop on Melrose.I want all women investors.”And she asked me after,
“Would you wanna invest?”And I was like, “No.”And then a few months later,I heard all the girls involved,and I said, “Please
take my money.”– So you came crawling back?– I came crawling back with
a huge check in my hand.It’s the most I’ve ever
invested into anything.It’s a team of 10 really strong,important, impactful,
gorgeous womenthat wanted to
make a difference,not only environmentally,but they wanted to show that
women can be in business.You never see
something like this.– Awesome. So your
calendar, real quick.What is your calendar?– So I did a
wet-themed calendar,and it’s got, I mean,
slip and slides.I rented a dunk tank.Anything sexy and water-themed.– Where do you get a dunk tank?– I actually recreated
the “Varsity Blues”whipped cream photoshoot
as well in the calendar.– Yeah, I’ve done
the same thing,but just for my own enjoyment.– Really?– Feels good, man.– You were bequeefed
when you did that one.– Number 10, all great
things must come to an end,including this.Which of the following is not
an actual, real sexy calendar?A: The women of curling.B: Hot and sexy A/C repairmen.C: The naked clown calendar.– Christ.– Or D: Steamy Orthodox priests.– D: Orthodox priests.– That’s very real, trust me.– Which one is fake?
A/C repair ladies?– Hot and sexy A/C repairmen
is something I made it.But it could be real.Maybe now it will be.– I had more faith
in the church.– And once
again I was let down.– This is the last one.– Cheers.– Thank you for coming.
This was so fun.– Thank you so much for
having me at your bar.– It was. You kicked
my ass and it was good.– It’s my favorite thing to do.-For everyone at homewho wants to learn how to
make a Bombshells Away,which you should.– Totally.
– It’s delicious.Here’s how you do it.– And now, buzzed
bartending with Wil Fulton.– .75 ounces of
white grape juice..25 ounces of lemon juice..5 ounces of
rapagiovanioni (mumbles)–it’s black cherry liquor.Oh, it’s thick.And, of course, 1.5
ounces of vodka.Shake it up. I think
we’re getting–Bombshells Away.Before you go, we obviously
have to have you sign our bar.– I’d love to.– (mumbles) Perfect.Last shot, just for fun.– Cheers.
– Lindsey (mumbles).– I’m sorry I beat you so hard.– We’ll be best
friends, it’s fine.Some people probably
pay for that stuff.– I bequeef that statement.If you haven’t already
subscribed to Thrillist,you should do it, right?– Subscribe to Thrillist.– It’s not hard.
– What are you thinking?– And if you want
another video right now,– It should be right over there.– Yes. Over there.
– That’s what they said.

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