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The stagger step: one of the more effective beginner steps where one foot is slightly in front of
the other. That will be the focus of this video. So you’re looking at Heather
Wagner and I’m Tim Haft from Punk Rope. And Heather’s showing you the stagger
step but she’s going to back it up to the beginning by putting her rope down on
the ground. Okay we’re in industrial
Greenpoint so apologies for the noise but we’re going to do our best guys. So
Heather’s going to get into her good posture: elbows are in tight, and she’s
going to take one foot forward. So we’re going to show this from both the front and the side. I think Heather’s preferred stance is to have her front heel just a
little bit forward of her back toes. There’s a little more space than that
but that’s fine. As that front foot creeps forward it becomes a more challenging
step. So you’ve got to find what’s optimal for you. We suggest keeping it a small
range of motion at first good and you’ll try it with the left in the lead and
also with the right in the lead. Okay so that’s step one just getting comfortable
with the foot position and your posture And then step two is going to be picking
up the rope. Now Heather’s got a Green Day Punk Rope. Hopefully it’s going to show up enough for this video. And she’s right-handed so she’s got it in her
right hand. And step two is going to be swinging the rope to the side. So that’s
your windmill swing while performing the stagger step. Now the stagger step is the
precursor to the scissors so it’s not super complicated coordination-wise but
it’s the first step in the beginner series where your feet are split
and in that sense it’s important. And then Heather can switch hands so she can also practice with her left which is her non-dominant and again this is just to
get the feel of performing the movement while spinning the rope. No chance really
of missing at this stage right? Wrong! Anything can happen and anything will happen. Okay so now Heather’s comfortable. She’s going to
take one handle in each hand and she’ll start with the basic bounce. Always start
with the basic bounce, feet together. Perfect. And then when she’s ready and
there’s always going to be a miss. It’s nothing to worry about. When she’s ready
she’s going to slide one foot forward. Okay so it’s her left foot to start and after
several jumps she can bring that left foot back—good—
and then sliding the right foot forward. Awesome. And you see she’s in great
posture: elbows are in tight, head is up, nice flex at the knees. Good. And then
guys we’re going to show this to you from the side so you can get another angle. And I’ll I’ll close in a little bit on
the feet so there you go. And there you see that left foot just about a foot
forward or so. And now Heather switches. She’s got her right foot forward. So a
really nice step for building calf endurance. And again a great precursor to any of
the steps that involve moving the legs independently. So there you have it guys.
Thanks so much for joining us. If you like what you saw subscribe to our
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about the stagger step or anything else just jot them down in the comments below and we’ll answer them as soon as we can. We’ll see you next time.

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