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hello everybody and welcome to another
video we got an update to the game and with this update we have a new kind of a
usage for the diamonds the diamonds were used on the roster page click on the
three star gold superstar and four star gold tokens used to appear from the bags
but now we have a new type of headliner loot and it needs five thousand diamonds
for one pull the headliner loot contains four star silver and four Star
Gold tokens so now four star silvers are guaranteed but which one is not, the
freedom of choice is gone but I think guaranteed four star silver tokens is
just a way to push the game from three star gold to four star bronze now so the
four star bronze will be easy to get I mean just by enhancing with these and
the price of these price of this headliner load is up for debate because
it seems like a high price five thousand is a little high for a single pull if
you are trying for a four star Gold token I know it’s going to be
frustrating but if you are trying for a four star silver this is the best place
I think and also the diamonds are going to stack
up because there is an alternate way to get the four star Gold tokens and the
change is in the store as the store is also updated now and we can get the
prize of our choosing and they called it the prize wall let’s have a look at the
prize wall and in this we can use so the entire UI has been changed and in this store section now we got a prize wall
and also claim these two guys and these are free and by the time this video
uploads I’m hoping that at least one will be live and
one time will be up I guess so we got a price wall which uses these currencies
this month’s currency is of winged heart coins so all these prices can be claimed
with those coins so we got a featured superstar edge and also the different
prices that used to be in the vault before we never know which one is going
to drop so that was frustrating and but this time we can get anything of our
choosing for getting edge we need 100 of those rated our coins and those rated
our coins are dropped from the packs which we get on milestones different
milestones and different contests get those coins and you can claim edge I’m
nowhere near claiming anything from there but anyone who has tried this from
the beginning should be getting edge and my own
interest is currently on TP and the four star gold tokens as you saw the four
star gold tokens are going to be difficult to get from the headliner load
and also 5000 is a high price I just want to see a correction on those
pricing because they did change the shard load price I’m hoping they’re
change the time and price as well but I am going to save those diamonds until
then I’m going to use these winged heart and get those 4 star gold took us from
here it’s not necessary what you claim here is a personal preference I think
you don’t need to choose what others are choosing whatever your roster needs you
may choose and I need actually TP and more 4 star tokens for my roster so this
is a welcome change and I feel awesome at least the collectables are now going
to guarantee a reward that you need and this is a safe which contains all
the resources that you see right here so it’s up to you which one is a better
price so you can choose now which reward you are going to get so a nice change
price wall and now it is time to roll the footage that I took a few days ago
it’s 42 ladder poles and I did get a price that I think was good and let’s
see we will talk afterwards you so that was 40 and here’s the two
remaining pulls and it was I think diesel and what was the last one yeah
Nakamura so that was 42 all right so when I I
went in without looking at what’s inside and and I see that I went into the
featured section of this loot so did I miss Ultimate Warrior again close call
my name is two star is what I usually get from the keys but this is the first
time I got a three star from a key pull so it was a three star bronze lita and
that became 200 shards and Ultimate Warrior was right there anyways those
were the key pulls and thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in the
next one bye

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