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what’s good everybody its casper and i’m back with your WWE raw report breaking news breakingnews the rumors aren’t true they’ve been a rumor started I want to say early last weekend saying that Kurt Angle was coming back to become the raw general manager well today Vince McMahon showed up to roll and he says that Stephanie McMahon will be out for a while due to the injury of I guess WrestleMania she felt through the table and now she is going to be out for some extensive amount of time he goes to call out the new general raw manager how comes Teddy Long bopping around acting like it’s about to be him he’s told that he’s told um he doesn’t understand what’s to miss Vince McMahon says I don’t understand what’s the misunderstanding but it’s not you so Teddy Long goes to the back and then out of nowhere he calls out the new general royal manager um and it’s hurting Kurt Angle comes out his music hits the crowd is singing the the usual you suck chant hurting we’ve got a big smile on his face he comes to the ring and he says um he’s here to be the Royal general manager it’s true it’s damn true um Vince McMahon says that also things are about to be shaking up so I believe there’s going to be another draft coming if the draft is announced or more information as announced on that later on tonight I will let you guys know but I’m let me let me know what you guys think about Kurt Angle being the royal general manager do you think is actually going to do a difference is it going to be a big change um let me know I mean I got a lot of thoughts on this I’ll speak about it later as time moves on but um I think that it’s gonna actually help roll if anything um people are happy to see Kurt Angle right now Kurt Angle is actually a real wrestler so I’m pretty sure he can come up with some great ideas and great matches he carried impact for a while when he went over there so that’s definitely gonna be a good look for raw now Kurt Angle I wonder what surprises are in store for tomorrow’s smackdown but rasta lon I gotta let you guys go cuz I got to go check it out but i’m happy to announce that Kurt Angle is the new WWE raw general manager that means we will be seeing Kurt Angle around a lot more and that’s exciting to me well like comment subscribe peace


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