KPOP Cardio Workout! BTS (Mic Drop), Blackpink (Boombayah), Big Bang (Bang Bang Bang)

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3, 2, 1, go! Hi, guys! My name is Emi and this is Charlotte *HALLLO* and this is Eri *Hii*! Today we’re going to do a kpop dance work out. The reason I’m having my two lovely friends here it’s because Eri is a dancer, I majored in theater and dance. I did ballet as a child and then I went into Chinese traditional dance. At 17 I started doing hip-hop. So we’re in good hands I sort of dance at school But then I’m more of a kpop fan. Charlotte also gave us some outfit ideas because me and Eri did not and we have cameraman Hi guys, let’s go. Okay guys, get ready We’re first starting with leg shuffle and clap to warm up our body and get ready for the fat burning I will not be talking as much in this workout because I know you guys are here for the music I’ll let you enjoy. First song is mic drop by BTS For the first 22 seconds, we’re focusing on the leg shuffle. We’ll add in the arms after 22 seconds The more you jump, the more intense it is and the more fat you’re burning for each rep 3, 2, 1, arms Clap and swing one arm to the back. You’re doing amazing. Keep going, get your energy up That was so fun Let’s move on to our second exercise X-cross with hit Jump up while crossing your arms and legs, then hitting one side followed by the other Jump higher hit harder. You can do this. Remember your goal, we can achieve whatever we put our mind into *Ohohhhhhhh* Good job! Last exercise for this song is roll with knee slap. Push it guys Basically We’re doing full rolls to each side and then slapping the opposite knee Alternating for three times before repeating the same thing on the other side Last one for BTS before we switch to Blackpink! So give it your all guys If I can do it you can do it too! Let’s get it done together Fourth exercise is jog in place with arm raise. We will be dancing to Blackpink’s Boombayah Making small steps with your legs and small Up-and-down movements with your fists in front. For every three reps, raise one arm up while leaning to the opposite side Crunching *the opposite side* of your abs. This is so cute. Let’s keep it up. Keep hopping *Ahhhh**Ohhh* Fifth exercise is push push. It’s a bit difficult for those who are not as coordinated like me So I’m doing a beginner version while my friends do the advanced one We’re doing four pushes with both arms. Two with head meaning back to leaning forward the whole time hopping with small steps Then switching to the other side. It’s okay if you don’t get the exact steps, you can just do what I do Keep pushing and hopping up which is still giving you the full body burn Work it, guys. Have fun, get sweaty. We’re halfway through Sixth, pump and throw. The very last exercise for this song. Push it guys! Raise one arm slightly up This is the pump and then throw it all the way to the back Alternate between sides while hopping with your feet the whole time Doing a big step raising your same knee higher up whenever you do a throw Give more force in each throw, pop higher up, go faster, challenge yourself to see what you can do And we’re onto our seventh exercise, down and cross with our final song bang bang bang by BIGBANG. Both on Punching down from three reps before crossing them in front and stepping with your legs for each rep. I want you to punch more a while crunching your abs to lean your body a bit forward So you’re working your abs here together with a full body fat burn No pain no gain. Almost there Eighth, we will take a little break with no jumping No hopping. It’s time for squat punch. Feet wider than shoulder-width apart For each rep punch your arm to the front do it fast for three reps followed by one slow rep It’s not just a movement, guys. Give the bang-bang-bang attitude here. You’re doing so good We’re finally onto our ninth exercise Arm punch to give the upper body a good burn. Also, no jumping, so punch even harder to make it count Less than two minutes to go. Let’s finish it strong The very last exercise, guys! It’s jump jump Just like the name, jump with both feet high up for each rep. For the arms is pretty flexible You can do it like us where we raise one arm for seven reps followed by a bang-bang to both sides Then switching to the opposite arm for another seven reps But if you find it too complicated feel free to stick to one side for 22 seconds and switch Jump as high and as fast as you can Pushing through for this very last one for the final cardio burn. Do it for your goal, do it for your body And good job, we’re finally done! I’m so proud of all of us because even for me this is not easy at all Which you can obviously tell but we didn’t give up and we got it done! Great work and I’ll see you again very soon

100 thoughts on “KPOP Cardio Workout! BTS (Mic Drop), Blackpink (Boombayah), Big Bang (Bang Bang Bang)

  1. yass :3 finally I found my type of workout on youtube <3 i'm not an army but I love korean aesthetics and kpop songs are actually great. Normal workouts get me bored and I don't want to do them anymore, but I love yours and I could do them all the time uwu
    (I know it's been a while but hey this video is gold)

  2. Thank you so much, I was searching for this kind of workout and I tried it. It's so fun ! You definitely gained a new subscriber 🙂

  3. I’m coming after doing your 3 others kpop workouts… I can tell that i’m pretty hot right now and I can feel my sweat ! I’m proud of myself for not giving up!

  4. This type of videos interests me. I think I'm going to subscribe to see more videos like this uwu
    (Make one with Jennie's song – SOLO) please

  5. me who loves dancing: i can do this, it's just like dancing. easy.
    also me: oh no it looks tiring (shove chips into mouth)

  6. Hi I just had McDonald’s and I’m just watching this in bed lol but I have leg day tomorrow because I swim for a team aaagrh I’m only 11 tho

  7. I think ima start following your routine to see if I can drop some weight before the start of my next semester 🙌🏽🔥

  8. This is gonna be my second time doing this workout. I love it! Wish me luck

    Update: this is now my 8th time doing this!! Still a favorite.

  9. o wow eats chips that's really takes a huge bite of cake cool for chugs coke kpop fans bites burger like us. swallows cookie

  10. I work out every day but I just added this as an additional cardio for 3 days a week. I'm going to get those abs!

  11. I must admit that I've never liked the workouts. But when I did this, everything has changed! I love dancing and I totally don't feel like doing a workout while dancing it!! Love it!

  12. I'm more motivated late at night/early in the morning (11:00pm-4:00am)
    I did this and my brothers thought I was doing witchcraft

  13. Im under 13 and im challenging myself to do this for a whole month.
    people say im skinny but i think im pretty fat so i think i should lose some weight.

    Im very happy to try this out!!! ;3

  14. I will start doing this today ( + plank for how long I can in the morning… Probably 30s :))…) then I will update in the comments my results

  15. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  16. Wow thank you emi!! I just did this, the bts boy with luv, and blackpink kill this love workout and I have never had sweat dripping from my face before I will continue to do this daily. Thank you!!!

  17. I do workouts almost every day. I'm glad I found this one. I had fun, i'd love to have more of those please ~

    Could you do a kpop workout with a Stray Kids song?

  19. ‘i won’t talk as much in this video because i know you guys are here for the music.’
    wow emi you know me so well 😃😃

  20. emi: im not gonna be talking so much in this exercise bc i know u guys are here for the music
    also emi: keeps talking
    me: lol

  21. I lose more weight to put somewhere my fon to see moves and to I can dance (sorry for bad English)

  22. DAY 1: DONE,sweaty body,panting heavily,but im so proud of myself for workout until the last exercise without cheating(pause the vid)

  23. Kpop is the only thing that can motivate me. BLACKPINK and BTS are my ults. So I’m really excited to see how I go with this. I love dancing and I want to work out so I’m ready. I’m also going to have fun and hopefully be able to share this with my sister!

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