Known boxing trainer killed in fatal shooting

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though breaking at noon a well-known boxing trainer shot and killed in his own home a neighborhood is now taped off to the community glad you’re with us I’m Justin Morman I’m Bridget Ellison this noon Orange County deputies were called to the home this morning along Florence Vista Boulevard that’s just north of West Colonial Drive news six is mark Lamon has the new details an extremely emotional scene in this neighborhood as family members of the victim have been overcome with grief the focus of the investigation centered around this home now surrounded by crime scene tape in this afternoon we’re learning new details about the person who was killed the sheriff’s office says it was just after 7:00 this morning when a 911 call came from the lake floor and subdivision when deputies arrived they found the victim dead from an apparent gunshot wound investigators haven’t identified the person but family members here on scene tell us his name is Lucius Harris a well-respected boxing trainer who has worked with many well-known boxers and owns a gym in Orlando we spoke with a neighbor this morning who said deputies reviewed her security video shortly after they arrived I’m scared I’m nervous we are nervous because we don’t know what it what next you know what I mean this was a quiet neighborhood we never had in a problem like this before Dorcas Russell says a man on a bicycle was seen near the home around the time of the shooting a suspect hasn’t been identified but family members believe the gunman could be someone close to them deputies say they’re still searching for the person responsible and out here at noon a crime scene investigators have just begun collecting evidence from inside the home we’re expecting more details to be released shortly and as soon as we get an update from investigators we’ll post it under this story on click Orlando com in West Orange County mark Liam and getting results new six

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