Khabib Nurmagomedov va Dustin Poirier jangi (To’liq xolda) 07.09.2019

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over businesses here and now I’m being
Romano men on the Dustin Poirier cold thirty years of age born just four
months apart come Peters to call a man by one inch gustatory with a belt of the
evening of our three judges scoring this contest of octagon side are been
cartilage mark Cullen and David let the be and with the action begins our
referee charge of the Octagon mark Goddard this championship bout a
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watching around the world this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for lime
for the sold-out arena and yes Island Oh to get you a lightweight championship of
the world introducing first fighting out of the
blue corner budget to fighter holding a professional record 25 wins five losses
won’t go contest he stabbed five feet nine inches tall weighing in at 155
pounds mining on a coconut green Florida but we
have Lafayette Louisiana USA presenting the interim UFC lightweight champion of
the world Josh Turner guided and I want to fight hard and lead you to
fight clean when our spacebar you start if you want to touch now’s the time god
bless a lot of mutual respect between these
two combatants the only thing he really took issue with was some of the
promotion that was champion vs. champion he says I am the champion he is the
interim champ and the eight is hoping to keep it that way
and this last night these I mean ready we are underway the beaver model men in
the black and gold Dustin Poirier is in the blue with gold mago met off striking has improved
tremendously over the last 24 months or so
that knockdown against Conor McGregor but and talking about of your Mendes
they to the next level that being said
doesn’t figure to lean on it too much tonight right now these guys are just building
each other out nothing too crazy going on scene Dustin Jessica that can’t kick
pretty much so far keep his body on the outside get that lead footed end back-to-back fights against southpaws
strikers for puppy tamago medal then on the single-leg head on the
inside this is where he does his best work once he gets a hold of that leg you
just sit up top your body and just keeps the squished up against the fence it’s
where Dustin said he did a lot of work we find out if it pays off so this is
the first time that Laurier is feeling that famed imago mental pressure and you
see Poirier wide-eyed look into his cheek poor Mike this is where he beats
everybody gets up and gets behind you underneath these arms and he can just
stay here for five minutes it’s hard to get them off here in this position the
future legs up with the knees and then just make you carry his way so you got
the middle now transitions to the back of Dustin
Poirier hooks in 40 the chin
it just makes things miserable and that’s what beef does so well is it just
makes things miserable for you hangs on your hands beats your cranks your net
keeps the pressure makes you carry his weight until we see in here for you
again advice not just coming facing at the moment less than two minutes to go it around
you see the model not wisely set the breathing pattern Borean jiu-jitsu blackbelt Ryan attorn into the
choke here Dom yeah he can’t it’s not a choke it’s just nasty
it’s just when asked he makes a real nice
that’s what’s happening right now and see how he stays in that position no
matter what underneath the bulb arms and that’s just not a fun position to be in
intra Cory good job switching
so Justin back to his feet lands in need of the body of your Mongo meh table but
no separation for Poirier which could prove problematic he keeps getting
behind his arms like that knots going to be an issue you see how a trypsin that’s
when it could be his best weapons as he trips you while he’s taking you down
over and over nuances and notice his head is always
higher than his opponent that makes you carry his weight as well he trips you while he’s flinching you a
lot of guys aren’t using that at the same time still behind the arms which part
the traditional recipe to either that’s why it’s ugly one has been put on the defensive over in
this point Drex now from the champion aurilla course to squirm out
mago met off at his mulling best in Rwanda okay that’s okay a lot of space a drink when you’re ready the business money
we got taken down because we won the cage you know if we can we get to try to
stay keep the center he’s going to try to back you up but he’s not going to
walk into your power so try not to back up if he can ok I wanted to explode more
but he’s looking for submissions waiting for me to explode you Foley it’s ok but
on the feet we can be a little more offensive now we can start light our
hands a little bit they long with all your shots the switches on here especially them
switches almost there you can hold the lake nice job there by Dustin Poirier
scorner man Mike Brown his boxing coach daya Davis mocha boxing district Darren
South Florida boy egregious six significant strike attempts in that
opening round they want more offense here and they
want him fighting on a napkin assembly on out he’s got to do he’s got to get in
respect in his hands early otherwise you can just keep blessing him before
anything they’re saying keep both best hits
keep the leg when we switch to keep the leg even if he keeps his hands log to
pieces he’s got 48 thinking right now
packing up here to know the extent to right hands being able to avoid it respect to the body there beep powers to the
inside of that leg what an atmosphere in this arena will
never strike this thrown takedown that’s secure incredible no surprise Bonet said this was one of
his halter training camps doing this every day for five ten rounds then right
here just in this position you see we just waiting because he’s making
Coria carry all his weight and it’s just so tiring the way he hooks the leg and
keeps your head takes so much energy to get up in these
positions and that’s that’s what review does well and now he’s got his legs
hooked while he’s controlling the hands scooting to the fence but yeah and you
see that leg control and that’s what I see the biggest
difference we can read from most grapples is he’s using his hands and his
legs at the same time most arresting suggestions on an upper body his weapons at all times in looks like
Mary aid has been cut open fairly significantly around that let die and a
lot of times you see guys with their head is lower than the man up against
the fence but the beeps generally higher than the guy that is a significant
and bothering him under 2-minutes here to go in round two
of a possible five just really offsets the hips keeps you
from be able to be strong up against the fence and he’ll keep going back and
forth between hooking the ankles going to a double leg wrecking the ankles up
and down up right down as Poirier focuses on the upper body fighting for
an underhook you get your leg cut out from underneath and then that gives them
the upper body walk after your trip yes
most people in this arena or he’ll try to drag Poirier down again here his
positioning is just literally pretty much close mago met up five for six on these take
down since this fall we’ll see if they can get away from the fence here and
it’ll do so it’s exhausting carrying all this weight
was doing more work than can be right there’s the trips and it’s the
back-and-forth battle of the trips in the upper body claims consistent hard to
deal with we go with good judo players that’s what it feels like they’re always
tripping you and you lose your upper body balance and stability and then
you’re just behind panco met up he is largely muted Dustin Poirier offense
through 10 minutes to nil gahbeeg he brought BPD breath take a
deep breath he went another one I drink when you read goat food all
right Kent what are we gonna do he went and huge right hand lands as you saw
you’re not that hurt that made could be you go hey hold on a second but once he
got himself together it was right back to the normal game plan wrestle and
wrestle and wrestle and that’s the difference everybody you can get guys to
wrestle with you in camp but when when you’re at the level compete there’s not
a lot of people that wrestle like that so it’s almost impossible to feel it
round 3 is brought to you by p3 the official protein snack of the UFC little
frustration from Dustin Poirier on the stool they’re after round 2 so if he can
get his hands going here in round 3 which is not the kid seems in but it’s not
super-tight yeah here your muggle Maddog stand composed
gets him off him for a second and sticks to go sticks to the guillotine to keep
it and it’s in that’s in tight but turning to a hip the way he’s doing buys
him some air who sticks with it go put in it and now
knows how tired Dustin Poirier Hays arms are and he gets right on the hand
control and this is what we saw it at curtis blades earlier as the hand
control on the heavyweight in the same position the top leg position and now
his head’s higher than Poirier support Hayes got to get all that weight off him
before he can get away but first and foremost he has to attack the hand
control to be somehow Bebe’s father up doorman op
right there Wow to be right now impossible nope Romano metal bails it’s
enough to make it real ugly it’s just mean neck crank and you always been
right cross your jaw you can’t breathe hurt your nose and it’s not really
that’s in 28 absolutely medical the way he dominates
people in the Grafton never seen anything like it
and this time a big hug for the UFC president Dana White and Dana is going
to like that a lot more than what happened the last time around the
standard upon which all light weights will be judged

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