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– [Narrator] On this episode of Small Business
Revolution – Main Street, an MMA gym has just opened their doors. – I taught myself most of the
things I know about boxing. – [Narrator] With an
owner who puts his passion for coaching kids before his business. – [Jose] How am I supposed to make a champ if I can make next month’s rent? – What is the actual business going to be? – [Narrator] The Small
Business Revolution team joins the fight to help
keep this dream alive. – The business owner in me
is having an anxiety attack. – [Narrator] Small towns
across America are fighting for their survival with the
odds stacked against them, but what happens if we join that fight? – The Small Business
Revolution Main Street. – [Reporter] The second year
in a row for the competition. – [Reporter] One community is getting a half a million dollar makeover. – Thousands of small cities
and towns taking part. – [Narrator] What started as an idea became a national movement with over a million votes
cast throughout the country and finally one winner. – Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania. The borough will get grants,
publicity and advice. – [Narrator] The town went all
out to win the competition. – I know I voted. – [Narrator] Now marketing
expert Amanda Brinkman and her team at Deluxe are going to work for the people of Bristol
Borough, Pennsylvania and they’ve brought along
entrepreneur Robert Herjavec and a cast of small business experts to help revitalize the town. – [Reporter] This is a story we’ve been following all summer long. – [Reporter] With
Bristol Borough residents hoping for that big boost. – [Narrator] Every
episode, we’ll be working with a new small business,
bringing marketing expertise, financial advice and
decades of experience. Strengthening the towns
economy one business at a time. The team has only a
few short months to see if they can change the odds, if together we can start a revolution. – I taught myself most of the
things I know about boxing, my family were working all the time, so I used to just shadow box in my house and hit the punching bag. And no I didn’t have a coach,
we didn’t even have gloves. We used to get together
on the playgrounds, it was like street boxing. Pretty much that’s how I
learnt to box, on the street. As a young kid I really wanted
to be a professional boxer, but I never really had that
man in my life to help me. My father was not around
but now I have a son, that’s my biggest blessing
and my son loves boxing. Everything I do right now is all because of all the things that I didn’t have. Everything that I saved went
in to this place literally every penny and as soon as I
opened it was like, oh man, I’ve got no more money and
I’ve only got one month to pay. It would be nice if I had a
loan and a budget and a plan, but no, it was pretty much me, by myself. Thank goodness for google,
I kept googling everything ’cause I had to do everything. I’m the cleaning guy, I’m
the marketer, the accountant. I set our prices, how
did I set the prices? I don’t know, I just made them up. From the beginning I
had to figure my own way so for me it’s always been
very difficult to accept help. But I want to be able to live
my dreams and pay the bills. Man I think I need help with everything. Ready, a big strong kick, go. Woah, you got me, that is crazy. Do we have a lot of different classes: Little Ninjas, MMA, run through fitness, Kung-Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling. With the kids, my commitment
is really really tough because I have to keep them safe. I just don’t want them to go out there and pretend their boxing
on the street like I did. Somebody would have changed my life if they would’ve gave me a pair of gloves. Man I’m telling you it would
have changed my whole life. When I see all these kids in here, I want to give them a chance, I want them to have what I didn’t have. But the kids in here they can’t afford it. They don’t have the money I tell ’em, it’s okay don’t worry about it, you give it to me when you get it. If I need money I’ll go
help friends with cleaning, landscaping, you name it
I’ll do it however I can just to keep supporting this gym. (speaking Spanish) I do it all the time ’cause if I want to make two kids happy for a whole month, it only takes me a day to make 150 bucks, it’s done and the kid will appreciate it. – Having a coach that you know cares about you more than just being a boxer, that means a lot and if I have a problem, I can talk to Jose about anything. He’ll give me the positive feedback and he’ll be as honest as possible. It’s just phenomenal to have a coach that I can talk to, you the man. – It makes me feel really
happy to help all these kids, but I sit down here sometimes
and I see a lot of kids and I’m like, well, that kid’s not paying, that kid’s not paying, that
kid’s only paying this much and I’m like well I’m
losing a lot of money because I’m being too nice. So I definitely need a business mentality and stop being all heart. – Jose’s energy is infectious and his commitment to
those kids makes Keystone an important part of Bristol Borough. But this is gonna be tough, we don’t just have a few areas
of improvement to focus on, by Jose’s admission, he needs everything and the business is new
which brings it’s own set of challenges. So Jose and I are going for a
walk along the Delaware river to see if we can figure
out where to start. So you’re from Cabo,
Mexico originally, right? – Yes. – Okay, so how did you end up in Bristol Borough
Pennsylvania of all places? – Because of my wife,
she’s from Pennsylvania and I asked her where
could I see nice water because I miss Cabo and
she took me to Bristol. That was it, I fell in love with it. – What drew to you starting
your own gym versus just going and instructing at another existing gym? – Me, I care, every time
I coach I’m worried about every single thing in that
class, it needs to be perfect. I feel like other people
don’t put that effort. They just take peoples
money and that’s it. I want the kid to come
back and with his kids and say hey coach this is my kid. – We picked you for a reason, Bristol Borough is better
because you are here. It’s all about making sure
that we can help your business be sustainable so that
you can continue to offer that to this community. – It helps, you know. – Is the gym making a profit right now? – No, nah it’s not, It’s not. I love being in there
and doing the classes but I feel like I haven’t really been able to become a business owner. Pretty much I’m an instructor
that happens to own a gym. But I don’t have that confidence yet to say I’m a business owner. It’s tough though because I
don’t know what I’m doing, to be honest, financially-wise,
I don’t know what I’m doing. I know that if you wanna be a champ, we’ll make you a champ, I
know how to teach them drills, I can get them good sparring,
I can do focus mitts. I can do anything for them. You will be successful. Step Back. You come in here you will
learn how to be a good man. You don’t come just
here to be a good boxer, you step in here you’re part of my family I will take care of you. But how long can I last? How long is the gym gonna last? And how am I supposed to make a champ if I can’t make next month’s rent? If the facility closes,
it’s done, the commitment, everything that we worked
for is gone, is done. So yeah It’s scary because
I don’t wanna fail them. – You can tell how heavily
Jose feels that weight, carrying all those kids hopes. It seems like at least a
part of our job will be to help him take care of his business the same way he takes care of the people that walk into his gym
because without that, Keystone won’t be around for those kids. With so much ground to cover we need to bring in someone who
has been in Jose’s shoes. Who has started a gym from nothing and built it in to a success. Pete Dupuis has done it twice. He now has gyms in both
Massachusets and Florida, where they train some of
Major League Baseball’s most elite pitchers and
I know he’s gonna have a lot of great advice for Jose. – [Jose] Hey. – Hey Jose. – [Jose] Hey Amanda, how are you? – Good, how are you? This is Pete. – Jose it’s nice to meet you.
– Hey, what’s up buddy? – How are you? You wanna see our handshake? – We have a secret handshake. – [Pete] Let’s do it. – Alright ready?
– Alright okay. – Get under and high five, there you go. – Before we get started
with the serious stuff, Pete and I are getting
a free boxing lesson. – You ever boxed before? – No – Well you’re about to box Amanda, she used to be a professional
boxer down in Mexico, before she moved to the States. – [Jose] You ready? – [Amanda] Yeah I am. – Jab. Jab. Cross. Under. Cross. Hook. Cross. There you go man, Perfect.
– Wahoo, boom. Oh that was great, you’re
welcome, welcome to the team. Alright, that’s it. – That’s a way better sounding
high five, than a normal one. – [Jose] I know, right? Well this is Keystone, that
right there is my office. Try not to look too deep in to it. – [Amanda] This is your
membership agreement? – [ Jose] Oh, yes. – [Amanda] Why that reaction? – [Jose] No, because people get confused. We have a nice blueprint but
we just need to make it better. And I don’t think we want
to call this Keystone Boxing and MMA because we have
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and then we have wrestling,
Mixed Martial Arts and boxing. And I felt like I wanted to
call it Keystone Combat Sports. – [Jose] But let me show
you, Amanda, are you ready? Pete, are you ready? – [Pete] Good to go. – Check this out, this is awesome. And watch this here. – [Amanda] There’s no light in here, what are you talking about? – We’re gonna have all
this mirrors on the wall, so we can do shadow boxing. Anyway, here is the room and then that takes us to the other
place, can we just go over there? – [Amanda] Yeah, yeah. – It’s far away how far can
you go with those things? The idea is to everything be
just one and this is the door, if you don’t mind I can just go open it and let you go through here, is that okay? It’s only taking one minute. I’m lying 25 seconds. – You haven’t seen this space yet? – I haven’t, he’s like so great, I can’t even look at him and not smile. I just, I love him. – [Jose] 22 (laughs) – [Pete] I had you at 24.
– [Amanda] He was timing himself. – [Jose] Let’s go. This whole space was too much money but I wanted this from the beginning and this will be all about
the fitness facility. – So what amount of this space is included in your current lease? Or would you need to invest more? – No, this is a– – [Amanda] So you’re already paying for the space right here? – I’m not paying here until
I finish working on that. I’m the one cutting and
breaking all this thing, myself. – When? – [Jose] When I got time, I just did this, this past weekend. – I will tell you that
the business owner in me, is having an anxiety attack. – [Jose] Because of all everything? – You are trying to be a
lot of things at once Jose. – So what right now worries you the most about your business? – People can’t find my
spot ever, that’s one. Another one referrals because
I have a lot of kids in here and I haven’t seen them bring friends. – Let’s just say they leave
here and say I’ve just had the best training session
I’ve ever had at Keystone. And the person they’re talking to says, well I’m gonna check it out
let me go to their website, Well that’s incomplete, well let me check them out on Instagram, oh he’s had three posts
in the last four weeks. I think it’s really
about what Deluxe can do to start getting the ball
rolling on making you visible. – Yeah. – So can you tell us a little
bit about the kinda classes that you want to make
sure you’re offering? – Well boxing is pretty
much what this place is and that’s what I teach here,
I teach competitive boxing but not everybody’s coming
here to be competitive. And my training is boxing
and kids classes and fitness. I can teach wrestling as well
but I have a wrestling coach that I want to get involved
because the space is here. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I
was renting this whole space to a Kung-Fu guy who was
supposed to pay and never paid, so now I have Tuesday’s and
Thursday’s and Saturday’s, this whole place is open. So now I can bring the
wrestling program in. – My question would be, I know that you have a lot of service offerings. If you say you collected $50,000 since the birth date of your business of those $50,000 how many
of them were boxing related, how many were ninjas, how many
of them were fitness business and how many of them were wrestling. You know what I’m saying? – Yeah – How does this pie get split up? – Alright so I’ll say
right now 50% boxing, 25 to 30 will be kids
classes, the Little Ninjas and the rest will be fitness. – So I think those numbers are a good way for us to start having
some tough conversations. The problem I see with
your business right now is that you are trying to
be a jack of all trades and master of none and you kind of outlined where you need to double down. – I’d rather see you
add a class for people who are curious about
boxing than add wrestling. – You’re right, I think that I got excited about the building, you see big space, you wanna put a lot of
different things on it right. But I think that I’m thinking wrong. – Okay so do we all agree
Boxing and Little Ninja’s, that’s what we’re gonna focus
on in terms of offering. – Wait I do have– – We’re in agreement, are you? – No wait, I’m gonna agree with you just because I offer a Mixed
Martial Arts program, I forgot to mention, on
Tuesday and Thursday. That actually makes some money. – I’m okay with adding it but
my question for you is this, how did we get this far
in to the conversation– – Without having. – Before you felt inclined to tell us? – ‘Cause we were talking
about everything else. – Yeah exactly we were talking about what you’re passionate about. – Oh he got you. – Don’t I’m super passionate
about Mixed Martial Arts, I used to compete as a
Mixed Martial Artist, as a cage fighter. I teach actually on Monday, I actually opened another class for MMA. That’s so weird I didn’t
even mention this MMA because, right now MMA is actually my– – Well let me pause you on this. You’re asking the general
public to think of you as the best Mixed Martial Arts, the best boxing, the best kids training, you see where I’m going with this? – Yeah I see. – But when you start
really talking it’s boxing and it’s your ninjas, that’s it. – Yeah so now that we’re
talking about this, I feel very confident about
dropping everything else. So I feel like for now is
boxing, the little ninjas and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,
I don’t profit out of them going to Brzailian Jiu Jitsu but those are the martial arts. – So you say you don’t profit
from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Do you have an independent
contractor who’s paying rent? – Yeah, Bob Mattis, he takes
care of the Jiu Jitsu program. I mean he does everything,
I don’t do nothing from Brazilian Jiu
Jitsu he’s a good coach. He pays half of the rent. – Wait, I need clarity on that. That’s huge so you have
someone who’s helping pay half of your rent and half of your utilities? – In a way, half the utilities. Like if I don’t have the money for it, I’ll ask him for half. – [Pete] Whose name is on the lease? – So all of that is mine and this is his. – You’re both on the lease?
– So you have a business partner – No there isn’t a lease, we’re not business partners or anything. I own the LLC. – Well let me reframe the question, Does Bob carry an insurance
policy for his services? – He’s under me, he’s
under Keystone Boxing. – So you’re insuring him. It sounds like you’re
the one taking the risk. – Nah it’s not like a big risk because we’re working together. – I know but there needs
to be language in place for these things, you’re vulnerable. And I’m sure Bob is a good person because there is obviously a lot of trust. – I just feel it has to be so much cleaner than it is right now, either Bob needs to be an employee or … – A partner – [Pete] He has to
assume some of the risk. – Yeah either a partner or an employee. – The next time I come
back here there needs to be an operating agreement in
place between you and Bob. – Yeah. When somebody comes in and says yes, this is what your supposed to do, it kinda makes you feel like oh shoot I’m messing it up, I need to
do this and I need to do that. So it was a little scary. – All is not lost here
he’s gone from zero to one with nothing but an organic reach. He has so much opportunity
in front of him for growth. – I think just getting him to focus on, what are the classes
you want to be offering? – [Jose] At the end of the
day they’re my decisions I own the business. If I think it’s great for
my business I’m gonna do it and if I’m wrong then
the results will show, you know they will show. – [Amanda] Focus is such a common problem for new businesses. Particularly if the founder
is good at a lot of things, it seems so counter-intuitive
to narrow your list of potential revenue sources, especially when money is tight. But carving out a niche
is actually the only way for a small business to
differentiate itself. So we’re gonna keep working
through this process with Jose. The next step is a trip
to Minneapolis to sit down with celebrity entrepreneur
Robert Herjavec and get his sense for which direction the numbers are pointing. – I’m excited about this meeting, we’re gonna talk about the
plans for Keystone Boxing. – It should be interesting because Robert’s passion
is really business itself. He doesn’t care much about boxing, he just likes to make things work. Whereas Jose it seems like
ha mainly owns a business so he can coach the way he wants to. Hopefully we can find some common ground. – [Robert] So boxing gym? – [Jose] Yeah man. – And how do you make money? – Our gym is a competitive boxing gym. – A competitive boxing gym? So if I’m not a competitive
boxer, I shouldn’t go there. – No you have a competitive boxing program but a competitive boxing program is not gonna make us our living. – That’s what I’m asking you, how are you gonna make a living? – So we offer boxing
in general for adults. And then we have the youth boxing. Now this is non-competitive, recreational. If one of these kids is
looking good and decides to become a boxer then we
have our competitive program. And then we have the Little Ninjas, that’s a unique program which
no one has in Bucks County. No one offers Martial Arts, acrobatics and fitness all in one class. And if I don’t get enough
competitive boxers, I can always get enough Little Ninjas. – Here’s what’s confusing for me, Why do you grow to a competitive program? Do you charge them more? – No but we are able to say we
have a champion in our house. That’s how boxing gyms survive. – I get it. Here’s my problem with it. I’m not clear whether you’re
trying to build a hardcore, competitive gym where you’re
gonna spit out a champion and then people are gonna come to you, no matter where they are,
they’re coming for you. – They’re coming for me
because I am the best coach to be around and I want them. – But you’re not a coach. You’re not a coach – I am a coach. – You’re not, the minute
you signed the lease and set up the rent you
became a business person. When you start a business,
that business is like a baby. It needs to be fed every day and you gotta know what
kinda food it needs. Here’s the challenge,
you’ve got multiple gyms. You really do, you don’t have one gym. You have multiple gyms,
you have a kids fun gym, you said it to yourself, then you have this intermediate who are kinda thinking of going pro, and then you have a hardcore gym. You really have three businesses. So I’m gonna give you a dollar. I’m gonna say here’s a dollar, I want you to go spend this
dollar to get more customers. The smaller you are the
more focused you have to be. So are you gonna take that dollar and are you gonna go after more kids, more intermediate or more hardcore people? I don’t know the population base but I gotta think there’s more people that would want to take a ninja class than there are hardcore boxing. – I believe so
– I do to. Right now I’m confused,
am I just marketing the Little Ninjas more but
I’m still doing my boxing? – Yes – Am I still running my
gym the way I’m doing it? – Yes, you’re marketing has
to have a more singular focus. – I haven’t promoted that,
I’ve been promoting boxing. – You have to think of the
Little Ninjas as the thing that makes the business
run in order to afford time to spend on the elite coaching. – No, I think you’re right. I think that that’s the way to go and I’m happy that you make me feel, actually focused on that. – But it doesn’t matter what we want. We’ve talked you in to this,
I mean, let’s just be honest. We’ve talked you in to this because I think we made you feel bad. And now you’re agreeing with us over here. It comes down to what you want. -They’re trying to figure out
what my business is all about, I’ve kinda felt to me, you can’t even tell me
what you really are, who you really are. – You know it always
scares the crap out of me when somebody comes in,
I tell them what I think and they completely change their mind because what it tells
me is they’re not clear. – Right, we love the guy. – But we can’t
– Love the guy get him to like focus. – I just need him to be able
to tell me what his business is in less than three minutes. – You go home when the
people have just told you that you might need to
rethink your marketing, you might need to rethink this,
you might need to do that. So now I’m by myself thinking
okay so what did just happen? They kinda shatter your
confidence a little bit. They need me to be specific to one. I don’t think I need
to be specific to one, I think I can coach both,
I’ve been coaching both. I’m really happy with
how my business is run. I’m not changing pretty
much nothing at all in my schedule and in my classes. I think my boxing program
could be as profitable as the Little Ninjas. No one likes to look like a
fool, no one does, I don’t. So is it worth it, I hope so. – [Amanda] When you’re founding a business you must be confident, resourceful. You have to hack your way around problems and piece together
opportunities on your own. Most of all you have to have an unflinching belief in yourself. But those same traits which are so vital when you’re starting out
can make it extremely hard for entrepreneurs to take
advice about their business. The last thing we want is for Jose to lose confidence as an owner. We just want to help him
focus all that energy in to running a sustainable gym. It’s tough to think about
diving in to the marketing with so much still up in the air, but we have a lot to do, so the Deluxe team is
getting down to work. – First and foremost
is getting him online. His business is listed on Google but it’s missing hours, a
phone number and his website. Those are the three things
that people wanna see. He’s got a site but
it’s under construction, a lot of pages don’t have information. – This has been the most
challenging of the business sites. I’m hearing a lot of different things from a lot of different people and I think that as he
talks to different people it teases out some new
pieces of information that sometimes contradict
what we thought was the direction that we were going to go. – If I’m going to be totally honest, I’ve always had a hard time
sorting out what is real and what is aspirational with Jose. He knows exactly how
he’s different, right? But what you’re really
asking is what’s the what? You have about five seconds
when someone lands on your site for them to understand what you offer. – They’re all great
offerings by themselves but they don’t really hang together. – Talking to him his focus
is on the fun and fitness. A lot of what you’re
learning is life lessons, it’s confidence, it’s
commitment, discipline that kind of stuff. – So it sounds like
we’re leading with that? – I mean that’s the
message we decided to take. If I can’t capture the business, I at least want to capture the spirit. – If we’re gonna bring
more people in to the gym, we need to make sure
Keystone and its customers are protected in terms of
insurance and liability. A big part of that is
getting Jose’s relationship with the coach who he shares
the space with down on paper. So we hooked him up with Marc Stolee, a lawyer just up the block on Mill Street, to get the gym’s legal ducks in a row. – We definitely wanna talk to Bob and see if he’s willing to come
up with a written agreement while you’re friends
so if things go south, you have something to rely on. – [Amanda] While Jose’s addressing
one of our main concerns, we’re going to try and fix one of his. – People don’t know where to find him. Even when you go up to his
door you can’t really tell that it’s a gym. He’s got those big
windows there so I think we put the new name on those windows. – [Amanda] Putting the name
of the business out front is a no-brainer but first we need a name, and that question is still being answered. – I know he wanted to switch to that name Keystone Combat Sports. But we had an issue for
a number of reasons. – Very little search demand
around combat sports. – Actually boxing has got
a lot more search demand. – That makes sense. – Keystone Boxing and MMA
Gym is where we landed but the other decision we were
trying to get 100% approval on was his logo. – So when we shared these with Jose, he had the reaction that
something with the glove just wasn’t feeling quite right. So we’re doing some fine
tuning with the glove icon. – It felt like in the
initial weeks we were working with Jose we were trying
to keep up with him, but it feels like now we’re
sorta struggling to try to get some of the
information that we need for the website, to get
decisions on the logo design. – We don’t know what
his schedule really is, we can’t link a specific
instructor to a specific class. – You know really the balls
in his court at this point. We can give him all the tools
that will help him get there. He needs a computer, he needs the software that will help him with
booking appointments. – The one that really sticks out to me is a service called MINDBODY. He will be able to do all his books and business from anywhere. – Adding some organization
to how he thinks about those classes and that structure seems pivotal to what we’re trying to do. We know we’re asking a lot of Jose and while we’re hard at work at Deluxe, we want him to have as
much support as possible. So we set him up with
a volunteer from SCORE. They’re a national non-profit that pairs experienced business mentors
with new entrepreneurs and we’re hoping that they can help Jose think through some of
these decisions together. – I usually recommend you
develop the business plan and we help you do it. We try to meet with you either by Skype or in person once a month. – So is it just once
a month and that’s it? I can’t talk to you because
when I think about mentor, I’m a big mentor to
boxers and young athletes and I’m there five days
a week and then Saturdays because I want to see them succeed and that’s why I am a coach
because I’m a passionate coach and I wanna help them, so I wanna know, It’s just pretty much a one time thing. – No, no it’s a continuing relationship – And I get any questions
– erm usually – We try to meet in person. – Come back to me with any questions and then we’ll move forward
and we’ll keep meeting and it’s a service just
like that for people? – Yes exactly, that’s what we’re here for. – Okay. – It feels like something has happened. There’s been a shift for Jose, where he doesn’t seem bought
in to the process anymore. Communication via phone and
E-mail has been a challenge so we set up a video
conference with him and Pete to see if we could get back on track. – I’m having a hard time
reading your energy, what’s up? – Nah well I’m a little
confused definitely with the whole process. I haven’t seen that much
of an improvement so far, so pretty much right now
I’ve been working really hard on my business and I’ve been
working really hard on paying my bills at home so pretty
much in the same boat so far so I really haven’t
really changed that much nothing really changed for me so far. – It might be a matter of us just saying, hey let’s just trust the process and I know that it’s a lot of headaches but your foundation was
kinda crumbled a little bit when we came to this but your making steps in the direction toward the fun part. – But we can’t move
forward with the website or some of these other marketing things that will be wow factor
until you make some of these decisions about the classes and the targeting and things like that. – Maybe I just thought I was
gonna have somebody next to me and getting me excited
every time, every minute, now I’m like, what do I say, what do I do? I’m just waiting on something, I don’t know what I’m waiting on. You tell me what’s next and I’m excited– – But I have to kind of step in there. There’s a little bit of this
kind of lead pull thing, we’re not coming in to
run your business for you. So we need to take
– I’m not going to ask you to run my business, I understand that you’re helping me with little things and that’s okay– – No these are big things
that we’re helping you with. Of all the businesses we’re working with we are not helping them figure
out their business strategy, their business legalities, we want to help you with those things because we recognize that
those were standing in your way of that next stage of success. These are fundamental principles to getting your business
in a better place. – One thing I have learned
is don’t sugar coat it. I’d rather tell somebody the truth, have them be pissed off at me, adjust their business and succeed than be my best friend in bankruptcy. – You fall in love with him right away. All he wants to do is help
people become a better person. But in terms of working
with him on his business, it’s been a challenge. – [Amanda] After such a
difficult process we didn’t want to lose sight of what drew
us to Keystone to begin with. When you walk in to the gym,
the place is usually packed and then Jose starts pointing out the kids that aren’t paying because they can’t, but they don’t want to give up either and Jose won’t give up on them. There’s so many of those
kids and the practical, business minded part of
you worries for Jose. But this other part of you
loves how devoted he is to his mission. That’s the side of Jose
we need to show the world and it’s a place we know we can help. – So one of the things we talked about was a scholarship program for
him and him being able to reach out to other youth in the area who maybe wouldn’t be able to afford this and saying I have an opportunity for you and it’ll start getting more
people to see what he’s doing. – It’d be great if we could actually fund some of those scholarships
to get the program going and then especially after
people see his episode I feel like people are gonna
be compelled by his story and what he’s trying to
accomplish in the community. So I think we could help
him keep that scholarship going beyond the initial
investment that Deluxe will make to get it up and running. – Jose, he’s under a
lot of stress right now, he’s got a lot of payments to make. I think in the end if we can get him in a better place financially, more people signing up
to be members of his gym, I think he’s gonna see where
this plan is taking him. – [Robert] I was only in a
t-shirt because I actually showed up in a suit last time. – [Jose] Hey – Hi Jose
– Hey – [Jose] How are ya, how are you doing? – [Amanda] It’s good to see you. – Hey, how are you man?
– Hey, good to see you yeah. – [Jose] Nice to see you. – [Pete] Place is looking great. – [Jose] Thank you man, thank you. – This looks amazing, the big goal was that people from the outside could tell that this was a boxing and MMA gym, right? The window clings look incredible. – [Jose] I love it, love
it, everything on the images and the quality it looks
amazing I love all that. – [Robert] I love it Boxing,
Jiu Jitsu, very clear. – Welcome back to Keystone Boxing. – [Robert] Very cool. – Pretty much this right
here it’s the floor where the Little Ninjas happens. – The new sign looks great on the wall. Right so I thought it would be
fun to show you the website. Okay this is the way that we
tell your brand story online. If you recall with the logo,
this was your existing logo but the name wasn’t as
prominent so we worked with you to develop this new logo. Part of the reason we love
this so much is we feel like it emulates kinda the tape
– Simple that you use on your hands. The other great piece is
that this as an icon alone can function really well on social media when we need icons and images like that, so you’ll see on your website we made sure that we were designing this
site for all of the audiences but we we really want to make sure that parents understood
the benefits of boxing. So here is your new site
– Oh wow. – Wow – [Pete] Tons of color. – [Robert] Really good. – [Pete] Most important part right here, finally we can see you
smiling, that is the brand. – We want people to meet you right away, so your prominent on the homepage. We know people love your personality, we want to make sure that comes through. The ages themselves are
part of how we allow people to navigate through the site. So we’ve got out under eight classes, our youth classes and our adult. That helps the user right away determine which path they’re going down. We also wanted to make
sure people are introduced to the instructors, get a sense
for when these classes are, see the schedule, so MINDBODY
has given you software for a year. – What?
– That’s amazing, yeah. – It’s all integrated
right we wanna find tools that make it simpler for you. – It’s amazing, it just saves you so much, so much time. – It does the accounting for
you in a very intuitive way. It’s not like did that guy pay? Did he not pay, what’s going on? – This website accurately
reflects the look and feel of the space as
well, web presence to on site. – You’re right the website
reflects our facility. – Okay I’m so glad you’re
excited about the site. We have some other marketing
things that I want to show you. – [Jose] Ah that’s awesome. – [Robert] Wow. – [Pete] Very nice. – [Amanda] We branded
water bottles for you and again there are
straws because when you’ve got the gloves on you can’t– – Yeah it has to be squeeze, yeah. – We talked about T-shirts so we got this, we got you a ton of inventory
so you can sell them, we recommend that that’s an
additional revenue stream. Okay great material
– [Robert] I like the colors. So we got your brand in the
front, the brand on the back. We go you business cards
for both you and Bob. We got the logo on there. – [Pete] Nice, very nice. – We also created branded bags, so these are for the Little Ninjas. – [Jose] Alright – [Amanda] Okay don’t you
love that little size? – [Jose] Yeah I love it. Alright next surprise sir. – [Jose] Yes. – So we ordered gloves,
we’ve got for adults, we’ve got for youths, we’ve got the masks. Everything you need to run
the gym for a whole year. – [Robert] Wow – Okay it’s important to
have an iPad for sign in, so we got you an iPad
to be able to call them. – [Robert] Awesome – [Jose] That’s great. – And we know that you are going back and forth back home a lot because you just have a desktop and you need a laptop here,
as a business owner okay. – Jose’s a guy that I
really wanna root for. I think he’s come a long way. I worry about him being
able to chorale all of that energy in to focus. – I guess the hardest
thing is the questions that you guys ask. Especially, what is this place? What is your service? All these things. I didn’t have a concrete answer for that. – I think that this has
forced him to be strategic about the way he positions his business. – I needed that extra push, I just always need an extra push. And that’s good because
I needed all of this work and I just needed that help. – I just wanna see him
not make the same mistakes that I did and I wanna
see him on the fast-track to running a really profitable business. – Okay so the last thing is
that it is very important for you to be able to
provide scholarships to kids and I know we’ve talked
a lot about how do you do that in a way that doesn’t
hurt your business model but allows you to have that
heart for the community. So Deluxe is making a
donation to Plant a Seed, to pay for an additional six scholarships and those are represented
in this bag by six sets of boxing gear for kids. – Ah great, that’s awesome. It’s like six more friends to come in. – [Amanda] Helping people is hard but accepting help can be even harder, especially when you’ve spent a lot of your life figuring out
how to fend for yourself. But that’s why Jose started his gym and why we did everything
we could to help it succeed, so there will be a few more kids out there who don’t have to go it alone. And if that happens,
this was all worth it. – I’ve finally realized
that all these people are really pushing for me
but at the end of the day, I had to do my share, I’m
the owner of Keystone Boxing, when I step in here I gotta believe that I am the best owner there is. I’m getting big help from
the Small Business Revolution but it’s me who is gonna make
sure this gym is successful. – [Narrator] On the next episode of Small Business
Revolution – Main Street. An early learning center with a mission to serve the entire community. – Being new to the community, a lot of people don’t know
we’re here, it’s kinda hard. – [Narrator] Can the Small
Business Revolution team help make them a lasting
part of this town. – The first thing you have
to help is the business. – [Narrator] And will the owners learn to value themselves as
much as the community does? – Right away we said we’ve
gotta rebuild this from scratch. – As Jose and millions of small businesses experience every year
launching a business is tough and things like getting
set up properly online, can fall through the cracks. Visit deluxe.com/revolution to
learn how the marketing team at Deluxe delivered an online presence with a punch for this startup gym.

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