Key & Peele – Turbulence – Uncensored

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He’s disgusting. Bernard?
He’s disgusting. He’s not even like her. He’s an airplane technician.
I mean, come on. And he talks too much.
That’s why I like you. You don’t talk.
You just listen. – It’s good.
[bell dings] Okay. And the captain has turned on
the “fasten seat belt” sign. Got a little turbulence
coming up. Should be no problem. Just remain in your seat
until the sign is turned off. Thank you
for your cooperation. Okay. Excuse me.
I’m gonna go to the bathroom. Hi, excuse me. – Yeah?
– Yeah. I’m gonna need you
to take your seat. The “fasten seat belt”
sign is on. Yeah, I’m just gonna go
to the bathroom for a second. I’ll be
right back, okay? I understand
what you want to do. Unfortunately,
I’m gonna need you to observe
the “fasten seat belt” sign. That’d be
much appreciated. Right, it’s just
I read on the Internet that it’s not
against the law for me to go
to the bathroom while the “fasten seat belt”
sign is on, so… “Seat belt” sign
is on. But is it
against the law, though? The light is on. [inhales sharply] Is it against the law? You see
that there’s a picture of a seat belt
on that sign. I know, but is it
against the law, though? The “fasten seat belt” sign
is on. But is it against
the law, though? – “Seat belt” sign is on.
– But is it against the law? – But is it against the law?
– “Seat belt” sign. – But is it against the law?
– It’s on. – Law.
– “Seat belt” sign is on. – Legal.
– “Seat belt” sign is on. – Lawful.
– “Seat belt” sign is on. – Sir, you’re being difficult.
– Law. – You’re being very difficult.
– Law, law, law. – Seat belt, seat belt.
– Not illegal, not illegal. – Okay.
– Legal. – Fasten–
– Legal. – Fasten your seat–
– Legal. – Sir.
– I have to piss. And I have to shit
in the toilet. Can you lower
your voice? [whispering]
I have to piss,
and I have to shit. Okay, lower
your intensity. You’re louder
than me. You’re yelling
in my face. Sir, you’re the one who I think
needs to tone it down right now. You are
screaming at me. [whispering]
You’re hurting my eardrums. [mouthing words] [mouthing words] That wasn’t
a word. You’re not saying
a word there. This is a word. – That’s not–
– That’s a word. That’s not a word.
That’s a tongue trick. Okay, sir.
Sir, sir. If you would like– I would not like to. I would not like
to sit down. What I’d like to do is go
take a shit in the bathroom… because it’s not against the law. So I’m gonna go
to the bathroom, okay? Mark with a K. [tense music] ♪ ♪ [people scream] [people screaming] [dramatic choral music] ♪ [people screaming] ♪ ♪ [people screaming] ♪ ♪ [exhales deeply] [bell dings] And your captain has turned off
the “fasten seat belt” sign. Feel free to move
around the cabin. Thank you
for your cooperation. [dark music]

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  2. Well I’m going to be a smart ass here but if the passenger got injured, he could sue the airline because they let him go to the bathroom.

  3. I only just discovered this! I am such a huge fan of madtv and I really missed it. It's amazing to see them do something different and still so funny

  4. When they play the creepy Catholic music Mark with a K was definitely using Jedi mind control to teach his azz a lesson😂

  5. I can’t take it🤣🤣🤣 New to these people and I’m in LOVE!!!!!!! ❤️ They SO do that to us and then dream we’d go thru that!!!!! OMG

  6. Technically failure to comply with cree instructions is a felony. So. Illegal. Thats why you got Charles Xaviered all around that plane.

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  8. Keegan’s performance in this sketch is probably the best of his career on K&P. So damn good. The comedy, the genuine intensity, everything. Top notch acting. And Jordan is amazing in this as well, one of his better characters.

  9. After that kind of turbulence, I don’t think a trip to the bathroom would be warranted, as my bowels would have evacuated.

  10. 3:01 when someone robbing they won the game and when your petty as shit in your waiting for something bad to happen to that person 😂🤣

  11. Laughing ass off thinking he was being covered by his shit and pee when he was in bathroom , then as I was typing I realized I’m just high and dumb af that the shit just fall out the plane through the flap fml

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