KENTA has a lot to get off his chest! #njwtl

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Long time no see, huh? I’m sorry I didn’t come see you. But you do you know why I didn’t contact you? Actually, I saw something the other day…
You were talking with Yujiro, alone. Oh, Yu-chan didn’t mean a thing to you? But you must have been close, to call him that. Huh? I’m not upset. I’m not jealous.
I just don’t get it… There’s really nothing between you two? Okay. I’ll trust you, this time. What is this?
Where is this going? I’m not even sure if this is a fantasy video
or not? Where’s it going? This doesn’t have to become a thing. It has been a while.
Let’s sit. A lot has happened since
the last time we spoke. First, we should talk about what happened today. TOMO…
It’s been a while… That was dreamy. Did we win or lose?
Me and Yujiro don’t sweat the small stuff. I don’t get live and die by that. I’m in the moment.
It’s been a while to see TOMO… It’s been a while to hear TOMO’s entrance music.
It starts with a barking chihuahua. It was nice to hear that again! It was very cool.
And YOSHI-HASHI… I’ll say this, he looks ugly, from afar… And when you get closer to him,
he’s still ugly. He’s seriously ugly. I don’t get it.
But after all, ugly is ugly. But there’s someone else… GOTO HIRO. He’s getting the hang of it.
He’s not just talking about Tag League. Don’t worry about small things.
I’m picking a fight with you. Did you see what he said on Twitter? Twitter… Lately, he’s trying to be more funny.
He’s showing his… Personality… He’s showing it. Really. But I don’t even follow his Twitter. His Twitter… Follow… It’s kind of a pain to remember to check. But he’s getting hang of it.
That’s great! Or else it’s not fun. I’ve talked so much, it has been a while. I was that happy to see you, after so long. But, my main point is… Even though I saw YOSHI-HASHI’s pole up close,
I still don’t get it. As expected, they don’t have it.
That’s not a surprise. One only cares about his entrance and the other
is only here to make backstage comments. But we picked up 2 easy points tonight,
right YOSHI-HASHI? Absolutely… KENTA… He keeps complaining about me
but I guess he’s just interested in me. He must really like me. Whether you have a title or not,
I’m always ready to fight you. Also, I’ve said this before,
me and Ishii are here to win this thing. The difference in focus of both teams
showed in the result. Whatever you want to keep talking about,
the results say it all.

100 thoughts on “KENTA has a lot to get off his chest! #njwtl

  1. 俺が何が言いたいかって、YOSHI-HASHIがまともな事言い出したから、優勝あるかもって事!

  2. KENTA, it's not what it looks like. I had no interest in talking to Yujiro. I was only there to check out Pieter while you had your moment with Hiroki. I also miss #TOMO and his little chiwawa music entrance. When I saw you two in the ring, I was crying with joy!!! It was beautiful!! And yea, I have no idea what purpose of that stick YOSHI-HASHI always carries. Good argument!!!


  3. イメージビデオシリーズ作品での面白さ更新。石井は中途半端な奴に2連敗なんだよなぁ…、そしてヨシハシは相変わらずコメントつまんねぇー。マジメか!

  4. 4484お前ドームのカード決まってない癖に何様だよ笑

  5. KENTA目的で動画開いたけど


  6. 石井さんいっつも相手の例えが良くも悪くも的確なんだよなぁ 入場メインのやつと試合後がメインのやつww

  7. ちゃんとTOMO・BUSA-IKU組には優勝してもらって来年一年くらいタッグでKENTAと抗争してくれればいんじゃないか よかったな吉橋一年選手寿命が延びたぞ!如意棒だけに

  8. もうね…イメージビデオのくだり最高。心待ちにしてる自分がいますw

  9. ゆうじろうに嫉妬するケンタおもしろくてすき


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