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So anyway, the news And we start with an update on everyone’s
favourite Singh brother, Samir. Little Sammy Singh has been out of action
after suffering a torn ACL back in late January. Which he got leaving the ring after the brothers
jumped Bobby Roode on Smackdown. It would be karma, if kayfabe didn’t exist. But things are looking up for Jinder’s right
hand man, or left hand depending on which side the brothers come out on as he’s been
back in the gym and making good progress to recovery and getting those hashtag gains up
on instagram for us all to see. When his injury occurred WWE didn’t give
a timeframe for when he’d be back in action, but usually recovery of this kind of injury
is 6-9 months. So expect him to pop up on RAW fairly soon. While Samir is in the gym getting Judy Dench,
WWE is in Japan debuting one of their biggest indie signings yet. At an event at Tokyo’s Sumo Hall Japanese
star Io Shirai appeared to announced that she has signed with WWE and will be starting
in NXT this summer. Exciting times! As one of the most decorated
Japanese female wrestlers she could have a similar trajectory to fellow countrywoman
Asuka! Imagine! She’s comes in dominant, goes on a huge
undefeated streak, goes up to the main roster, wins the Women’s Rumble, loses to Charlotte
at Wrestlemania and eventually gets thrown off course completely by James Ellsworth.
Maybe not then. If she arrives in summer she’ll be joining
just in time to compete in the Mae Young Classic too, although there’s no official word on
whether she’s entering the tournament. But that could mean she has a similar trajectory
to fellow countrywoman Kairi Sane! Imagine! She comes in dominant, storms to victory during
the Mae Young Classic, and is then beaten up by Shana Bayzler. Maybe not. Basically there’s every possibility WWE
are gonna mess this up. But they have made Io a pretty rad mask so
there’s that. Who doesn’t love a mask. And there are potential seeds of a first feud
forming on Twitter, with NXT’s biggEST mouth Bianca Belair calling Shirai: ‘just another
indie girl for me to be better than…’ Speaking of stars of Japanese Wrestling, 7
stars if you ask Meltzer, there’s talk that Kenny Omega could work with Impact in the
future. Now, a lot of this chat comes from Impact
executive Don Callis who recently appeared on Jim Ross’s Ross Report where the two
went into great depth on Omega. Callis said: “I’ve been on this journey
with Kenny Omega since he was a 16 year old kid who I booked. I gave him his first break
wrestling for the promotion I had in Winnipeg. And his uncle, The Golden Sheik, who was an
indie wrestler in Winnipeg helped train me in the business in 1989, so my roots with
Kenny go back many years. I’ve been on this journey with him, and specifically since I’ve
been in New Japan and we have a very close relationship.” Callis revealed that he helped put together
the match with Chris Jericho at Tokyo Dome and feels euphoric at Omegas victory over
Okada. And when pressed on the possibility of Kenny
appearing on Impact, Callis seemed positive: ‘I kind of say, ‘never say ‘never” and
I think that one of the things that we’ve been doing under Ed Nordholm here at Impact
is breaking some long standing paradigms of pro wrestling. The intellectual property stuff
that we’ve talked about before, but also we’ve been working with multiple people now.’ He then goes on to namedrop Taiji Ishimori’s
Bone Soldier as one example of cross promotional talent appearing on Impact. But Callis also reckons something will come
out of Chris Jericho’s cruise, the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea, besides of
course the brilliant signing of Ricky Steamboat, who is also potentially the venue. With Ring of Honor talent and Impact talent
all rubbing shoulders on this five day floating fiesta, you’ve got to expect some feuds
to spin out of this one, Callis defs does: “It’s going to be Impact and Ring Of Honor
on the same cruise ship, so there’s some stuff that’s probably going to happen and I don’t
think you can have those talents in a closed environment like that, so we are working,
in a sense if you take that, with Ring Of Honor right now.” So yeah, expect the sailing to be bumpy. What are the 10 Worst Finishers in WWE, find
out by clicking the link onscreen now. And give us a subscribe to stay up to date on
all the latest wrestling news. I’m now Oli Davis and that was wrestling.

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