Kazuchika Okada & Tetsuya Naito : WRESTLE KINGDOM 12 – 9TH MATCH post-match comment

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This isn’t a loss. I’ll keep trying until I win. Some wrestlers say stuff like this. I’m not like those guys. But I head the 3 count.
That’s the fact. But you think the winner is always
proven right. Isn’t that so? Of course I’m frustrated. Okada… the fans… they laughed at me
when I said I wanted to main even the Dome. But… This has been my dream since I was 15. This meant everything to me. I don’t care if people mock me.
This is what I fought for. So, today, I reached that goal. But that was the goal I set when I was 15. Now, I can set new goals Now I can dream as Naito, the wrestler. I’ll let you know what’s in store some other time. One thing I can say for now is… I’ll definitely return to this point again. So keep waiting for the
big L.I.J roll call at the Dome. Okay. I’ll be back at it tomorrow, at Korakuen. You guys will be there, right? See you guys at Korakuen, tomorrow. Hasta mañana. Adios. カズチカ! Good job. Well done. 良くやった。 レインメーカー、2018年のWrestle Kingdomも
お前がIWGPのチャンピオンだ。 またやってくれたな。 まだまだチャンピオンだ。 おめでとう。 Kampai! Kampai! TV Asahi here. Congratulations on your 9th defense. Give us your initial thoughts. Well… It’s my mission to keep having matches like this. You’ve main evented the Dome 4 years
in a row. Your thoughts? It feels great. The crowd is getting bigger and bigger each year. Main eventing the Dome… winning…
that’s something only I can do. Naito rode a surge of momentum into this match.
What is your opinion after defeating him? Naito is tremendous. I heard the enormous ovation
when he made his entrance. I could hear it from where I waited.
I thought… ‘shit’. But once we’re in the ring, none of that matters. I know Naito was lifted by the support he had. But the fact is that I’m stronger. I suppose your experience in this
position made the difference. But each time I’ve done this,
the experience has been unique. I have no idea who I’ll face next year,
in front of even more people. But I know that it’ll make me
grow even more as a wrestler. But it’s certain that it’ll be me
here again, next year. You said that the Naito has the
overwhelming fan support, But in victory, they cheered for you, as well.
Your feelings? Honestly, I wasn’t able to appreciate it. To me, it was just noise. I didn’t hear
either’s chant more than the other’s. I just heard the fact that they were into it. It sounded like a mix of joy and disappointment. What do you think the deciding factor
in your victory was? It’s my responsibility as champion
to defend this title, Naito was only concerned with
being in the main event. That’s the the difference in how we both
approached this match. I was completely fixated on the belt.
He wasn’t. But now, I don’t think being in the main event
is enough for him. He’ll become more greatly motivated
to take this belt from me. It’ll mean even more, if we fight
for this belt again, here in the Dome. It’ll mean something different
than just atoning for 4 years ago. Are you saying there’s a difference in
holding the title than chasing it? You mean, staying the champion? Naito says that he can shine
even without the title. It doesn’t make a difference to me.
He can keep shining. I don’t believe that only one person
can shine at a time. If he wants to keep doing his thing,
that’s fine. That goes for anyone. Tanahashi. Kenny. Just worry about yourself. What’s important, is that it’s me in the center
of it all. In the spotlight. Do whatever you want,
as long as it’s around me. Your thoughts on defending 9 times and becoming
the longest reigning champion. This was my 9th defense, huh? We’re getting into the double digits… This is the furthest I’ve gotten, right? Don’t any of you guys know this? Doesn’t anybody here know my history? So… That’s unbelievable. Go ahead. Look it up. I’ll wait. Which one of you will find the answer first? Which newspaper will it be? This is the furthest.
Thank you, ‘Weekly Pro-Wrestling’. I’ve now reached a new plateau. It wasn’t my original attention,
but now having double digits in my sights… It wasn’t my plan,
but now I can see the record of 11. That would be interesting, wouldn’t it? I’ll keep defending, but not to break records. Just as I said in the ring, I want to reach all of the fans.
And make them all satisfied. This is also the longest reign of this title,
you being its 65th holder. I only want to stay the champion,
it’s about more than just collecting records. My task is to keep holding onto this title,
through 2018 as well. You started the year off on the right foot. Your thoughts going forward? Didn’t I just say that? Well… Let’s see… The crowd today was the result of 2017.
It’s also a sign of their expectations. I want to make the greatness of New Japan
known all over the world. Thank you very much. People were shocked to see your new pants.
What was your reasoning behind changing your look? Reasoning? You always wore shorts before… Actually… I just wanted something new. I have always worn the same thing.
I just felt like switching it up. That’s why I made the change. Good? Thank you.

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  1. Naito should have won the iwgp heavyweight title! But I know for sure it's far from over for the ingobernable one!!! TRANQUILO!✋ ASSENAYO!!! adio!!!

  2. I'm just waiting for the New Year Dash Post-Match Interviews. :))) And Okada speaking like a true bad guy with the don't you know how many defenses I've had bit. 😂

  3. Love the storyline of Naito satisfied of only being in the main event and not was hungry enough to beat Okada, now he will desire more. That's what I love about NJPW, character development and every lost matter.

  4. "I heard the enormous ovation when he made his entrance. I could hear it from where I waited. I thought… 'shit'.
    – Kazuchika Okada 2018

  5. Nothing for nothing, but the way Naito came off in this promo and the way Okada came off, to me it feels like it's easier to get behind Naito. Naito seems like everyone that has dealt with disappointment and is just rebelling and getting revenge and on his way, accomplishing his dreams. Whereas Okada here just sounds a little stuck up. I get it, he's the champion, but there's nothing here that strikes me as he could relate to the people.I don't know, I just think eventually, Okada is gonna get more and more boos. Especially the more the american fans get on board of NJPW.

  6. I'm kind of afraid because I feel that whith the american fan base growing, it's going to start to be like with the WWE: people complaining about everything!!! they are already complaining about Okada and how "he has to look strong", come on, this is not WWE, he look strong because he is strong out there, in the ring, where it counts, probably the best in the world.
    So my problem is fans adapting the same attitude they have for wwe in NJPW

  7. Man, is Switchblade going to take anyone out from Chaos?? And we all know Naito should be champ. He’s the real Shuyaku. That’s why Jericho is gunning for Naito and not Okada.

  8. You need to realize something: history tells us that the "ace", "the man" of the company always wins at the Dome. Tanahashi went undefeated at the Dome from WK3 to WK10 where he finally passed the torch to Okada. I think Gedo sees it as a main component of the role of the Ace. And right now Okada is the ace and in fact this is "only" his third victory in a Tokyo Dome main event. Before this he beat Tanahashi and Omega, but lost to Tanahashi twice before that. So he was 2-2 in WK Main Events. Probably Gedo didn't feel comfortable with giving him another loss and the Dome. After all, Naito can rebound by beating Jericho and win the New Japan Cup to get another shot and beat him.

  9. One of my favourite things in njpw is the okada and yano relationship, he seems to have the power to just make okada lose his shit.

  10. Still great Match with homegrown awesome talent! im stoked to see what happend:) were can i buy my Chaos Shirt? 😛

  11. Why the fuck do NJPW wrestlers always drink Coors Lite? That’s not Beer, that’s water

  12. This is why New Japan is the best promotion in the world telling stories with pro wrestling. Initially I thought the Naito loss hurt him and was the wrong move. But just in these press conference interviews they are already telling the story about how maybe Naito was only obsessed with the spot and less concerned with being champion but now that isn't good enough and next time he faces Okada he's aiming to end his run as champion.

    You'd never see anything like this in WWE and even if they tried they'd likely bungle it.

  13. For all those Naito fans who believe Naito is gonna win the title again dont forget Omega,Tanahashi and Chris are all above him

  14. What is the point of Okada winning at the Tokyo Dome. He already broke the record's. If they wanted Okada to break Tanahashi title defense record they should have never let Naito won at Invasion attack 2016. This is pretty much the same story line they did with Tanahashi and Okada years back. Naito is 35 they should have pull the trigger there. If Okada loss his belt it looks like it will happen at dominion. From there Okada will win the G1 climax . And Okada will lose in the Tokyo Dome. This looks so predictable

  15. The story of Natio winning the championship is incomplete. He's still obsessed with being his old Stardust Genius self and with this loss he gets to grow even more to eventually become champion and blur the lines between Natio being face and Okada being his old cocky self. That's why the Jericho-Naito match is important. Jericho is the heel in this while Natio will be able to be face .

  16. for fuck sake, stop with all these complaints about Naito not winning. You guys, dont watch NJPW and expect to see WWE style story telling, its different. New Japan loves long ass story line that could take years. Stop moaning and bitching and stop comparing Okada to Roman, that is an insult to the Rainmaker.

  17. Both have main evented 4 last big events. Both are the golden boys of their company Kazuchika okada and roman reigns might wrestle one day. Wrestlmanias are trash now.

  18. いやchaosがチームとしての快挙を越えて代表のオカダカズチカがシングルで橋本、永田を超えてしまう器?いや例えが悪いかな。

  19. I've only semi been following NJPW for a few months now. What's with the Coors Light at every post press conference? lol

  20. 外道さんとロッキー仲悪いの?

  21. お酒じゃなくて水を飲む外道さんかわいい

  22. He’s the face of njpw and know everyone who fought him knew he would come out on top and get the three count

  23. It’s seem like Jericho the jerk is steeling a champ spotlight just to get a Tokyo doom match for 2019 vs niato

  24. スタミナ有るとは言いますが試合の後とは思えない程ハキハキしてますねー

  25. 内藤哲也負けて悔しいですよ。内藤哲也にベルト取って欲しかったです。内藤哲也超カッコ良いねぇ。これからも内藤哲也を応援します。やっぱりロスインゴ一番だぜぇ。

  26. オカダはやっぱり説得力あるなぁ🙄

  27. CHAOS人が多すぎてお祭りみたいになっとるw

  28. 個人的に自分はケニージェリコよりこっちの方が楽しかったな

  29. 内藤にベルトをとって欲しかったって言うよりも、メインで勝って欲しかった。内藤はベルトを持っていなくても輝ける選手だからあえてベルトをとらないで、ベルトがなくても、輝けるって所を見せて欲しかった。

  30. All those beers looked WARM…UGH. How the hell ya gonna serve the IWGP Champion and his stable WARM beers?!

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