Justice League vs Steppenwolf Final Battle (Part 1) | Justice League (2017) Movie Clip

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Is this what conquering is? Hiding from the fight? Oh, no. You’re all mine. – Thanks for the lift.
– Yeah, no problem. You got this? Whoa! These things are gonna
keep coming. Okay. You get technical,
I’m on bug duty. Let’s do it. Yes! That was gross! Oh… Thank you. This is… This is a lot. Now do you see it? Whatever you’re in the
middle of, it’s spreading for miles. Satellites show civilians
moving east. They’re not gonna make it. Barry. I need you to take a walk. God, I hope this is east. You’re not worthy
to touch Mother. She’s power, and power is the only law. You’re all too weak
to see the truth. Well… I believe in truth. But I’m also a big fan
of justice. All right. Kryptonian! So, how do I help? We buy him some time, he can stop that
box from destroying all life on Earth. We hope. Well, I knew you didn’t bring
me back ’cause you liked me. I don’t not… – Civilians.
– Barry’s headed… There’s too many of them. Come on.

100 thoughts on “Justice League vs Steppenwolf Final Battle (Part 1) | Justice League (2017) Movie Clip

  1. Its a shame that it will be rebooted (acording to some guy on facebook, i know, good source. But there will be a new batman, so) because all the actors were very good for their role, all very good.

  2. I like the voice of Steppenwolf it’s just I wish he was more powerful at least enough to take on Superman

  3. I didn’t even hate the fight it’s Superman that messed it up (not Henry’s fault) steppenwolf is like the same as darkseid he should be hard to take down and Wonder Woman snd aquaman are in Superman’s level usually so how does that work

  4. All i can think about is how these actors are being paid millions to be mediocre. Hollywood is so pathetic

  5. To be fair this is what man of steel haters wanted right no city destruction that gay ass Superman music a bright colorful fuck boy suit kid friendly characters and colorful shit CGI

  6. @0:55 how did batman save flash whilst flash was using the speed force?
    If Barry was travelling at superhuman speed then how was Bruce able to perceive this……

  7. 0:20 that is the moment that i like on Ezra Miller as The Flash but will be much better , if was Wonder Woman , Aquaman and Batman side by side moment and Face again SteepenWolf . Batman is a fight skills expert he just need his batarang , grappling gun and his Punch , i have no issue with Wonder Woman and Aquaman power level in final battle . I wish Ben Affleck fight SteppenWolf , he was much better in Tunnel Battle and Doomsday fight .

  8. I hate the Flash….well i hate THIS Flash. Normally the Flash is fucking awesome and isnt a stupid piece of shit. But this Flash is so fucking horrible i want to scream

  9. Shit movie. It sucks cause I remember how amazing the Justice League series from the early 2000s was.

    At least DC is getting their shit together now, WW, Aquaman, and Shazam were amazing.

  10. 1:08 Batman take Parademons gun and shoot at him but at 0:50 Batman also can see , The Flash in Speed Force so that mean Batman can beat SteppenWolf with his Research and knowledge . Is a mistake that Joss Whedon didn't add Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman , Jason Momma as Aquaman and Ben Affleck as Batman for fighting SteppenWolf . But for me Batman can use his fighting skills , Grappling Gun , Smoke and batarang as a weapon to help Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jason Momma as Aquaman . And Ezra Miller as The Flash should also push SteppenWolf with his Speed Force . This is my idea for how should Joss Whedon Cut final battle should be .

  11. Ok wtf are Dianna's sword and shield made of? They are taking the blows from steppenwolf head on and are not even scratched.

  12. PS3 graphics, and the only memorable part of the score was just lifted from the Christopher Reeves movie (which, by the way, had better effects than this by a good margin).

  13. Superman easily defeats Steppenwolf. Its just as usual. He is just assistant villain. Superman is far stronger than him and even can fight against his master Darkseid. Superman strength matches with his master Darkseid.

  14. What I don’t get is who’s the mother? Like what is she? What’s her background and also howcome the bad guy picked this place and why so far?? What does this place have so special?

  15. Justice League Tunnel Battle And Superman VS Justice league is much better than final battle , and I see something than people haven’t realize on Justice league it and that is Batman Knowledge And Cyborg Firepower Aquaman And Wonder Woman was the only strong one that can compare with Superman . In this life Action movie of Justice league but for real JL Final Battle should have Aquaman Trinity VS Steepenwolf and that is , Wonder Woman , Aquaman And Batman team up and fight Steepenwolf .

  16. I once defeated something that looked like that in a place called Azeroth. It was called an eredar and I was a restoration druid teamed up with a protection paladin, a fire mage, a fury warrior, and a shadow priest. That was after we had to first votekick the combat rogue who kept pulling aggro and standing in the aoe and attempting to votekick me because "healer sux". Then the shadow priest joined and it was a smooth run.

  17. Batman – Arm Spikes , Grappling Hook / Gun , Batarang And Trap Step Up is what ( Justice League ) final battle Need it , cause that is the real power moment of Batman and Arm Spikes is for protect him self for weapon like axe and sword 🗡. Like Steepenwolf and Deathstroke If Joss Whedon Cut final battle have Aquaman Trinity , VS Steepenwolf and Ben Affleck Script jade Arm Spikes And Batarang including trap set up final battle could have a better reactions from fans . Like Wonder Woman use her sword to attack Steepenwolf Aquaman Back Up Wonder Woman And use his Trident Cut Steepenwolf skin , and Batman use kung fu fight skills and again Arm Spikes And Batarang For Fight Stop Steepenwolf attack Cyborg for Mother Box , “ people gonna like be like wow I can’t believe Batman can do that ” .

  18. This is how 2017 Joss Whedon Cut Of ( Justice league ) should be

    1 – Batman use his Arm Spikes , Grappling Hook / Gun , Batarang And trap set up for trick Steepenwolf

    2 – Batman back up Wonder Woman And Aquaman – Aquaman Trinity VS Steepenwolf

    3 – The Flash Push Steepenwolf And Save Justice League

    4 – Superman back up at the end right after The Flash VS Steepenwolf

    5 – than Justice League back up Cyborg for control Mother Box

  19. I really don’t get it if you are a marvel only fan why bother watching? And serious enough with the Superman hate if you don’t like him fuck off to one of the 10,000 other hero’s out there.

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