Josh Alber, UNI Wrestling – 2018 Senior

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Midlands. Alright, here
now is a story on a senior Josh Alber looking
to have a big 2019. 141 pound senior Josh
Alber is closing in on 100 career victories and is
poised to get back to his 3rd NCAA Tournament in
2019. His teammates are excited to see what he can
accomplish in his final season. Big Josh Alber
wrestling fan. He’s passionate about people,
wrestling, and kind of just seeing him grow in more
ways than one. Big move guy. A couple big duals in
the last couple of years he has gotten that big
move that makes us win the dual and gets the fans
pumped up so whenever you need something he can pull
it out of the hat and get it done so it is nice
having a guy like that to rely on. Alber is a
natural team leader. I’m going to miss him as it
is his senior year. I’ve always looked up to him.
I’m excited to really get on the stand, win a
national title, and do his thing. Last season Josh
moved up a weight class to 141 and finished 3rd at
the Big 12 Championships. But he wasn’t pleased with
how his season ended. That is why he is so motivated
to finish his career on a positive note. 5 years of
training at an elite level with Doug Schwab, Max
Thomsen, Joe Colon a world medalist now, Dylan Peters
and guys like that who I have been able to train
with so it is just like putting everything that
I’ve learned over the past 4-5 years together and
it’s just time to put everything into practice.
It doesn’t do any good to just bank it up you have
to put it into practice and I have everything that
I need to put it into practice so it is just a
matter of that really. A 4 time high school state
champion from Dakota, Illinois, Josh will leave
UNI a married man, with a college degree and many
wrestling accomplishments. Coming to UNI has been one
of the best decisions of my life you know I was
being recruited by a few other schools that had
better faculties and things not that our
facilities are bad but the Big 10 schools none of
them on their coaching staff were able to really
connect with me like Doug and Mark Schwab and Tolly
Thompsen. Even though the coaching staffs have
changed a little bit Doug and Randy Pugh and Roper,
B-Rob are really like family figures to me and
father figures to me and they just made me a better
man since I have been here. Eric: Still to come, we
look at the upcoming schedule for the UNI
wrestling program and we’ll bring you our 2nd
part holiday story with UNI student athletes. This
is Panther Sports Talk!

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