Jon Jones’ beef with Daniel Cormier has fights, death threats, and sex pills

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– This beef has almost everything. A clear origin story,
real sanctioned fighting, real unsanctioned fighting,
endless Twitter roasts, a moderate amount of drugs. The one thing missing is an ending, which at this point, might never come. (electronic music) The stage was set at UFC
121 in October of 2010. Jon Jones and Daniel
Cormier were backstage waiting for the Cain
Velasquez/Brock Lesnar main event. Our fighters had never met
and all Jones seemed to know about Cormier was that he wrestled. So when Jones approached
DC, he lead with that. He’d later say this meeting was
in hopes of making a friend. He wanted to just goof around backstage, but when he said this, any possible good intentions were lost. In less time than it took Velasquez to knock out Lesnar later that night, the MMA world got a
big slab of fresh beef. Now I won’t claim to have been in either of these guys’ heads, let alone present for the interaction, but regardless of intent,
it’s clear how this conversation could take
things from zero to 60. Jon Jones did have his facts straight. Daniel Cormier had always
been a great wrestler. He was an All-American at Oklahoma State, he took fourth place at the 2004 Olympics, he was named Team Captain
of the 2008 Olympic Team. The dude was very good. He didn’t even start training in MMA until after those second Olympics, and debuted with Strikeforce
at the age of 30. So Cormier was still on his
long, non-traditional path to the UFC with Jones approached
him for the first time. A young fighter on the rise,
cocky enough to tell Cormier he didn’t know who he was
and could take him down. It could do extra damage
to the psyche of someone still trying to make
their name in the sport. And compared to DC, Jones
didn’t have much left to prove. He was, in industry terms, hot shit. Jones made his MMA
debut before turning 21. Four months later, he
was fighting in the UFC. In less than two years after that, Dana White was talking
about how Jones deserved a step-up in competition. On a fast track to the belt,
it wasn’t wild for Jones to have thought other fighters would want to be friends with him. He just went about it wrong, and while time heals
wounds, it just ages beef. At the 2011 World MMA Awards, Jones, now the UFC’s Light Heavyweight champ, let a potential sponsor
know he wouldn’t sign on if the brand also pursued Cormier. DC got word of this, and
stopped Jones as he was leaving to find out what was up. According to the sponsor,
Jones was no longer looking for friendship
and Cormier made it clear that he was sick of feeling disrespected. Our guys proved this
wouldn’t be a one-time thing. Jumping ahead a little
bit, I have to shout out one of the sponsors of
this video, Twitter. Twitter, the cesspool that everyone uses. Jones took to social
media and sub-tweeted DC about his weight ahead
of Cormier’s UFC debut. Conveniently enough,
Cormier had a microphone when he responded. – [Cormier] Jon, he
can walk off the street whatever he weighs now and
we can get in the Octagon. Let’s fight at any weight, Jon, you and I. – Jones doubled down
and talked about how DC wasn’t fighting for the right reasons, before making it clear that he wasn’t sweating anything Cormier related. It’s important to note that at this point, these two were in
different weight classes. So technically, they really
weren’t relevant to one another. That got fixed. In September 2013, Jones
defeated Alexander Gustafsson in a tough fight to defend the belt. The following July, a rematch was set, scheduled for roughly a
year after the first one. But just a couple weeks
following the announcement, Gustafsson tore a meniscus while training. Almost immediately, Cormier
got tagged to fill in, and was quickly forecasting
his own championship. DC’s chance at the belt was presented just five months after he dropped
down to light heavyweight. To celebrate the play
date, Jones DM’ed Cormier and expressed his
excitement for the fight. A week later, they
traded the virtual world for the meat world and they, come on guys, you didn’t let me finish my line. Okay, yeah, so in their
first appearance together to promote the fight, they fought. Spilling off the stage, they proved that they
weren’t joking around. But with that out of their system, they went back to training, no, nevermind, they both
went straight to Twitter. In the first round, Jones
caught Cormier early, but DC did what Jones could
not and actually tagged @JonnyBones in his comeback. Getting a combo in before Jones responded and managed to give us the perfect segue. One of those interviews
put them together again on the very same day, no less. And while ESPN made sure to
keep them in separate rooms, they also knew better than
to kill their microphones after their SportsCenter interview. Those hot mics resulted in
more threats between the pair, highlighted by Cormier calling Jones out for being fake, wishing
he could spit in his face before Jones threatened
to straight up kill DC. – I actually admire that you
can actually be this fake and when the TV comes on,
how you can just change. It’s like you’re a chameleon! I wish they would let me next door so I can spit in your bleeping face. – You know I would absolutely kill you if you ever did something
like that, right? – You could never kill me. – Oh, I bet you I could. – Then you should try, Jon. – [Will] Next up for Jones was
an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel where, of all things, he
decided to mock Cormier’s fourth place finish in the Olympics. And unintentionally, gave
DC a perfect opportunity to gain some ground in the Twitter feud. They once again shared a stage
and as their hatred flowed, it took the fighters down a beef-filled, yet more sensual path. – I’m gonna make him my wife. (laughing)
(cheering) – Not that kind of
presser, let’s move on– – You’re gonna be Mrs.
Jones for the night. – That is not true. – [Will] Barely a week
after the brawl in Vegas, it was announced we’d have a
longer wait for the real thing. – Jones tore his meniscus while training and required surgery. The fight shifted to January 3rd, and it became easier for both guys to contain their composure
after the fines came down for their earlier encounter. And once the night
came, it all poured out. They went the distance, Jones
won by unanimous decision, and Cormier received the
first blemish on his record. And not that he needed
the win to talk trash, but Jones laid it on after the fight. He reiterated how he
knew Cormier would break. How DC wasn’t a challenge for him. How he still had no respect for him, and looked forward to beating him again. As for Cormier, he
simply vowed to get back for another title shot. But because nothing’s easy with these two, news broke that Jones had tested positive for cocaine leading up to the card. Since that isn’t a banned substance outside of competition, though, the fight had been
allowed to go as planned. ‘Cause you know, it’s
just a little cocaine. It’s not something really bad
like steroids or marijuana. Jones entered rehab and
showed he could tackle anything in record time. In the following days,
fighters and journalists piled on the decision to
let the fight carry on. Cormier though, was respectful of Jones and looked at the bigger picture. At least, for now. He’d get another chance
to criticize the champ after Jones’ car was found
at the scene of a crash where he had collided with a vehicle driven by a pregnant
woman, then fled the scene. Police found weed, cash and a noteworthy amount
of condoms in the car, along with papers linking
the vehicle to Jon Jones. – I wonder if this
is that fighter’s car? – [Cop] Who? – Jon Jones? – [Will] He was immediately
stripped of the belt, given an indefinite suspension, and as an extra twist of the knife, Cormier took his place
in an upcoming fight against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, which was now for the vacated
Light Heavyweight title. DC won the belt with a third
round rear-naked choke, and successfully defended
it against Gustafsson in October 2015. By then, Jones had
returned from suspension and a rematch was in the works. He jumped on Twitter to
celebrate his reinstatement and had eyes for only one man. We got our first back-and-forth in awhile as they discussed meeting
up, which included a more-than-likely Photoshop by Cormier and an exchange that did
nothing but remind us of their disdain. They finally got a time
and place lined up. April 23rd, 2016 at UFC 197. And we got a lightning round of beef. Jones crotch-chopped Cormier
at a press conference, then went on the MMA Hour
to call Cormier a coward. Cormier went on Twitter to
show that Jones was the coward, calling him a junkie,
told him not to associate with various horses, and
countless other things. Jones actually had a great response. Then gave Cormier advice for how
to avoid toxic shock syndrome. And then, because I guess we were all good and deserved an extra serving,
Cormier injured his foot. That pushed the fight back to July, and while it gave the
chance for more flames, Jones actually offered
his support to Cormier. Although, he still hadn’t learned how to actually tweet at someone. They’ve jawed a long time, and
they fought once officially, more times unofficially, maybe
they finally turned a corner. And maybe we can all go back to normal. Sike! Fights off. Three days before UFC 200,
Jones was pulled from the fight due to doping violations. Various banned substances had
been found in his A sample. And Dana White had the fun
task of telling Cormier. By now, with everything both
fighter had gone through, Cormier took the news hard. The UFC filmed the interaction
backstage as DC offered to sign a waiver, do whatever he could to make this fight happen. – Following the news, Jones stated he never took an illegal
substance and apologized to Cormier for the fight being called off. Cormier described the
fight as “snake-bitten”, and put their feelings
aside as he called Jones one of the most talented
people he’d ever seen. Once the B-sample came back also positive, Jones received a one-year suspension. Even though USADA at this point had found that the failed results were
due to contaminated pills used to treat erectile dysfunction. So tainted Cialis, suspension. Marijuana, suspension. Just stick to cocaine, kids. Jumping ahead six months
and Cormier took his turn to pour goof fuel on this beef. At weigh-ins ahead of his
rematch with “Rumble” Johnson, he missed weight by just over a pound. When given a second chance
three minutes later, he made weight. He also grabbed hold of the privacy towel. But I’m sure after the respect shown between Jones and Cormier,
something so innocuous didn’t even, okay, Jones called it “one of the dirtiest things
he’d ever seen in sports.” Beef’s back on. DC took to Twitter to deny the
towel helped him make weight, and Jones jumped in to share his dreams. Cormier responded with
an actually good joke that even Jones had to respect, before tacking on one of his own. After Cormier once again handled Johnson, the UFC set up a new
rematch, just over a year after the previous failed attempt. And as promotion for the event ramped up, the boys returned to form. The next time they saw each other, they nearly recreated the Vegas brawl, which thankfully, fellow fighter Michael Cheisa recorded backstage. Once the presser actually began, Jones, who was still suspended
from throwing real punches, dropped this word bomb. – I beat you after a weekend of cocaine. – [Will] This was a theme of the event. – You look like a
crackhead with a suit on. – I could look like a
crackhead with a suit on, but I’ve never been a
crackhead like you, though. (laughing)
(gasping) So you can say I look like
one, but I’ve never been one! – And Cormier understandably had doubts about the rematch even happening. – [Cormier] Is this guy
gonna mess this up again by doing steroids, or snorting cocaine, or sandblasting prostitutes? – [Will] He expanded on this while talking to Ariel
Helwani after the presser. – He tested positive for those two things, his brother tested positive
for the same two things, the same exact time. There are just so many reasons to believe that he had been cheating. – [Will] And while it did
provide fodder for trash talk, there was some fear behind
why Cormier brought this up. He didn’t want Jones to fail a test or do anything to miss the card. Despite holding the belt,
Cormier in the eyes of many, needed this fight as much
as, if not more than Jones. He still faced the uphill
battle of proving himself. And people weren’t shy
about reminding him of it. – [Fan] When you look at DC,
is he a legitimate champion, is that the real belt over there? – [Jones] Freak no! He never beat me, he never beat me, so the belt that he has over
there, it’s an imaginary belt. I messed up outside of the Octagon, I got that taken away from me, but they guy’s never beaten me. In order to be the champion,
you have to beat the champion. He can fight all the other light
heavyweights that he wants, he can beat every light heavyweight. Until he beats me, that belt
over there is a piece of shit. – [Will] As for Jones, he
also just wanted to regain the belt and move on. For all he said, he didn’t
seem to have any more issues with DC other than that’s
who he had to beat. And on July 29th, he did just that. Jones stopped Cormier in the third round, and with a second win,
it felt like everyone could finally get past this. Joe Rogan interviewed DC in the Octagon immediately following the loss, and fighting through tears,
he put the rivalry to bed. – If he wins both fights,
there is no rivalry so I don’t know. – Jones spoke about how
tough it was to see Cormier like that after all he’d gone through, and praised the work that
he’d done for the sport. Cormier congratulated Jones
for the win on Instagram, and while no one was shying
away from a third fight, even Jones said DC didn’t need it in order to be proud
of the career he’s had. And that’s the end of the beef. Definitely nothing else ha… Why are you still filming? – [Producer] Just read the script! – [Will] Less than two
weeks after the rematch, Jones was flagged for a
potential doping violation from a test sample
leading up to the fight. Once both samples returned
positive for an anabolic steroid, he was again suspended and
the belt returned to Cormier as the result was changed to no-contest. DC offered his support and encouraged everyone to do the same
instead of jumping on Jones. As the cycle repeated once again, Cormier’s attitude seemed to finally shift. Whether it was because he was
getting close to 40 years old or he was tired of sweating
what he couldn’t change, he spoke about not needing
to justify what he’d done. He was happy and secure with it all. And while the idea of a
third fight against Jones clearly was on his mind, he stopped viewing it as a necessity. The table had turned where Jones now needed the rematch more. He wanted to prove that
he could beat Cormier straight-up with no asterisk. He sought out Cormier on Twitter, or took every chance he got
to call him out in interviews, but since Jones was suspended,
Cormier had the luxury of not worrying about it. That also meant he could speak openly about how highly he thought of Jones. Speaking of his struggles, more
like a father than a troll. Which when in reference to a grown man you’re not related to,
might be one of the greatest troll jobs you can pull
off, but it’s hard to tell intentions with these two. Cormier added a second
belt to his collection, doing something that Jones had never done. And while filming UFC
Tonight on Fox Sports, he spoke about how that
essentially allowed him to look in the rear
view mirror at a fighter still waiting to be reinstated. – I’m the UFC double champion, right? I have bosses in the back,
and I’m talking about this guy because I have to, I’ve moved passed that. – [Will] He also went
out of his way to talk about how USADA didn’t
have to worry about him failing a test leading up to his fights. – When it comes to USADA, they can’t come to my
house anymore at 6 a.m. I mean, what’s the point? They’ve been to my house 15 times, enough, USADA don’t come to my house
anymore, you don’t need to. You don’t need to come,
I’m not gonna fail a test, I’m not gonna make any mistakes, I’m not gonna have to sit up there and go “I’m serious this time, guys!” – [Will] That got Jones
fired up, who thankfully has an outlet for this sort of thing. Jones’ suspension ended
partially thanks to good behavior displayed by him helping USADA
find other guilty parties and Cormier, who is totally
over Jones at this point, had some congratulatory remarks. DC relinquished his
Light Heavyweight title before the UFC could
take it away from him. And a couple days after it became vacant, Jones would win back the belt. He celebrated by immediately
calling out Cormier, shaming him for giving
up what he had just won. – What guy just gives up his belt because somebody else made it home? Daddy’s home, DC. – [Will] This got a rise out
of DC because of course it did. It’s endless. We could go into every tweet
storm they’ve fired off at each other, or every
interview question answered for no reason other than
laying on a fresh insult, but it’s a cycle cursed to repeat itself. So much had to be glossed
over or left out of this story because it’s a routine neither of them seems to completely want to get away from. And these are two of the greatest fighters in a generation of great fighters. But thanks to self-sabotage
and happy trigger fingers, we’re talking about this. To me, this all feels like two guys who had paths so different,
that they couldn’t relate to each other, and therefore, couldn’t see their own similarities. But considering they’ll be linked forever, they have a bit of time
to either sort things out, or muddy them further. If you like your beefs decided by punches, then I think you’ll enjoy the Red Wings and Avalanche beef history. Or check out this other
video that might be more up your alley. Subscribe to SB Nation, we’ll see you soon.

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