John L. Sullivan: Bare Knuckle Champion: (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

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In the early morning hours of February the 7th 1882 [a] train leaves, New Orleans hidden for an undisclosed location [loaded] [with] over 1,000 enthusiastic [fag] fans anxious to see to bare-knuckle fighters That iran was recognized as the boxing champion of the world Although in those days there was no such official title it was all done on reputation His challenger was a 23 year old newcomer by the name of John L Sullivan Bare-knuckle boxing was considered to be a brutal sport There was no set number [of] rounds fighters simply fought until they could Winners was the last man standing The rings were roped off, but there was no canvas they fought on bare ground Thousands of Dollars changed hands, you simply place your bet on your [men] to win [fat] fans and gamblers come from all over to see the much publicized fight Playwright Oscar wilde is said to have been on the train coming all the way from Europe another passenger traveling under an assumed name Was the Most wanted Outlaw Jesse James? He’ll be assassinated At his home in St.. Joseph, Missouri only two months after this fight Byron Nickel fighting was Outlawed in most States This is why even the passengers had no idea where they were headed The only knew that it would be within 200 miles of New [Orleans] the location was changed several times and the governor of Louisiana said that he would declare martial law and Call out the Militia in order to stop the fight the chosen town was Mississippi city on the gulf coast between New Orleans and mobile It’s now a part of gus the train stopped at this Depot and the fans walked a few blocks south Behind The City Hall The ring was already set [up] when the train arrived It was located on the grounds of the Barnes hotel Among the Live Oaks it was located to here and what was 108 East Beach Boulevard, [it’s] [now] an empty lot located between Texas and Arkansas Street both fighters put up [$2,500] each from their supporters it was Winner-take-all the Editor of the Police Gazette Richard K. Fox was back in Patty Rag Also at Stake was the reputation of his magazine Fans [would] Gather around the fighters on the front lawn of the Barnes hotel Women and more wealthier fans would watch the bout from the hotel, Balcony thousands of people paid from one to five dollars to watch the fact Some around the ring and others climb the oak trees It was the first time that women were allowed [to] watch a professional fight the Match started with high hopes on both sides It was estimated that from one to two [hundred] thousand dollars changed hands Even though bare-knuckle fighting was illegal Local law officers were not about to try and stop thousands of Diehard fans Determined to see this fact Petty Ron had been considered the American Champion ever since he had defeated Joe goss and a Blood-splattered 87 round bout two years earlier in 1880 [he’s] been said that after the Gulf’s ran fact both men were so disfigured that they couldn’t be recognized as The [Sylvan] Ryan Match started it became quite apparent that Sullivan would dominate the fight in the first round Sullivan Dec ran with a right to the head under [the] rules the round ended when someone was knocked down The next few rounds Ryan was knocked down several times the fifth round by and managed to put Sullivan on his knees and by the nats Realm Ryan’s jaw was swelled and his eyes were black and almost closed Sullivan was strode to the ground once which was legal in those days the Match Will end in the ninth round [when] Sullivan lands of knockout blow a Reporter used to [turn] knockout the first time ever Describing what happened to Petty [ran] in the last round the total Match lasted only 26 minutes The Winner John L. Sullivan will take the prize [of] $5,000 After the fight both fighters will go to their rooms at the barnes hotel only a few hundred feet from the ring John L. Lay down to rest and Catch his breath, but had no apparent injuries The doctors checked and found at petit Rang had cuts about his eyes His [lips] were split and swollen his nose was swollen and broke he was exhausted in the Next [years] to come the two fighters will have several glove Matches with Sullivan always winning on one occasion Sullivan even shared his winnings with the near destitute Petty, right? In the next Few Years Sullivan will successfully defend his title fighting exhibition bouts and taking on all comers during this time Richard Fox Editor of the Police gazette Was continually looking for a fighter that could beat Sullivan? He believed that he had found the right man in Jake Kilrain He knew that [Jarnell] was not trained that he was gaining weight and spending too much time in the local saloons Drinking way too much Although Sullivan didn’t want to fight kilrain the police gazette said that he was afraid of losing Sullivan was forced by public opinion to fight To everyone’s surprise he started training The biggest problem was his trainers had to find him Sometimes after he had slipped off from the training camp to the local saloons No, one could believe that the old champ could ever get in shape for the fight now this is [Jhanelle] on the trip right before the kill rain fight and Notice his five foot ten inch frame Wide shoulders and barreled chest in the early morning hours of 8 july 1889 seven Years after the Sullivan and Petty rain Belt at Mississippi City again a special train loaded with fight fans leaves New Orleans in the early morning hours [the] [Governor] of Louisiana Station military Militia along the train stops in order to prevent a fight Around 10:00 a.m. fans [Will] [Gather] at Colonel Charles w rich’s Sawmill in Richburg Mississippi three Miles south of [Heavies] burg [by] Gathered to see the last world champion bare-knuckle boxing match to be held in the United States at 10:00 a.m. Marion County Sheriff Wi Coward Step before the crowd and read a proclamation from the governor of Mississippi To halt the fight. He said he’d be back later, but he had some important business to do right now and left 20 workers worked through the net by torchlight To complete the stands for the fans out of sawmill lumber from Carl Rich’s Sawmill Newspapers from Los Angeles to New York was waiting for news beds were being placed all [over] the country Dodge City Marshall Turned Sportswriter Bat Masterson Was on hand as a timekeeper? The Fad was fought in blistering 104 Degree Heat this brutal bare-knuckle Combat will last for 75 rounds it will Take [2] hours and 16 minutes to determine who the winner will be Now this is a picture of the beginning of the first round During the fight there were 24 knock downs 7 throw downs and 26 times kill ring took his knees Now this is kill ring on his knees At the 44th round kill reigns fans took heart when Sullivan begin throwing up [Til] rain made an offer to someone to call a match a draw Sullivan said no he knew a draw would mean that he would no longer be accepted as champ Both fighters were drinking whiskey mixed with teeth to keep down paint But Sullivan had been on the wagon and his stomach wasn’t ready for whiskey [sicut] his stomach beside continued at the end of the 75th round both fighters were exhausted and bleeding Sullivan’s hen had swollen twice, it’s normal size His eyes were black and his left ear was bleeding kilrain was in such bad shape That doctors told his manager your men will die if he continues fight Jarnell Sullivan had successfully defended his title once again Sullivan will hold the title of last bare-knuckle champion and first club champion for 10 years Kilrain is said to have left the ring Crane also Morphine was administered for pain fans and fighters returned to the [train] because the governor had offered a [reward] for the two fighters Sullivan was arrested in Nashville and Kilrain was arrested in Baltimore. They were brought back to Mississippi for trial Sullivan was found guilty of illegal fighting and sentenced to one year in Jail the verdict was overturned and he paid a fine of $500 kilrain received a too much jail sentence which [colonel] rich paid and It allowed him to stay at Kerr [Riches] home for the bout it took place Jake Kilrain will continue fighting for [a] while, but he’ll never fight for a championship again He will lose popularity and take menial jobs after his Baltimore saloon burns His last job will be a night Watchman at a quincy, Massachusetts Shipyard He’ll pass away in 1937 at The Age of 78 but not before he serves as Paul [beare] to his old foe John L. Sullivan After [the] fact john [L]. Will continue doing tours and even performing on the stage He’ll become the first real American Sports Celebrity in 1892 out of shape and getting older Sullivan will to defend his ground Gentleman Jim Corbett will knock out the champion the eighth round Sullivan Stated I Came to the ring once too often in His career he will fight over 400 times in exhibition in full sights This would be considered unbelievable nowadays on February the 2nd 19 and 18 in abington Massachusetts, John Large Sullivan will succumb to his years of overindulgence in food hard liquor and too many hard knocks Although he made mediums during his fighting career. He was generous with his money John L. Sullivan dies at the age of 59 With only ten dollars in his pocket you

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  1. Wow! Listen to this guy, the amazing voice of 19th Century USA right there. You could build several interstate railroads on the energy and passion in that voice alone! It has to be one of the best historical narrations I have ever heard about the sweet science.

  2. Jack Johnson went into a bar where j sullivan was and habed 5000 dollars to the bartender then turned to j sullivan and said that the money is ihis if he goes in the cellar with him and then if he can get back up the srairs. John sullivan didn't fight him because he would have been sparked out. Later in the ring when Jack Johnson finally got him there, Jack Johnson battered him.

  3. A very good and interesting video. I suspect that not many of the world champions in boxing would stand a chance against Sullivan and his opponents. The only three I can mention are Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Mike Tyson. These guys would take the fight to their opponents whereas Ali and others are cautious and take too much punishment.

  4. O sullivan was a clown his whole career has always been in question he point blank refused to fight black fighters.

  5. Whatever nationality had the most ghetto trash in any given moment of History always had the best boxers. In the late 1800s and early 1900s the Irish we're look down upon and were most prevalent as ghetto trash

  6. Why was/is, bare knuckle fighting illegal? Sounds like fans got their money’s worth back then. No pillows fights. 75 rounds!

  7. Does any one have a picture of the other two sides of the grave stone piller. The front side shows his parents the left side shows John & his siblings, i would like to know if there are any other names on the other two sides or are they plank. Thanks

  8. I share my last name with John L. When I was a young boy lots of people would refer to John L when I told them my name. But that was a long time ago. Now you don't here much about John L anymore. That's for doing this video. I can't wait to share where the term knock out started in boxing.

  9. Mr. Sullivan should be voted toughest man in the U.S. no doubt about it . Wonder what he was like in school . Probably pounded some bullys lol

  10. THE SONS OF HIRBERNIA RULED AMERICA IN BOXING UNTIL THEY GOT OUT OF THE GHETTOS you can chart the emigrants of America fighting until late prosperity 😂

  11. Come to Ireland to see real bare knuckle fighting..tough men..real fighting.mcgregor wouldn't stand a chance.40 year old men back then looking for a reason to make money from a fight…40 year old now checking hair in the mirror

  12. I am surprised it didn't mentioned about John L. Going into taverns and slamming his fist down on the counter and yelling out that he could lick any S.O.B in the house. I was thinking when he lost to Corbett it was the 21st round he was stopped in. This guy said the 8th. It would have been the first Heavyweight title fight under Marquis or Queensbury rules. The story I always herd when John L. Was throwing up against Kilrain was that he was throwing up the water, he said later he kept the whiskey down.

  13. There's a story about John Sullivan that connects with my family. I'd love to share and learn more about your research. Is there a way of messaging you in private? Thanks!

  14. Bravo, bravo!!! Sir, you did these men a great justic with that excellent narration of their life. Your documentary was captivating from start to finish. Please make more videos.

  15. Drinking whiskey in tea in 104 degree MS heat for 75 rounds then a shot of morphine…….I'm surprised they didn't die of heat stroke and dehydration.

  16. Over 400 fights, some past 75 rounds! …NASA astronauts of the 1960s probably have direct lineage to these supermen.

  17. Wonderful, informative history lesson about the great man. Well put together – and with a truly talented narrator! 🙂

  18. Question, why has not a great movie been made already about the life of John L.? Surprised John Wayne never got a crack at that role.

  19. It was 100 degrees here today. To imagine anyone attending an outdoor fight, let alone fighting in one for 75 rounds in 104 degrees to me is something I can't wrap my head around. Unbelievable.

  20. I knew an old man that traveled around during the Great Depression fighting bare knuckle. He was a tough old man.

  21. Joln l sullavin was to boxing what babe ruth was to baseball,when you think of it joln l sullavin had to be the toughest man ever to fight ,can you imagine going 75 rounds with these brutes!i read somewhere that there was a match that went 144 rounds the longest ever i believe !I cant imagine ghe contestants not dieing!who in the hell could take that kind of punishment and live,these old guys were tougher than steel !!

  22. This guy talkin has to be from Georgia I’d bet money on it… I can usually identify different state dialects..

  23. You did a wonderful job, and helped me to remember something and someone once giant in America, now almost forgotten.    Thank you.

  24. Now if. Mr. Jerry Skinner was my high school history teacher, I wouldn't have cut class after smoking weed, I would have smoked in time so I could be early for class!😂😂😂

  25. I'm looking for some other news clippings or other findings regarding Jesse James at Sully's fight but can't find anything. Hope you can share some more detail.

  26. Hollywood has no originality any longer. Makes unwanted sequels or reboots. Here's a true story that could easily be made into an awesome movie. But, Hollywood won't ever touch it.

  27. Yep, John L an old school American all the way. Very well put together and the narration was perfect. Thank you so much.

  28. In the 1940's my mom and dad talked about John L Sullivan and Joe Louis .i was so little I didn't understand any of it,but remember the names

  29. Whatt another great documentary…I am Swiss, but I can so clearly understand Jerrys southern language…I love it; I see every of his documentarys I can find…It is awesome how he is able to bring up unknown facts on every story we thought we knew all about it…
    Awesome work, Jerry…apreciate every story You are providing! Thanks…

  30. he was Scared of Black Fighters the first to draw the color line refusing to let blacks challenge for the title..

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