Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai vs Boxing & Wrestling

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hey guys what is going on mark here from
superhuman fitness and today I’m gonna be answering a question and as you guys
can tell by the title this question basically issued you do Brazilian
jiu-jitsu and muy Thai or should you do boxing and wrestling right and answering
this question I might take it from the standpoint that you have no previous
martial arts experiences at all right so we’re gonna stay no previous martial
arts experience and you’re asking in terms of actually self-defense right so
first of all I’m gonna say keep an open mind that’s the first thing I wanna say
right all martial arts work but not all of the martial arts works in all
situations if that makes sense for example like if you take Brazilian
jiu-jitsu like only – only a couple moves of Brazilian jiu-jitsu it’s
actually gonna be able to work in a street fight you won’t be able to do
every single move that you’ve practiced in Brazilian jiu-jitsu it’s always gonna
be the basics of a martial art that’s gonna be basically universal if that
makes sense so that being said I would learn everything if you can on I would
learn some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu some muy Thai some boxing some wrestling it was a
fight between Matt Hughes and hen’s Oh Gracie right and this is back in the
beginning of the UFC Matt Hughes was a top-level top tier wrestler right he was
a really really good wrestler and then hen’s Oh Gracie is a top-level black
belt jiu-jitsu guy right and these guys are
fighting right so we got top-level wrestler top-level jiu-jitsu guy right
and before this fight all these guys are talking about how it’s gonna be a bunch
of grappling using this flyouts and be a really awesome display of grappling at
the end of the fight guess how much grappling was used zero Matt Hughes
basically the whole fight Matt Hughes kept it on his feet you just kick hens
Oh in the legs keep kicking em keep kicking him keep
kicking him until hensel’s legs literally could not contain his own way
and he just collapsed on the ground that’s when the judge calls it off no
grappling at all top to top level grapplers and not a single bit of
grappling was used so that is what I mean you should learn everything because
just a mix so learning one martial art say you’re pure grappler if you come in
contact with a pit with not I’m not going to say pure like if you’re if
you’re a pure grap and you come in contact of somebody who
knows just a little bit of grappling and then he’s a striker you’re dead you need
to learn everything you need to learn everything so back to the question which
two should you learn I would say if you’re starting like I said learn
everything if you can but if you’re starting I would say Brazilian jiu-jitsu
and muy Thai and the reason being is because that opens a higher arsenal
bigger arsenal of weapons if that makes sense so for wrestling and boxing
they’re great martial arts don’t get me wrong the basics of a martial art I want
to say is like distance right so it’s gauging your distance for example in
boxing right uh you need to have a perfect distance and get that flush shot
you know what I’m saying same thing with Muay Thai same thing
with even jiu-jitsu you need to have good distance you need to have good
angles you need to be able to control everything and that transfers over into
real fight that’s one of the basics of a fight
you see Conor McGregor getting those perfect times you’ll keep his hand out
as soon as if somebody gets right ready to snap get that knockout he’s really
really good at that it’s all timing gauging your distance so the reason like
I said jiu-jitsu and my tie is because like I said it opens up a wider arsenal
Muay Thai boxing doesn’t allow you to kick neither does wrestling right but
more Thai you’re allowed to kick you’re allowed to use your elbows your knees
it’s called the art of the eight weapons right so you got your fists your elbows
you got your knees you got your kicks right brutal brutal more strong you also
got your more Thai clinch is more Thai isn’t really a grappling art but a more
Thai clinch is if you don’t know anything about grappling even some
grapplers you can’t really get out of it because the way more Thai clinch works
is your you’re gonna have gloves on and Muay Thai right but even if you’re not
in you’re in self-defense situation like we’re talking about Muay Thai clinch
you’re putting your hands basically you get in the clinch
you have your hands behind your opponent’s head and not your neck and
not their neck their head so the difference if you’re holding someone
from their neck they could use their back muscles to get up right but if
you’re holding something from their head you have to use your neck muscles so you
grab their head and you’re pulling down and you can use your knees you’re
needing them to the head to the kidneys you
it’s brutal brutal martial art and then with jujitsu you learn how to get like a
rear naked choke or triangle choke you’re learning how to destroy people
here just a little bit of boxing and some some wrestling you’re a weapon my
guy so that is my answer that is the martial arts that I would recommend make
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