Jenny Slate: Stage Fright | Official Trailer | Netflix

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I get such bad stage fright.It ruins my day,
it fucks my body up.
The worst thing is like,
“Just be yourself!”‘Cause I’m like, “Oh, okay”.You should see how many selves
there are in my psyche.
Okay! Let’s get started!
And I’m just like, “Ahhhhh”.I am a human adult woman……from planet earth. I’m horny! No. My Nana Connie
calls me very often and she always says the same
thing and it goes like this:“You are gorgeous.And it’s not just
that you’re gorgeous. It’s that you’re good.” Suck on that, dickheads!
Fuck you! JK. I feel like a turtle
that just got roller skates and realized that things can be
fast, I’m just like, “Ahhhhhh”. Who gives a shit?
Death will come for all of us. I’m dressed for it.

100 thoughts on “Jenny Slate: Stage Fright | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. she's kind of annoying in that way where if you were around her for more than a couple of hours her whole "schtick" would become really tiresome, but i've been a fan since her SNL days, so i'm really excited for this, especially because i just assumed she didn't really do stand up anymore

  2. I'm really optimistic that this will be good. teaser already got my attention. the previous one with Nikki Glaser started good but went boring quickly when the topic became stagnant and you're left with 40 minutes of blowjob and masturbation jokes

  3. Let me guess when her and Nikki Glazer and who ever else talk about sex its funny but when men do it its cancel culture and vicious and repulsive

  4. Her humour is not my type. I dont get it. Wasnt she the one who said that she pooped on the floor to get back to her mom? Yes, that is the kind of humour she has. But hey, at least she lived her dream of banging Chris Evans 👍 (Sadly, that is the first thing she will ever be known for).

  5. She was great in Bored to Death / Parks and Rec but this feels like a break she is getting because of her Jewish connections. It really isn't funny as there is a lot better talent out there from a 'Stand Up' perspective – not being rude or anti-Semitic just stating what I believe to be the truth.

  6. Is it weird that I hear her voice from the cartoons that my kids watch and I’m turned off by hearing her say dirty jokes…. it’s just odd 😕

  7. Omg, she's so annoying in this 'special'. I like female comedians, but not this one. I don't know, is she's always so frickin giggly…like wtf, and not in a good way at all. She needs to just stick to voice acting, or someone needs to teach her how to rein it in.

  8. U have to really like this chick to sit thru this. There are no actual jokes. It's just like hanging out with an annoying chick you know on drugs while she blathers on scattalogically and u can't get a word in edgewise…

  9. I am just 10 min into show. Nothing funny yet. Not even grin. But will see. Lol. Either its not funny to me or the audience never heard jokes before.

  10. I tried giving this a chance. After 10 minutes, I had to turn it off. I guess I'll go watch Dave Chappelle again.

  11. Just watched this on Netflix. Didn't watch anything she's been in ever, but I knew her face. Really enjoyed 'Stage Fright'. She's got a new fan in me. She's funny, creative, and simply lovable. And I'm Arab. haha

  12. that bottle of beer just hanging there on the very very edge of the stool on the verge of falling off the whole time had me clinging to the edge of my seat the entire show

  13. I just watched it… well, the first 10 minutes… it's a nah for me dawg. It felt like when the Joker tried standup and all he would do was laugh on stage.

  14. She's a good actress and voice actress but comedy just isn't for her. I watched ~20 minutes of the special and didn't even crack a smile. She's not even funny-akward on stage it's just her kind of randomly laughing about useless shit.

  15. She had so many oppurtinuties to reference that she dated Chris Evans aka Captain America. Would have made for good material

  16. I like Jenny Slate better as a comedic actor, not so much a standup comedian this Netflix special wasn’t so great. I think she lacked a lot of preparation and timing in her jokes, she also lacks confidence and she laughs at her jokes way too much which is a big no-no. My favorite joke/story was the ghost stories. Besides that I’d totally pork her.🤷🏻‍♂️

  17. I'm kind of shocked that these comments are negative. The special was incredibly good. It might be too smart for people expecting a broad comedy special with a lot of one liners, but there are a million comics that do that. Jenny's special is 1000x better than that. I didn't feel like I was analyzing the special, or anticipating jokes. I was just laughing my ass off like I would with a friend.

  18. I love you Jenny Slate! Proof that getting far away from SNL was the best thing that happened. SNL never was that funny. For brief periods, like when you were on, it was watchable

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