Jean Grey vs Apocalypse – Fight Scene – X-Men Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip 4K

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It’s over, Charles. You’re finished. You’re mine now. You will never win. And why is that? Because you are alone. And I am not! Let… go. Unleash your power, Jean. No fear. Unleash your power! Let go, Jean! Jean, let go! He’s getting away. All is revealed.

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  1. Not a 100% sure why so many people in the comment section, can't grasp the concept of a "phoenix". Phoenixes are a cosmic entity, which they can never truly die because they'll just be "rebirth", making them literally immortal. 🙄 Jean Grey is basically indestructible. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. It would appear that Jean already had the Phoenix when they fought Apocalypse. So what was that in the Dark Phoenix that entered her in space?

  3. This scene works SO much better without Dark Phoenix. Professor X sees into Logan’s mind in DOFP and knows the mistake he’ll make suppressing Jean allowing for her defeat Apocalypse when necessary

  4. This makes no sense. I get Jean is a strong mutant without the Phoenix force but she doesn't even have it yet since she gets it in the new movie. Also they make it seem as if she already has the Phoenix force. The director and fox wonderwhy these movies seem to fail expectations when they just throw in anything to the story and then change things constantly

  5. So, resuming:
    – It took Jean Grey power + Magneto metal shreds hiting constantly to his body + Ciclops eye beams + Storm electric energy , on top of all that before and wile Apocalypse was divided between mental fight with Xavier and a physical fight with the X-Men, to defeat Apocalype AND people still think that Jean Grey is more powerful ??
    Dear Lord and all the Saints , you people have no logic whatsoever.

  6. Jean Grey is already an Omega level mutant without the Phoenix entity. The Phoenix entity amplifies her devastating power. An unstoppable destructive force, healing factor or ultra armor are no match for her, not even psychic powers can stop her, besides she can become temporary invulnerable to all cinetic, ballistic, energy based attacks. Only other cosmic powers got a chance against her.

  7. When Jean arrives at 00:21 , the music reminds me of a great move score but I can't remember the movie, anyone got a clue ? Maybe a score from Ennio Morricone…

  8. Question: what if apocalypse absorbed jean grey? It would never happen in reality but it theoretically could have happened

  9. Y'all should look at 1:01, speed down to 0.25 and then watch magneto right before the cut. All the metal things are gone :D.

  10. I’m so confused now after seeing Dark Phoenix, how does she have the Phoenix Force in her in this movie if she got it it the next movie? Hopefully Marvel will now take care of this mess of a universe that Fox has created.

  11. This Phoenix transformation is more faithful to the comics and way more awesome than the weird transformation in the Dark Phoenix.

  12. Wtf jean got phoenix force already
    Why in dark phoenix told she got phoenix force after rescuing astronaunts ?
    Someone explain please?

  13. For the dozens upon dozens of people who somehow think Fox forgot about this scene, they didn’t. It was inconvenient to the story they wanted to tell in Dark Phoenix so they retconned it by way of completely ignoring it.

  14. The Phoenix Force was inside her the whole time it just that the phoenix can't control jean right now in this movie Because the Phoenix is not strong enough But in Dark Phoenix When Jean got hit by the comic force in outer space The Phoenix got strong and powerful when she became Even powerful it made her evil that made her Kill Mystique And Hurt her Friends Even the love of her life Cyclops. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  15. Damnit. All she need was to shout and the false God died into ashes. Fucking Phoenix force.
    *I just watched dark phoenix but this previous movie is so much better.

  16. X-Men sucks.
    Makes no Sense Jean having the Phoenix before the latest movie.

    As always, a fucked movie storyline thanks to FOX.

  17. Ya'll are giving all credit to jean, how about Magneto, cyclope, storm? They did a lot too jean couldn't beat him up by herself no one could

  18. The Phoenix is meant to be a representation of Jean’s full potential the dark Phoenix is the corruption of that by an ancient celestial force which recognised the power inside and what it could become

  19. To be honest this is by far the best display of Phoenix power ever in history of X-Men films, even Dark Phoenix which is total crap can't measure to this.

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