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Hey Patlu, see this picture. Why? What is so special about this picture? Don’t you see this witch is flying on the broom stick? If I also get such a broom stick then it will be fun. What are you saying? These fairy tale stories are never real. It is not just about stories, this is the truth. And this is the reason why in is there in every countries book, every section, every story has mentioned this. This means that it is real, I am going in search of this broom stick. Hey Motu, Stop, listen to me. Where can I find the broom? Hey thief!! Catch them! This is a ladies sandal, where is the gents sandal? Hey Patlu, I swear on my patients, what have you done to yourself? Dr. Jhatka, this is all because of Motu, he is eager to find the flying witch’s broom stick. He roams around in the city at night to find such a broom stick, because of him even my condition is bad. On that, when people see us roaming late at night they give us a grand welcome with sticks, sandals and shoes. Patlu, my friend, it’s no big deal? Even I can make such a flying broom stick for Motu. Should I make one? Idea!! Then we can make Motu believe that this is the witch’s broom stick, listen to the plan. Where can I find the broom? You were right, witches do exist, look there, a witch, it seems like she is filling petrol in her broom stick. Keep quite! My broom stick! Leave it! Give me my broom stick back! Hey witch, now this broom stick belong to me. Hey, wait! Motu, what are you doing? Leave me. I won’t leave you, come on. Oh my lord! Work is done, now Motu’s wish to fly on the witch’s broom stick will be fulfilled. Hey Motu, stop it! Now it’s enough! I am feeling sleepy Motu. Hey Patlu, how is it enough? We have to go far away so that the witch is never able to find us. Patlu! Get up, we have reached home. Thank you Motu, thank you, since we are back home safely, let’s go home and sleep comfortably. What sleep? You were sleeping the whole night, now go and get fresh then we have to leave again. Hey tea vendor brother, give us some hot samosas and parcel a few of them, we will eat them in the sky. Hey, from where did you get this flying broom stick? Hey! Stop, stop in the name of law. I know what you’re going to say, swear on goddess earth, India, etc, but I won’t stop. What is this happening? Motu, leave me! Mummy! I am scared. You are caught, It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s trap. Thank you Motu, by the way, from where did you get this flying broom stick? Hera Feri, take John to the police station and mean while I will take Chingam sir for a ride in the sky. Oh my god! Motu, I have got the duty of arresting thieves on the land and not in the air. Drop me down, you do the duty in air, I say drop me down. Chingam sir! Enjoy at least for a while. This doesn’t seem like enjoyment but a punishment, stop in the name of law. Huh! You caught me with the help of this broom stick right, now I will see how you catch me? Hit him! Bullets over game over. Ok, why fear when Chingam is here? Ok, I will catch him. Motu, my brother, I swear on my patients, I will make similar broom stick, you have practice of flying on it. You can fly and catch John, get him down and we will see him then. He took it away! He took away all my diamonds, Chingam sir where are you? Motu Patlu? John will become a don! Hey, is there a sale on flying broom sticks? Has Motu bought it in bulk? From where did this another broom stick came? Stop John, I will tell you everything, I say stop, swear to you on Chingam sir’s law. Patlu, you handle the stick and I will handle John. Lift please. Come, sit fast. Patlu! Help!! What was the need of giving him a life? Come sit. Fly my broom stick. Fly my broom stick! It is not flying! Long live! Patlu, John’s broom stick has stopped flying, Its magic is over. Not magic, its battery is over. Battery? What is this issue of battery Doesn’t that stick belong to the witch? Or Is it a false broomstick also made by Dr. Jhatka? I guess even our broomsticks battery is over. Tell me fast, is that stick not of the witch? Both the broomsticks are made by Dr. Jhatka, I will explain you everything while falling down. Oh my god! The thief is John then why are you giving me the punishment? John, it is impossible to escape from Chingam’s trap. You are caught, It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s trap. You guys have fooled me, I am leaving to look for the witch’s broom stick. No Motu, Please don’t do that. I was just joking, come on lets go to the tea vendor and have hot samosa. And I will make another flying broom stick for you buddy.

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