Jacobs vs. Smith 2009 – Full Fight (HBO Boxing)

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[dramatic music]♪ ♪male announcer: The followingis a presentation
of HBO Sports.
– Hello again.
I’m Jim Lampley. On March 18, HBO Pay-Per-View
takes you to sold-out Madison Square Garden
for the latest make-or-break installment
in the shoot-the-moon career of Kazakhstan’s middleweight
sensation Gennady Golovkin. 23 knockouts in a row
and counting, 18 of those in title fights. The American opponent,
once-beaten Daniel Jacobs, has his own streak:
12 knockouts in a row coming in. You may be familiar with some of
Jacobs’ recent exploits, most notably his stunning
first-round knockout of former middleweight
belt holder Peter Quillin
last year in Brooklyn. But to show you
some earlier context from Jacobs’ career arc,
we take you back to the night when he proved
he could box well enough to enter the upper tier of
the middleweight division. The scene was the Toyota Center
in Houston. The opponent was veteran
gatekeeper Ishe Smith. And Bob Papa called the fight
with Max Kellerman and Lennox Lewis.– Smith has been againstsome good competition
in his career.
He had wins against David
Estrada and Randall Bailey.
Losses to Joel Julio,
Sechew Powell,
and Sergio Mora
in “The Contender.”
And we begin round number 1.– Take your time!– Smith with the bald head.Jacobs with the braids.Lennox, what are you
looking for?
Jacobs told us in our meeting
yesterday, he said,
“Look, I don’t envision
this guy as a big threat,”
meaning Smith.
“He might make me look bad, but he’s certainly
not gonna beat me.”– No, I mean, Jacobs has
all the attributes
of a great puncher-boxer,and he uses his reach well.I mean, when he came out,
he came out,
and he started with the jab,and this is what
you need to do.
He said he’s been working on
throwing a lot of
punches and, you know,
might as well start
in the first round
like he has.
– You did bring up a good point
during the fighter meetings
when they talked about the fact
that they want about
100 punches a round, butit’s more than just volume,
isn’t it, Lennox?
– Well, it’s accuracy,
and, you know,
making sure that you’re making
a statement in there.
You don’t want to just throw
100 punches
and not hit anything
or hit the guy’s arms.
You want to be able
to hit him.
But right now, he’s not really
wasting too many punches.
– Jacobs suffered a hand
injury, left hand injury,
in his stoppage of
George Watson last time out
back on June the 26th
in Arizona.
Says the hand is fine.George Walton, excuse me.Fought Mike Walker
in the fight before that
and won an 8-round decision.– Jacobs was the best amateur
in the New York City area
for about the last
three or four years
of his amateur career.And, uh, recent
New York products
have fared–or have
underperformed, I should say,
in the pros compared
to their expectations
they created
in the amateurs.
Lot of times it’s the influence
of the streets in New York.
Danny Jacobs seemed to have
his head screwed on straight.
– Jacobs turned southpaw
for a second.
Don’t really like
when boxers do that.
They should really stay
orthodox unless they really
practice that in the gym.– There you go, baby!– But Ishe Smith hasn’t really
done anything.
You know, all he’s done is
follow Jacobs around the ring.
And he hasn’t really
even, you know,
thrown a jab or a right hand.He’s just really waiting
for that right opportunity
where he has Jacobs
against the ropes
and seizes that opportunity,
but needs to be
throwing a lot more
punches in there.
– Pump it!
Pump the jab! Punch, Ishe!
– Stop!– Smith double hooks
to the body.
One of them was a little low.
– Let’s keep ’em up, all right?– Referee Laurence Cole…
– Box!– Lets him know he saw it.– Punch, Ishe!
Pump the jab! [indistinct shouting]– Smith claims to be
a renewed fighter.
Working with
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad.
This is their
third fight together.
After the Joel Julio loss,he parted ways
with Roger Mayweather.
They feel
it’s a new Ishe Smith.
We’ll find out
over the next 10 rounds
in a relatively non-descript
first round.
– You’re not pumping the jab. We talked about stepping in,
two or three jabs. Stop going one jab. He’s trying to come
over the top. – Okay.
– Double and triple jab, and skip your way in,
stop walking. – Okay.
– Skip your way in. Sit down, and both hands
to the body. That’s all you got to do. All right, and when he goes,
just cut him off. Put this foot over here
and cut him off. – Okay.
– Right hand around the head. That’s all you got to do.
Left hook to the body. – Everything’s perfect. Looking good.
Very solid, all right? Let’s look more on those upshots
in the middle– – Take that deep breath. Another one.
– You the man. Let’s pick up the pace.
– You know–you know how we do? Punch off the block?
– Yep. – He drop it in, you catch, and you just turn it.
[whistle blowing] He gonna run right into it.
– Let’s go. – Come on, baby.
That’s good work. [bell dings]
– One area that you’re gonna
want to keep notice,
as we begin round number 2,
are the jab numbers.Jacobs was 8 or 23 for his jabs
in that round.
Smith was dominated
in the jab category
in his loss to Sechew Powell.He just could not deal with it,and could never
get any offense.
Now, he says with
a different trainer,
it’s gonna make a whole
difference for him.
Lennox, he talked about
wanting to be a pressure guy.
Referenced Tiger Woods
numerous times.
He goes, “I want to be that guy
that makes that
“18-footer like Tiger.“Eddie has me very prepared.“I’m ready to take
care of things,
and–and put it all
on the line.”
Didn’t necessarily see that
in round number 1,
although it was
just the first round.
– No, it was the–
it was the first round,
given it’s the first round, but
he has to get things going.
You know, one thing is to be
able to talk about it.
Next thing is to be able
to do it,
and this is what we want to see
in the ring today.
– Ishe Smith just landed his
first real punch of the fight.
It was a left hook.Danny Jacobs started
this round,
as you mentioned in the first
round, Lennox, southpaw.
I wonder if that’s
an indication that
he’s trying to protect that
left hand a little bit.
– Well, he may be
showing Ishe Smith
some different angles
and stuff.
Um, I don’t like the fact
that when, um,
when he throws some punches,
he ends up in the corner,
and allows Ishe Smith
to come after him.
Needs to stay off the ropes.‘Cause that’s the only time
that Ishe Smith
throws some punches,
is when he’s on the ropes.
In the middle of the ring,
he’s doing way better.
– Good combination to the body
by Ishe Smith,
with a right and then a left.– You go, Ishe! [overlapping shouting]– Lennox,
it doesn’t seem like Jacobs
is really snapping that jab.– There you go, yeah!
– Good counter by Smith.
– He needs to snap it
and put some power
behind it and step into it.Right now, his feet are really
all over the place.
They’re not really balanced.– Well, he’s got
to find an answer
for Ishe Smith’s left hookthat’s found a home
in this round.
– Get your hands back! [crowd shouting] [clapping]
Let’s get ’em, Ishe! – With the jab!
With the jab! – All right, back on it!
– Back on the jab! Back on the jab!– Jacobs did tap a right hand
to the body there.
Smith picked off
the rest of it.
– Ishe Smith is really,really not throwing
that many punches.
Very sparing with his punches.– Combination there
from Jacobs.
– And you see, the–the punch
that he really snapped off
there, Jacobs,
it was the right hand, Bob.
– Come on, pick ’em up, Smith. – Keep your hands up!
Hands up! Hands up!
– There you go! both: There you go! – Both sides! – Get off the ropes!
– Both sides! – Push him back, Danny.
Push him back. Don’t make him break here. There you go!– Smith blocks
most of that combination.
Corner of Jacobs saying,
“Push him back, Danny,”
but Jacobs has been kind of
in a retreat mode.
– And in a sense, you know,
that’s what
Jacobs needs to be doing:
pushing him back with that jab.
– Time!
– Jab, jab, jab,
and right hand.– Hey, Dan,
you letting him load up. – Okay.
– He loading up on that right hand–huh? No.
– Okay. – He loading up on the–
that right hand. He’s just trying to walk in
and throw it over. You got to throw in some feint.
Keep ’em on angles. You can’t stand in front of him. All right?
Don’t stand in front of him. Gives him some easy shit. – He ain’t doing nothing
that we– – Don’t stand in front of him.
– Right here, baby. both: Right here. – He’s a very simple–this guy’s
an ABC fighter. After that, he’s lost. Let’s go to work, man. You got much more experience. You got to go to work. Let your hands go. It’s all or nothing. It’s all or nothing.
– Okay. – I don’t want to hear,
“I should have did this here.” No, we doing it right tonight. All right?
Let’s go. Double, triple the jab.
It’s gonna work, baby.– Pretty good tongue lashing
from Eddie Mustafa Muhammad,
and, you know,
it kind of speaks to,
uh, what we had heard
from the Smith camp
about some of these losses
that he’s had,
where he felt, “Ah, you know,
I didn’t do enough,”
and this and that,
like Eddie said,
“I don’t want to hear that.
Let’s do it.”
– You know, he’s right,
this is the time to do it.
I mean, you know, most boxers
feel bad after a fight
because they feel they didn’t
do enough work in there,
but this is a telling time.This is the time you have
to do the work.
Feeling sorry for yourself
after is–
is not the way to go out.– Ishe was favored to win
the million-dollar prize
on the original
“Contender” series.
And failed to do it.
Was upset.
And tonight trying to upset
Danny Jacobs,
who see–you see Jacobs’
temperament there,
which is encouraging
if you’re a Jacobs fan,
is–Ishe landed a hard shot.Jacobs came right back.– Both exchanged big shots.Smith claims that, uh,the whole “Contender” thing
actually turned out poorly
for him because he went in
overconfident, and…
– Felt that he should have won.– Felt that he should have won,
but he didn’t.
– In and out, in and out,
in and out! – Now or never!
Now or never! Too much on the line, baby.
You already know! There you go! – Break!– See, Jacobs should really
hold his–
hold his ground
a little because,
you know, Ishe Smith’s
not really doing things.
All he’s doing
is walking forward.
And Danny Jacobs
is walking back,
and he doesn’t need to.– Saw it in the Walton fight.The–it was the first time
as a pro
someone really had any kind
of effective pressure
at all on Jacobs,
and he seemed content
to lean against the ropes
and counter.
And here, his disposition on
a–you know,
when he was fighting less than
world-class opposition,
he was a terror.Here you see
his natural temperament
may be more of
a counterpuncher,
a guy who rides shots back,and counters with his own.– Come on, Shay!– Jacobs turns around Smith.Couple right hands to the head,
left hand to the body.
Smith dips away
from more danger.
– After Jacobs throws
that combination,
he kind of relaxes
a bit too much,
especially with the right hand,
and is too close
to Smith at that point.– Let those hands go!
– According to CompuBox,
Jacobs has thrown 242 punchesto 105 for Smith.[crowd, corners shouting]– See where Jacobs
is holding that right hand?
Needs to hold it
a little bit higher
because he’s getting caught
with that left hook.
– Go get him, Shay!
Keep digging, keep digging! – Stop! Hey, watch on the inside, okay? I don’t want to take
a point away.– Smith using
the old-time tricks,
hitting a guy in his thigh.Allowing him not to move around
the ring so easily.
[corners shouting]– Slapping right by Smith
caught Jacobs in the face.
– Shay, let’s go!
[bell dings] – Time!– They throw haymakers,and Laurence Cole’s got to
get in between ’em.
– Come on, Smith.
Let’s just go back. Don’t waste energy here.
Come on.– It’s all right, fellas,
you got three minutes
each round to do the fighting.[cheers and applause] – That’s the way he is.
No fucking respect. No fucking respect.
You–the bell ring, you go right on
this motherfucker. Let your hands go.
– Okay. – You’re waiting
too fucking long. He’s standing in front of you.
Stop looking at him! Let your hands go.
– Okay. – When you’re throwing punches,
you’re scoring big time. Stop looking at him!
– Okay. – He ain’t got three arms.
He’s just human just like you. Let your fucking hands…– And here’s a look
that happened
at the end of the round–
this is called,
“Protect yourself
at all times.”
Although the referee called
you still got to put
your hands up.
– Ishe, it looks to me,
thought maybe
Jacobs threw a late punch, butreally, I think that was about
Ishe using something
to psych himself up
in order to
throw caution to the wind
and really attack
Jacobs with some urgency,and Jacobs, for his part,just stared Ishe down.– In round number 4,
let’s check in
with our unofficial ringside
scorer, Harold Lederman.
– Okay, Bob.29-28, 2 rounds to 1,
Danny Jacobs.
You know, Bob, in round 1,
Danny Jacobs
clearly outworked Ishe Smith.In round 2, Ishe started
to move his hands,
and some way or another,
when he lands that left hook,
it looks like he’s doing
a lot more damage
than Jacobs is doing.Round 3, again,
Danny Jacobs outworked him,
but Bob,
I got to say something.
When they have
that 10-second warning
at the end of a round,
that’s a signal
for the referee to jump in,
get ready,
and when the bell rings,
you know,
you’re right in the middle
between the two fighters,
so they can’t fight
after the bell.
Laurence Jacobs was
a little slow in round 3.
2-1, Jacobs.– And Jacobs is doing
what I wanted him to do
from round 1, really.He needs to go forward
and, you know, get it going,
because he’s a much
sharper puncher,
he’s got good skills,
and needs to get
his jab and right hand going,
combinations going like he is.
– Smith trying to use
what happened at the end
of round number 3
to get himself
a little bit more intense.Corner’s wanted that
intensity from him.
– Back him up!
Keep backing him up!– Good right hand to the body
by Jacobs.
– If Ishe’s intention is to
psyche Jacobs out,
that doesn’t seem
to be working.
Maybe he’s trying to get Jacobs
to open up more
and tire himself out.And Ishe’s plan, maybe,
is to take it to him
in the later rounds.And that seems to be
an improvised plan,
’cause Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
in the corner
keeps imploring Ishe
just to attack.
– Jacobs landed
a nice left inside.
– Ishe’s throwing a left hook,but it’s more of
a slapping hook.
It’s not really doing anything.– Keep them hands up, baby. – Come on, Ishe. [corners shouting]– Despite that sense of bravado
from the end of the last round
to the start of this round,
Smith really not doing a lot.
He shakes his head,
says “I’m not hurt,”
but he’s not throwing punches.Jacobs has thrown 40 more
punches in this round.
– You know, I thought
with Ishe Smith,
that he came in kind of tight,and he needs a couple rounds
to loosen up,
but he still seems
a little tight to me.
Throwing some good, strong
punches in there.
– There’s a lot to like from
Danny Jacobs so far.
You see the natural ability.You see he has
a fighter’s disposition.
Um, you see he’s not afraid
to mix it up.
On the flipside,
kind of easy to hit
with a left hook against
a shorter guy.
– But that’s just
some technical things
he needs to go back in the ring
and work on.
But, uh, right now, he’s
doing–he’s doing pretty well.
Now he’s resting, but as far
as his punch rate,
he’s throwing a lot of punches
in there.
[bell dings]
– Time!– End of round 4 in this
scheduled 10-rounder
between Danny Jacobs
and Ishe Smith.
– Good round, good round,
good round. Oh, yeah, you got
that one clean. – 5 in the bag?
– 5 in the bag. – Or 5 coming up?
– How you feel? – Good.
– All right, come on. – Sharpshoot him
a little bit more. Use your speed, Danny. You got to use your quickness. – And you’re not looking
for those body shots… – Okay. – Stop making this guy
be a superman. Let your hands go.
– Shay, you’re down 4-zip. – Double and triple your jabs.
– I got it. – You got to go to work.
– I got it, yo. – Okay, well let’s go to work.
– Show me your stuff, baby. – You got to go to work now,
all right? Hey, you hear what I’m saying? – He’s an amateur, man.
I’m a veteran. – Well, let’s go to work then.
– He’s already getting tired. – Take him out, then.
– I got it. – Let’s go to work.
[whistle blows] – Go, Danny.
– Get them hits, Shay. – Shay, let those hands go!
[bell dings]– Round 5 underwayfor Danny Jacobs
and Ishe Smith.
No knockdowns in the fight
to this point.
Through the first four rounds,Jacobs has thrown
200 more punches.
That is a wide disparity,according to CompuBox…– Let’s go!
– In a four-round sample.
– See, this is where
Danny Jacobs
can’t allow himself
to be because
Ishe Smith throws
some powerful punches,
and he has no place to move,
and he doesn’t want
to be in the place
of any punches.
So he needs to
keep his hands up
and stay away from the ropes.
– Stop, break!– All right, so you’re
Danny Jacobs right now,
and you know that really,
the only punch
that Ishe Smith
has been able to land
relatively effectively
is that left hook.
Sometimes it’s a little wide,sometimes it slaps,
sometimes it’s good.
How do you avoid it?– Well, it’s easy
to avoid a left hook.
Just keep your right hand
pasted to the side of your face
and you know any punch
that guy’s throwing,
if he’s gonna throw a left
hook, it’s not gonna hit you.
– You want it, Ishe?
Let’s go! – Don’t push off.– Left hand thumps off
the head of Smith.
– Come on, baby!
There you go!– Think there’s a cut on
the right eye of Smith.
– There you go!
Come on!– See if we can get
a better look at it.
No.– Both hands!
Right there!– Thought he pawed at the eye.But evidently no cut there.– Hands up, Danny!
Hand touch! There you go! Right back on him! – Stay on it, stay on it.
– Use them hands. Get them hands up, Ishe.– Lennox, what could Smith do
to sort of change the tempo?
I mean, everything’s
kind of the same.
He tries to load up
with a couple big hooks,
then Jacobs does what he does,and Smith not being
overly effective.
– Well, Smith needs to go right
to that body like he is.
He needs to really work
on that body because
once–once he works
on the body,
then he can bring it
more upstairs.
He’s just going upstairs.He’s being a headhunter
right now.
And most of his combinations
should really
go to the body,
then the head.
– You know what’s impressive
about what Jacobs just did
and what he continues to dois he’s a big guy,
size, speed.
Ishe Smith’s
an experienced guy.
Smaller, he can fight
on the inside,
and yet Jacobs is out-fighting
Ishe on the inside.
It’s impressive for a rangier
fighter to do.
– Rare jabs from Ishe Smith.See the real-time numbers
from CompuBox.
– There you go!– Good combination by Smith.
Hurt Jacobs!
He walked right into
a combination.
– The right hand hurt him.[bell dings]
– Time, time, time!– The bell sounds
to end round 5.
Ishe Smith still punching!
– Get away, get away! Get away!
– What’s he thinking?
[shouting and cheering] – Hey, yo! – He threw a punch
at the end of the round. But I’m trying to do
everything I can. Okay?
– He was hurt! – Hey, hey, listen, listen.
Keep your composure. – Don’t make me take a point
away, all right? – Okay, brother.
Keep your compo–hey, hey, hey! – I’m on it!
– Listen, take your–relax. Relax, all right?
Keep your composure. Listen, do you hear
what I’m saying? Listen, when the bell rings,
give me three good hard jabs. Step it in.
Go right on him. Right on him.
Three or four jabs. All right?
You hear what I’m saying? Go right on him!– Here’s Ishe throwing
a good right hand.
That was one.
That wasn’t the one.
This is the one.[whistle blows]
– Yeah.
Left-right combination, Lennox.– Yeah, it was–
it was disguised by
a Ishe jab, and a right hand
came out after that,
but Jacobs seemed to shake it
off pretty well,
and that’s the way you do it,
you got to use your legs.
– Come here!
– And, you know,
Danny Jacobs–
– No more games, guys. All right?
Time in, box!– Danny Jacobs threw
a late shot.
Did not look
intentionally late.
Ishe responded with
three consecutive
intentionally late shots,
and there was no discipline–
disciplinary action taken.– And then the forearm
to the neck
while he was against the ropes.
– There was.
He actually walked over
to the corner
and said something to him.Said, “If you do that again,”he’s gonna take away a point.– Come on, baby!
Dogfight!– Yeah, no kidding,if you hit a guy
three times after the bell.
– [chuckles]– Go get him, Shay!
Go get him, baby!– See if Smith can hurt
Jacobs again.
– It was a bullying tactic
by Ishe.
Or maybe trying to show Jacobs
that he’s the bully in there,
he won’t allow himself
to be bullied,
but seemed excessive.And it seemed,
at the time, unwise,
given that he had just
hurt Jacobs.
– No, it was an unwise move
and, you know,
sometimes that happens.Some of these guys get
a little hotheaded.
And that’s why
a referee’s in there.
He’s supposed to control
all the action.
– Guess that, um,
the last round shows,
even if Jacobs can have
his moments on the inside,
maybe not the best place to be
against a smaller fighter.
– I think Jacobs took
a little lapse there.
He wasn’t focused
like he should have been.
And in this game, you got to be
focused all the time.
One little lapse, you know,
can make history.
Or create history.– Break! – You got to work, Ishe!
You got to work! [crowd reacting]– Smith lands that left again.
– Stop, stop, stop! Step back.
– You see?
Every time Danny Jacobs gets
hit a good shot,
he is usually
up against the ropes,
and, you know, this is where
he doesn’t need to be.
He does all his best work
in the center of the ring.
– Jacobs places a shot
to the body.
– Stop!
No punching.– You know, Ishe’s being
pretty smart in there.
He’s trying to lead Jacobs
to the ropes,
and then seize
that opportunity.
– Stop!
Stop! – Sorry.
– All right.– No, he said–
– Last warning, all right?– Just then, that’s not
the time for a warning.
As–as the ref yelled “stop,”
even the second time,
Jacobs’ punch was already
on the way.
That’s not a right–that’s not
a good warning there.
– Jacobs shot a straight
right hand there.
– A fighter,
if he has a hand free,
unless he hears otherwise,
is supposed to use that hand.
– By Smith.Lennox, it’s amazing how
Jacobs, even when he’s not
really being pressured
that much…
– Break!
Watch the low blow.– Winds up with his back
to the ropes.
– You hit him right here
on that clench, all right?– He doesn’t realize that
he doesn’t need to do that.
But you know, this is what
experience does for him.
See? He’s throwing–
he’s throwing his punches…
– Time!
– And putting down his hands.
Every time you throw
your punches,
you got to come–come back
with defense.
Put your hands up,
and defense is very important.
– Sit down, baby.
– Yo, Danny. Look at me.
Stay off the ropes. Only time he’ll catch you is if
you go on– the ropes make you pull back. Stay off the ropes.
You won’t pull back. – Come on, baby.
Hey, stop playing, stop playing. They don’t like it here.
Stop playing. – Round 7.
– I need these last four rounds.– Well, Ishe Smith has been
on the receiving end
of 544 punches
through six rounds,
as we take you
inside Punch Zone.
Now, these are the punches that
have been landed on Smith,
and you see that all
the punches going to the head.
Jacobs has worked the body,
I mean,
those are still good numbers
to the body,
but when you look
at the head shots…
[whistle blows] – I need all four rounds.
– I mean, that’s
pretty impressive, 103 punchesof the 554 have landed
to the head.
– Come on, all the way back.
Come on, Smith.– Good accuracy.
Just shows that, you know,
you’re not using the defense
like you’re supposed to,
or even moving your head–you need to move your head
a bit more.
– Let’s check in
with Harold Lederman.
– Okay, Bob, 58-56,4 rounds to 2, Danny Jacobs.You know, Bob, I thought
Ishe Smith won that fifth round
with that huge shot
at the very end of the round,
you know, when he sort ofslightly staggered
Danny Jacobs,
but other than that, Danny’s
been controlling this fight
because, like you said,
just too busy.
– That’s your last warning
I’ve given you three. – I’m sorry.
– All right, last warning. All right, box.– Ishe Smith doing that
old-style again,
hitting the guy on the hip.Well, the referee says
he doesn’t like it,
don’t do it,
else he’ll take a point.
– You know, as usual, Harold
has an excellent scorecard,
and I can see where Jacobs
is up in the fight
for the reasons
Harold pointed out.
But Ishe Smith has succeeded
in turning this
into the kind of fight
Jacobs didn’t want.
A sloppy kind of brawl,and an uncomfortable fight
for Jacobs.
– But really, isn’t this, guys,
what Jacobs needs?
They’re not gonna all be pretty
as you move up the ladder
and get into
better competition.
– See, Jacobs is getting
caught because he–
you know, he throws his punch,
but he forgets about defense.
You need to put your hands up
and bring them back.
– And that speaks, Bob,
to your point,
which is a good one.It’s the job of the matchmaker,
it’s a thankless
and difficult job,
to match your prospect
at difficulty levels
where he learns something
without sustaining the loss.
But, um,
the outcome of this fight
is still in doubt
at this point.
– Go to the side door!
Go to the side door now! Back on the jab.
Go to the side door. There you go.– And for Ishe Smith, Max, the
stakes are totally different.
Here’s a guy that,
you know, 21-3.
He’s 31.He’s here to test Jacobs,but a loss puts him well intothe opponent cycle,
doesn’t it?
– Yeah, I’d say he’s already
in the opponent cycle,
and that’s why he’s in
against Danny Jacobs.
Um, but he is
a dangerous opponent.
And he’s showing why tonight.– Right hand thumps to the top
of the head of Smith.
Smith counters back
with a shot, lands his left.
– This is where Jacobs really
should take a step to the side
and show Smith
some different angles.
Jacobs using
that opportunity
just to rest a little bit.You know, it’s pretty smart:
you throw a combination,
then you hold the guy and
let the referee separate you,
which gives you enough time
to get your breath back.
– And there, twice, Jacobs
found his back on the ropes,
and when he felt them there,
bounced off the ropes.
As per his–
his corner’s instructions.
[loud tapping] [bell dings]
– Time!– Jacobs continues to throwa lot of punches.94 in that roundto the 48 for Smith,according to CompuBox.– Take a deep breath.
Nice and relaxed. Take a deep breath.
Keep on boxing. Stay off the ropes, champ.
Stay off the ropes. The ropes are your enemy,
all right? Rest.
Rest this one. Stay off the ropes. – All right, you got to dictate
some more, okay? Let it go.
– Last two rounds, baby. – All right, let it go.
You got to dig. They’re not gonna
give you nothing. You got to go take it.
– I know. – You got to take it.
Let’s go to work. – I know, I know this shit.
– Let’s go to work now! Let’s go to work, all right? You hear what I said?
– I got you. – Let’s go.
[whistle blows] – Coaches out! Let’s go, coach.– So far in this fight,
according to CompuBox,
Jacobs has thrown 638 punchesto Smith’s 301
through 7 rounds.
That’s 91 per round
to 43 per round.
– Got to keep your eyes on him.
– Let them go!– Unless you’re laying huge
bombs on your opponent,
that’s not gonna get it done
for Ishe Smith.
Again, Lennox,
Jacobs just circled
right back into a corner
to start the round.
– You know,
some boxers do that.
They–they like to keep
their back on the ropes,
and, uh, you know,
it’s not necessarily
the best thing to do.Some–some form
bad habits that way,
but, you know,
Jacobs not really
getting hit too much.It’s not really affecting him
too much.
I think he’s just
playing right now.
– He also is not
really digging.
He’s throwing his left,
he’s using it, Jacobs,
that’s the–that’s the, uh,the, uh, hand he’d injured,but he’s not really punishing
Ishe on the way inside
with the left hand,
and so Ishe’s not dissuaded
from running in.The punishing shots
Jacobs is throwing
is usually the right hand.– See?Jacobs has got
that right hand down.
Very dangerous.Especially, he’s ducking,
and he’s not looking
where he’s ducking
with his hands down.
Dangerous move.Has to be careful.– He’s tired, Shay! – Catch him inside, Danny. – Right back, right back. – Work, work, work!– Corner of Smith yelling,
“Work, work, work.”
Just not getting enough work
out of Smith.
– There you go!
– Bring it on now. – Do it again!
Do it again!– Smith with that left hand.
Jacobs digs back in.
– I would not, um, categorizethis performance by Ishe Smith
so far as one of
these typical underwhelming
performances by him.
I think he’s giving it
a very good effort.
He’s in with
a much younger, bigger,
faster guy, and he’s certainly
holding his own.
– He’s–Ishe’s throwing some
good punches, solid punches.
– Lennox, that seems to be
a weakness of Jacobs,
what he did right there,
he kind of leans
almost right into it.– Yeah, I mean,
Jacobs has a balance problem
that he needs to work on.‘Cause it really affects
some of his punching,
and he gets hit.– Should he go on to win
the fight, though, Bob,
as you point out,
some invaluable experience
so far, having been hurtand really pressured and
roughed up in this fight.
– You breaking him down! Get him!
Get him!– And cut.[loud tapping]See over the right eye.[bell dings]
– Time!– End of round number 8.Scheduled for 10.– He’s cutting–hey. – Look, check it out. You got to stay off the ropes,
champ. Do you hear me?
– Yep. – Stay off the ropes.
– He won that round? – It’s a close round, but still,
because you was on the ropes. Stay off the ropes, roll out.
Let your hands go. – Danny, you got to pay
attention, Pop. You not doing what we worked on. – Taking the kid–the food
out your kid’s mouth. All right?
He ain’t gonna do it. Let’s go to work.
He’s dead out, he’s cut. Dead out.
Nuts and guts now. Right?
– Water my head. – Water on his head.
– Water my shoulders. – On his shoulders.
Come on, baby. – Okay.
– Okay, we can do this, right? – Uh-huh.
– Let’s go to work. – Balls to the walls.
– Leave it all in this ring. Leave it all in this ring
tonight, all right? Let’s go.
Come on, baby, you can do it. – Defense, punch off the block. He’s trying to load up on you. – Stay back. [bell dings]– Round number 9 underway.Danny Jacobs out of Brooklyn.17-0 with 15 knockouts.– Interesting advice
in Jacobs’ corner.
“Tighten up your defense,
punch off the block.”
Clearly saying they don’t want
him to take the initiative.
They want him to counterpunch.– And for Jacobs,
in his 18th pro fight,
this is the first time
he’s gone past eight.
He went eight in each of
his last two.
– Back him up! – Keep backing him up!– Tries to continue
to build his résumé.
– Throw it again!
Throw it again! [crowd reacts]– Smith steps in with a combo.– Keep your hands up!
– Body, body, right there!– You know, um…Jacobs has a lot of volume
in his punches,
but, you know, most of
his punches are pretty patter,
and he’s–
he’s scoring the points.
Ishe Smith has a lot of power
behind his punches.
A lot of snap,
and you can tell, you know,
he’s not wasteful
with his punches.
– Has he been too economical,
– Yeah, he’s being a bit
economical on his punches,
especially on his combinations,
you know.
He should have been throwing
a lot more body punches.
– Ishe seems to be
trying to catch…
– Stop.
Break!– Danny Jacobs
in between punches
and land some–you know,
one of those big left hooks
or the right hand
that he hurt Jacobs with
in between Jacobs’ flurries.May not be the worst idea,
considering Jacobs
has, through most of the fight,
been the quicker fighter.
– And Ishe Smith has better
balance than Jacobs.
That’s why he can throw
good punches.
‘Cause his weight
is evenly spread.
See that?
His feet are firmly
on the ground
when he’s throwing his punches.
You know, you look at Jacobs,
his, you know, his feet is
in front of him,
is moving all around,
he’s crossing his feet.He’s bringing
the back foot forward.
He’s–he’s crossing.– There’s a left hand
from Smith.
Again, it’s been
a punch that’s landed.
Just missed with
a roundhouse right.
– And there you see
Jacobs’ temperament.
Maybe not the smartest thing
in the world
when he got caught clean
and hard like that.
Maybe he was stunned,but his basic disposition:
fire right back
and not let the play
get taken away.
– Well, he wants to get you
back straight away.
Soon as he feels that–
[bell dings] – Time, stop!
– That punch hit him,
he wants to get it back.He doesn’t like getting hit.Nobody likes getting hit.
– Time! Minus 1, minus 1, minus 1!– Well, Ishe Smith’s
losing a point.
[crowd booing]– Seems like, I think he said
something to the–
oh, I need to see
a replay on that.
– There’s a punch
after the bell.
– We got to get that point back.
– What round is it? both: Last round.
– Okay. – You got to knock him out.
You got to get that point back. All right?
Let’s go to work. They gonna try to take it
by one round. They gonna try to take it. I got to get
this round back big. Big!
– Roll out, roll out, roll out. – Come on, we do this.
– Don’t pull out. When you back him up you see
he can’t do shit, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– When you get in there, back him–you keep
him back up…– Here’s a look at
the end of the round.
– Time, stop!– And you hear the bell
before he throws that–
well before he throws
that right hand.
– Minus 1, minus 1, minus 1!– You know, it’s arguable,
you know?
He was in the midst of
throwing a combination.
– Take it!– I don’t think that was as bad
as the many shots
around the hips and legsthat Ishe’s been
intentionally throwing,
and the moment where he threwthe three punches
after the bell.
– 10th and final round.Our unofficial ringside scorer,
Harold Lederman.
How do you have it, Harold?
– Okay, Bob.
7 rounds to 2, 88-82,
Danny Jacobs.
You know, Bob, you know,
up to this point,
I thought Danny Jacobs was
always a power puncher.
You know, 17 fights,
15 knockouts.
In this fight,
he’s boxed a beautiful fight.
He really has moves,
uses that left jab,
throws a million punches,
throws a lot of combinations,
totally outboxing a guy who is
clearly a stronger puncher.
I mean, Danny Jacobs has been
very, very busy,
and tonight he showed us
a new dimension
that I don’t think
he’s ever shown us
to this point before.I mean, he’s winning it
strictly on activity.
Clean–you know, really nice
boxing and clean punching.
7-2, Danny Jacobs.– We’re in Houston, Texas.
10th and final round.
Bob Papa, Max Kellerman,
Lennox Lewis ringside.
Danny Jacobs and Ishe Smith.
10-round middleweight showdown.
Still to come: Malcolm Klassen
takes on Robert Guerrero
for Klassen’s 130-pound title,and then it’s Juan Diaz
from Houston, Texas,
against Paul Malignaggi,
plus a very special tribute
to Arturo Gatti,
Alexis Arguello,
and Vernon Forrest
still to come.
– Stop!
Break!– I think Danny Jacobs did showa hint of this in
his last fight against Walton.
Showed some of
this boxing ability,
slipping and countering,and not always coming forward.It seems,
from this fight so far,
should he go on to win,that he has a lot
to be proud of
and some stuff to work on,
as you mentioned,
his balance and defense.
– Yeah.You know, and these are–
these are how you learn.
You–you look back
at your fights,
and you say “What–what could
I have done better?”
And, you know,
he will see some things
that he could do better
and he needs to work on.
But as far as heart,
he’s got it.
He’s got that lion in him.– And he’s got
the athletic ability.
[crowd reacts]– See?
He’s laying against the ropes.
He’s leaning back–
okay, he’s finally
putting that hand up there.– This is the first round of
the fight that Smith,
according to CompuBox,
has thrown
more punches than Jacobs.– Well, Smith, you know, he–he has a sense of urgency,
especially in this last round,
’cause he knows he has to try
and do something unbelievable,
and come out with
an unbelievable left hook
to try and–
– Guys, I-I think–
I think Smith has fought
as well as he can,
and, uh, I don’t think he left
anything here tonight.
[loud tapping]And he was saving
his energy for this.
And it wasn’t enough.
– Time!– There’s the bell to end it.
Very entertaining bout
with Ishe Smith
and Danny Jacobs.
Does Jacobs remain undefeated?His corner thinks so.– I believe so.– That was great, Danny Jacobs.
That was great, Danny.– Here are the judges
that will score this fight.
Raul Caiz, Sr.,
from Houston, Texas.
42 title fights.Had the John/Jarez fight
a draw.
– Mm-hmm.
– Mm-hmm.
both: Mm-hmm.– David Sutherland,
from Oklahoma,
only three title fights.One of his notables:
Juarez decision over Raheem.
He scored it 113-111
for Juarez.
And the third judge
is Gale Van Hoy.
From Texas, 38 title fights.He had Diaz over Katsidis
Kind of in line with what
we thought the scoring was.
– Hey, shout out to
Avianne & Co., my jewelers. Shout out to my family
back at home.– Let’s take a look at
the final punch numbers.
It was a busy night
for Danny Jacobs,
as you will see,throwing 888 punches
over the 10 rounds.
That’s 88.8 per round.Even my Fordham math
can get me there.
29%, he had the edge
in connects
to Ishe Smith, who landed,
you know, power shots,
and saved himself
a little bit,
and really made it
a very rugged fight
for Danny Jacobs.And you get a look
at the power numbers,
and again, Jacobs had the edge,but that’s where Smith did
some of his better work,
with that left hook, but Jacobs
landed at a good percentage,
at 39%, and Jacobs hit his jabsat 20% in this fight.Now let’s take a look
at the final Punch Zone
and get a look at
what it looked like
as we take you inside
the Punch Zone
for our first bout
of the evening.
Get a look at
Oscar De La Hoya.
Golden Boy Promotions promoting
this card tonight.
– Fight on the ropes,
I’m gonna slap you.– Danny Jacobs.Well, this is
a good test for him.
First test for him against
a guy like Ishe Smith,
who was rugged,and gave him good work,and was able to
expose some areas
that he’s gonna
have to work on to continue,
as we take you now
to the Punch Zone.
And you get a look at
all those head shots
that Ishe Smith
was able to land,
but that’s to the left of what
he did to Jacobs.
Jacobs did a much better job of
going to the body,
as he was able to land
78 body shots,
and then you take a look at
the overwhelming number
of punches to the head.And he was hurt during one of
the rounds in the fight.
He got staggered a little bit
in round number 5
near the end of the round.All right, let’s find out howthe judges have it scored,as we send it to ourring announcer, Michael Buffer.[bell dinging]– Ladies and gentlemen,
with the vacant
NABO title on the line,we go to
the judges’ scorecards.
Gale Van Hoy
and Raul Caiz
both score the contest
David Sutherland has it
All to the winner
by unanimous decision,
now the NABO middleweight
from Brooklyn, New York,still undefeated,Daniel “The Golden Child”
[cheers and boos] – Hold that one up, baby! – Shortly after
that win over Smith, Daniel Jacobs got caught
by the rocket right hand of Russian puncher Dmitry Pirog and suffered his only
career loss. Since then,
he’s scored his biggest win, complete recovery from
a life-threatening form of bone cancer, and with a string of
convincing wins in the ring, has put himself in position
to fight the world’s most feared
power puncher, Kazakh knockout sensation
Gennady Golovkin, live from Madison Square Garden on the night of March 18. Don’t miss it
on HBO Pay-Per-View.[rock music]♪ ♪

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