Interview with Earl Hebner | GO Pro Wrestling

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hey guys it’s Brittany with Go Pro Wrestling I’m here with few legends himself Earl Hebner how’re you
doing today I’m doing good since you walked up you know what you’re beautiful
oh here’s a wonder you just made my day you made my day seriously you just being
here awesome hey this is a lot of fun for me believe
me fun for us seriously honored to have you here
now you kind of have seen every aspect of the industry what is what does it
mean to you you know kind of see everything kind of building and growing
and where it is now I think it’s real great I mean yeah you know it’s we’re
getting into the you call young generation and they’re asking businesses
now but it’s been good I’ve enjoyed my life in it believe me and all the guys
here Ricky brewed us really down there and just all the guys that come up with
it it’s just amazing to see all of them back again absolutely what kind of has
been your favorite moment you know to kind of see the experience be first
hands on I mean you’ve got to see an incredible moment most recently with
Cody Rhodes and Dustin you know huge it was great it was and even though I’m a
referee and whatever that match was tough it was heartbreaking at the end
but but it was it was great and that’s something that that’s probably one of my
well that is the best matter that I will carry with me for the rest of my life I
mean I’ve done a lot great matches but that I mean I was raised up or when I
was coming up those boys were babies and their dad gave me my first opportunity
being the offenders and I watched those boys from kids grow
up to be men and it made me feel like sort of family well it didn’t make me
feel like family it’s like my two boys are beating each other honestly that
meant so much she that’s truly truly incredible what are some big things kind
of on the horizon for you that we can kind of watch I mean everybody’s got an
eye on you always well aw is gonna come through with a big time
and it’s gonna put a hurtin on Oh WWE because aew was going to Space Mountain
where I think WWE is gonna have to build a mountain but it’s going to be tough
but this company is so great to work for I love it yeah
and Cody text me the other day he says are you happy are you doing okay I said
I was happy when you gave me the first phone call and that’s the truth I love
it there and then I’m like I said I feel honored being there but the young bucks
and those boys it’s just a thrill for me like you said truly a family just the
camaraderie throughout the business amazing so what is kind of the
differences you know between kind of Vince and you know now working with aww
what are kind of some big differences that stick out to you working for Vince
I’ve never been in prison but it sure felt like it working for aww it’s just
so laid-back relaxed the boys are having so much fun in the dress room it’s just
great right right you can’t love it if you had WWE
actually well I’m so happy that you found somewhere that you truly love we
love you thank you so much for being here thank you know what I love you

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