Interview with BYU Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Chris Burgess

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court. The party continues at the Marriot center. We now welcome in Chris burgess to talk about the beautiful game plan that they had to beat the zags. The building was there in ’72 adn that was one of the best nights there. What was one fo the best things that you saw? We were tough defensively, and tj haws, the zags come in with the best offense in the nation and we knew that htese guys are gonna bring it. They can still score so we have to make plays off the ball. Those charges and deflections. Those were tough plays and we were the tougher team and you have to be or you’re going to lose by 30. When did you think that this game could be won, right when yoeli came back. We played tough, we competed to an exten at Spokane, we take away that two minute stretch where they went off, it’s a 6 point game. If you shoot well, than that’s a game. The way that we shoot the ball always gives us a chance. We’re competing with these guys, we have a great environemnt and there were a lot of things going for us and when did you enjoy the moment? I say with like 50 seconds when they didn’t foul, and I’m a note taker and so for the first time I closed by notebook and looked at the crowd, and I was like, I’m not going to worry for a sec and I’m going to focus on what this crowd for this team. And that’s 50 seconds earlier than usual. Your mom was there and she talked about me all about the notes you take and she said that you closed it and I said to her that the fan base having this as a payoff and building up to this moment, it couldn’t be more poetic. I’ve been really lucky to play in some fun venues, but this was amazing. By far as the best venue as a coach. You’re hugging those guys and for us to be able to see that and get that after those nine months, it’s so special and all those fans in there. There were a lot. There’s going to be 50,000 who claim they were there. It was packed, when you walk out there, what’s that like as a staff and player? We’re doing a lot, we’re recruiting and we had a few recruits in the house. Good game. Great game and you’re soaking it in and your appreciative. I’ve been in places where you’re not going to get that. So that was really special. And I’m walking in videoing and then you’re like, lcked in. Oohme>>what’s the key to surviving a let down. We get locked in and gotta get into Colby Ross and they had a ton of great plays and they can score and that’s our thing as coaches and we’ll get them

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