Inside GLORY – September 2017

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Glory returned back to the Windy City
for glory 44 Chicago 11 bouts were featured including two world title
fights return of fan favorites heavyweight Cătălin Moroșanu and
middleweight Dustin Jacoby and a knockout of the Year candidate delivered
by Robert Thomas as summer turns to fall glory returns to Europe and the
Netherlands for the second time in 2017 for glory 45 Amsterdam all six of the
men’s weight divisions will be in action on September 30th featuring the second
title defense of Robin van Roosmalen the number 1 & 2 ranked middleweights to
battle return of welterweight Nieky Holzken and the four-man one-night
contender tournament featuring the light heavyweights on this edition of inside
glory we’ll take one final look back at glory
44 Chicago recap the 7 weight divisions that make up glory and go inside
training with one of kickboxing most famous gyms I’ll be joined later by my
broadcast partner and former welterweight champ Joseph Valtellini
as we preview glory 45 and then later on give you a glimpse of Glory’s expansion
into China this fall inside glory starts right now welcome to inside glory i’m Todd Grisham
after having spent the summer in the United States Glory Kickboxing now sets
sail for Europe Glory 45 Amsterdam which comes your way on September 30th before
moving forward and previewing one of these strongest cards this year let’s
take one last look back at glory 44 Chicago there we saw Tiffany van Soest
defend her title for the first time Murthel Groenhart hart successfully capturing
the welterweight championship and this his third attempt a battle between two
hometown welterweights and the return of Cătălin Moroșanu and Dustin Jacoby what
a night it was here’s a backstage behind-the-scenes look at glory 44
Chicago hi Chicago the champ is here, how are you? he’s never seen nothing like me the fury
I’m gonna bring him the hell I’m gonna put him in you never seen it before
purpose is what drives me he don’t have enough of it I’m gonna expose that
Robert you don’t have enough of it yeah I mean he’s just talking he’s trying to
convince himself that it is what it is he doesn’t believe it neither do I so put anyone in front of me I’ll fight him
and I’ll beat him ready for anything we train hard we work hard we earn it but
whoever it is it doesn’t matter cuz we we get it we take it
However get the W we did it the champ is here the champ You see that flag right behind you there big boy you gonna wake your delusional ass up
tomorrow night Here were going to find him in front of some home town crowd he’s 11 and 5 with 4 career knockouts
he last appeared in Copenhagen in Glory 40 Ready to party brother, I’m ready to party my man lets do it i’m not arrogant you know that though, you scared I see you’re scared I’m the champion
I’m going to knock his head, I’m going to knock his head down tomorrow I will not turn my back I can’t believe it this is moral Sam and
this is glory no glory Chicago awesome feeling nice awesome Are you ready for Glory? knockout for your winner, Robert Thomas and still Glorys super phantom weight champion of the world Cedric Doumbe defending his title for the third time this is your main event of the evening and new Bow for your king men, bow for your king that was our second visit to Chicago in
2017 two fantastic nights and an always great
fight crowd coming up I’ll be joined by my broadcast partner Bazooka Joe Joseph
Valtelleni as we take a look at the upcoming card for
glory 45 Amsterdam you’re watching inside glory Saturday September 30th
glory returns to the home of modern kickboxing for glory 45 Amsterdam it’s
featherweight frenzy as Robin van Roosemalen defends his title against Serhiy Adamchuk Nieky Holzken battles for welterweight contention and everyone’s
favorite bad boy Michael the Dream Crusher Dutt heads up a four-man light
heavyweight tournament glory 45 Amsterdam Saturday September 30th check
date and time in your area Glory consists of seven weight divisions and
every glory event showcases one and sometimes two world title fights in
addition every glory card features a one-night four man contender tournament
where the winner must fight and win twice in one night to capture the
trophy and get one step closer to a world title shot as we prepare for glory
45 Amsterdam let’s catch up on each of the seven weight classes and our glory
division recap in December 2016 the inaugural women’s super bantamweight
tournament came to a close at glory collision in Germany American Time Bomb
Tiffany van Soest took three straight victories and the title to be crowned
the first division champion at glory 44 Chicago Van Soest defended her title for
the first time and in dominating fashion defeated Germany’s Meryem Uslu
with a fourth round TKO next up for the champ glory 48 New York where she will defend
her title for the second time in the in the featherweight division Robin van Roosmalen faced Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao at glory 41 Holland the Dutchman took the vacant
title and now prepares to face Serhiy Adamchuk of the Ukraine at glory 45
Amsterdam while new featherweight contender tournament champion Kevin VanNostrand is waiting in the wings at glory 39 Brussels Sitthichai defended the
lightweight belt for a second time fighting contender tournament winner
Dylan Salvador as Sitthichai I turned up the pace the Frenchman wilted under the
bombardment of relentless knees to the midsection
Salvador folded in the forth giving Sitthichai another knockout win he’s
currently training hard to defend his title again in the near future new welterweight champion Murthel Groenhart described the division as a war zone
after taking the belt from Cedric Doumbe through five tough rounds at glory 44
Chicago and there are certainly battles ahead for the new champion Harut Grigorian is thirsty for revenge on Groenhart after a controversial
knockout and he just powered his way through a welterweight contender
tournament to put himself in prime position for a title shot close behind
him Nieky Holzken hopes to start his journey back to the top at glory 45
Amsterdam Groenhart will have his work cut out in one of Glory’s deadliest
divisions at glory 40 Copenhagen Simon Marcus challenged the man who took his
middleweight belt Reining champion Jason Psycho Wilnis
this time Marcus showed Wilnis his power some respect and kept his focus Marcus regained the belt by the
narrowest of margins and will next defend the title at glory 46 China
against Brazil’s Alex Pereira behind him lies a stacked division with fellow
North Americans Dustin Jacoby and Rob Thomas both scoring impressive victories
at glory 44 Chicago light heavyweight champion Artem Vakhitov retain the title after a dazzling defeat of Brazilian behemoth Saulo Cavalari at glory 38 Chicago a recurring injury as him temporarily
sidelined and under glory rules a light heavyweight interim title bout took
place at glory 43 New York and Pavel Zhuravlev defeat Cavalari by unanimous
decision to become the number one ranked opponent for Vakhitov however he will have
to wait his turn as Ariel Machado winner of the light heavyweight contender
tournament back at Glory 38 will take on Vakhitov when he returns at glory 47
Lyon and at the top of it all heavyweight superstar Rico Verhoeven
continued his winning streak through 2016-17
with a solid defeat of Moroccan Ismael Lazaar at glory 41 Holland Verhoeven
returns to the ring and a non-title championship bout against Antonio
Bigfoot Silva Silva moves from the MMA cage to the glory ring to take on the
king of kickboxing as glory expands its global footprint and debuts in China
with glory 46 Verhoeven’s next title defense will come two months later in
Rotterdam when he takes on man Mountain Jamal Big Ben Saddik these two have
history with Ben Saddik scoring a knockout win over Verhoeven early in their
careers both fighters have grown and matured since then but while Verhoeven
has climbed to the top of the division Ben Saddik has not had the same level of
success said he called out the champion after his victory at glory
39 brussels and Vehoeven was all too happy to climb into the ring and accept
his challenge I want Rico Verhoeven man come on this isn’t even a
challenge and you know I’d beat him once I beat him once its nothing he wants it, lets do it we’ve got this
if their faceoff is any indicator these two giants meet in the Netherlands in December
it could be the fight of the year seven divisions three new champions and one
interim title glory continues its dominance throughout 2017 as the number
one kickboxing organization on the planet joining me now is the former
welterweight champion of the world Joseph Valtelleni
you never get tired of me introducing that way
just you have that voice
that I can keep hearing over and over where’s your belt you always bring the
title belt with you
no forgot it at home well let’s talk about a title
fight coming our way glory 45 in Holland and it’ll be Robin van Roosmalen
putting his title on the line against Serhiy Adamchuk I know you’re really
excited about this matchup yeah because Robin van Roosmalen
can’t be beat we’ve you know so many fighters have come in and tried to you
know dethrone him but he’s just been so dominant so powerful and finishing
everyone they put in front of him Adamchuk on the other hand has a very
good chance in this fight because he’s a little bit more unorthodox I think he’s
gonna bring a different style than most people are used to he can adapt he can
pressure fight he can move so I’m really excited for this one and another fighter
who’s on the rise perhaps hotter than anyone right now Yousri Belgaroui there’s so much hype behind this guy but he’s facing the stiffest challenge of his
career yeah Belgaroui came in doing incredible
winning a contender’s tournament and now he has a shot against Jason Wilnis
former middleweight champion so he’s really got to shine and be good that
night because Wilnis you know he makes people fight his fight he’s gonna come
forward he’s gonna stalk you down get you against the ropes and really put on
those power punches but Belgaroui show us he can stay long he can stay
active he can move so man that fights up in the air yeah and the winner of that
fight is expected to get a title shot in their next contest also in action two
big heavyweights break it down well Hesdy Gerges
a big challenge in Mladen Brestovac Brestovac is an awkward southpaw
can throw kicks from any angle any level which makes him very dangerous you know
he had a tough good fight with Rico Verhoeven so he has a lot of confidence
going in but Gerges is finding his momentum again and he’s really gonna
have to go in there use his pressure style fighting to shut down that left
kick and if he wants to get back in the top of the division if both of these
guys want to get back in it makes a win in this fight can’t wait to see it and
we are in the Netherlands for glory 45 and one of the best fighters
ever to come out of that country Nieky Holzken but he’s lost
back-to-back fights Joe what is going on well Nieky’s been the top of the
division for many years now and he’s only really fought title fights
Amsterdam is gonna be the first time and I would say about seven or eight fights
for Nieky where he’s actually fighting three three-minute rounds and not a
championship fight how important is it for him to get this win well it’s huge
for Nieky to have back-to-back losses to Doumbe in order for him to keep his
status to keep his top ranking in the welterweight division
he needs a dominant performance hey his legacy could be on the line is Nieky
Holzken as good as he once was people are starting to question him hey you got
anywhere to go not really alright stick around coming up later on
Joseph will break down one of the biggest nights ever in glory history
coming up we go inside training and take a behind-the-scenes look at one of the
premier kick boxing gyms in the world you’re watching inside glory Saturday September 30th it’s wham bam Amsterdam for glory 45 super fight Series A Clash
of the Titans with heavyweight Hesdy Gerges and Mladen Brestovac middleweight
madness with X champ Jason Wilnis against just Yousri Belgaroui and
lightweight rising stars Tyjani Beztati and Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai face off glory 45 super fight series Saturday
September 30th check date and time in your area when Murthel Groenhart defeated Cedric Doumbe for the welterweight title at
glory 44 chicago he became another in a long line of champions to come out of
Mike’s gym founded and managed by world champion trainer
Big Mike Passenier this world-class facility has trained some of the world’s
best kick boxers including Badr Hari as we approach glory 45 Amsterdam once
again Mike’s gym will have a large presence Serhiy Adamchuk, Yousri Belgaroui and Massaro Glunder will all be in action
on this edition of inside training we take a closer look at Mike’s gym well
those thought simple I was sometimes teaching class being a substitute and
people said you need to do this more often
I said now there’s nothing for me but you know then I started to train with Stuart Ballantine have a better football team and I Dan Gilbert started
to teach in the East Side front of them and he asked me to help them then we
left the east side for the North side so we went to the north side teach over
there from there I met Joeri Mes you know my first fight and then we be on to
several teams and everyone was the same I said well I needed a place for my own
then I can train whenever I want how long I want and just do whatever I want at that time also came Badr Hari now
at this time at several other kickboxers you know I never want to change them as
a fighter I just want to add something to their game so they become better I think I just care like I said I just
sit on the bench all day talking from the bench telling people what to do no
you have to step like this a little bit and once you’re in a while I just get
off this bench okay and I show just the steps or the punches and then we do it over and over again till we can’t get
it wrong that a lot of guys who can do the same thing I do know guys who maybe
can even do it better but they’re just not me that’s it’s the secret like this sometimes it’s necessary some people
need to be shaken nothing to tell a nice story
fighting Robbie Lawler with Melvin Manhoef and we always have a very intensive
warm-up and everything and then when we start warming up and screaming shouting
and punching and fighting then the call security and twenty guys rush into the
room because they think we were fighting, but we were just warming up and these things happen you know Goedenavond (good evening) Amsterdam but now Glory comes to Holland’s
you know that special
Glory contracts them that’s where we live so you know this is
something you have to see we’re gonna be well prepared we’re gonna show everybody
nobody’s gonna do nothing in our city to us yeah we are proud to be the little gym
we are with big fighters and and you know the big entities but something’s
just don’t go if the other guy is better is better but that means you have given
all a little bit more than this At Glory 45 Big Mike will be tested as his number
two ranked Yousri Belgaroui faces number one ranked Jason Winis in a
key middleweight matchup tonight concludes with top ranked Serhiy Adamchuk looking to reclaim the featherweight belt this time he’ll face
his toughest opponent yet and current champion Robin van Roosmalen
when we come back I’ll be joined one more time by my broadcast partner
Bazooka Joe Joseph Valtelleni as we look ahead at Glory’s expansion
into China and now to discuss one of the biggest
nights in Glory history I’m joined once again by Joseph Valtelleni
glory is headed to Guangzhou China the first-ever card in China for glory
UFC hasn’t even been to China yet what are your thoughts on that big historic
night on October 14 well you got to think China is such a huge martial arts
country so to have a glory kickboxing event there there’s a lot of people a
lot of passionate martial arts fans and then you know I’m expecting a lot of
these Chinese fighters to you know really make a big name for themselves in
kickboxing and you know that old-school martial arts and that mentality they
have from such a young age man to see that in kickboxing is just gonna be
something new the press conference we had in China has been viewed over 1.5
million times on YouTube a lot of excitement around this card including
the main event which we’ve already announced and it’s going to be Rico Verhoeven vs. Bigfoot Silva who’s never fought kickboxing match before yeah but
it’s Bigfoot Silva you see that man he’s just this big structure and you know I
think it’s gonna be one of those guys that Rico’s gonna look at and Rico is
gonna be maybe a little intimidated by that size but I just think Rico is on a
totally different level right now whoever we’re throwing in front of him
he’s just you know finishing all of his fights and we’re having a hard time
getting in those hard fights but Bigfoot don’t what no one wants to fight Rico so
props to Bigfoot for standing up to him yeah he’s a big guy and you know when
you’re that big all it takes is one little touch and the fights totally
changed also Simon Marcus will be defending his middleweight championship
be taking on Alex Pereira of Brazil but also a couple of Chinese fighters that
were really excited about they’ve already made their glory debut we get to
see them in action let’s start with Chenchen Li well Chenchen Li is just he’s
so young and when he came in he just did an incredible job at being entertaining
he had a big knockout his dancing on the other hand and who weren’t overly
impressed with well like what I like this is what I said on the broadcast he
performed so well he earned the right to dance that bad well he did and it was an
incredible knockout so to see him back in his hometown is gonna be exciting we
have Qinghao Meng who also had a very successful debut
in glory so these Chinese fighters are you know winning and they’re doing well
and being back in China is just gonna give them that extra motivation and to
keep training to keep getting better in the kickboxing rules it all happens on
October 14th as glory for the first time ever hits China cannot wait for October
14th well that’ll do it for this edition of inside glory be sure to join us for
glory 45 Amsterdam taking place Saturday September 30th the modern mecca of
kickboxing hosts an action-packed night featuring
the second title defense of Robin van Roosmalen as he faces number one
ranked Serhiy Adamchuk heavyweights collide in a match of top 10 ranked
fighters when Hesdy Gerges takes on Mladen Brestovac a key middleweight
matchup between number one ranked Jason Wilness and number two ranked Yousri Belgaroui and finally the light heavyweights do battle in the for man
one night contender tournament be sure to check your local listings for date
and time in your area and of course check out all things glory including our
new and improved website follow us on Facebook
Twitter and Instagram as well as catch up on your glory features and fights on our
youtube channel i’m Todd Grisham can’t wait to see you at glory 45 Amsterdam are you ready for Glory

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