Inside GLORY – November 2018

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on Saturday December 8th glory returns
to its roots and the home of some of its biggest events for glory 62 Rotterdam
and the eight-man heavyweight championship tournament for the first
time in five years the four top-ranked fighters in the division take the three
fights and one night challenge as they face off against four rising stars for
the chance to be crowned glory heavyweight tournament champ with over
2,000 pounds of combined heavy weight power eight men will enter the ring but
only one will find glory the glory heavyweight championship
tournament pits the four top-ranked heavyweights in the division against
four hungry challengers in a one-night eight-man tournament with four
quarterfinals two semis and the final the grueling prospect of three fights
and one night awaits the victor and with it the ultimate test of strategy power
and technique ranks 1 through 4 our top seeds take the white corners across the
bracket and bracket a number one-ranked Benjamin Adegbuyi the Romanian is on
a three fight win streak and has beaten some of the best in the division and
bracket be number two ranked Jamal Ben Saddik nicknamed the Goliath the
mountainous Moroccan is fresh off a KO win and is the most experienced fighter
in the tournament in bracket C number four ranked Jahfarr Wilnis with a win
against Saddik and a loss against addict Adegbuyi already this year Wilnis will
certainly be prepared should he meet either in the final and in bracket d
number three ranked Guto Inocente the Brazilian has had a meteoric rise in the
division and also scored a win over the number one ranked Adegbuyi with four
such closely matched fighters occupying every match up each one poses a
significant challenge to our four remaining fighters: New Zealand’s Junior
Tafa, Tomas Mozny of Slovakia, Arek Wrzosek out of Poland and Germany’s
Mohamed Abdallah these four fighters will be subject to a random draw each
fighter picking a number 5 through 8 drawn in order of ranking to determine
their seedings in the tournament for example
the fighters drawing number five will then have the opportunity to select
their opponent from the top four ranked and so on for number six and seven with
the fighters drawing number eight to be assigned automatically to the remaining
place there by filling out the black corners and completing the bracket with
the actual drawing taking place later this month
both Tafa and Mozny ranked in the top ten they’re coming off wins in 2018
newcomers Wrzosek and Abdallah have a mountain to climb but as has been proven
time and time again anything can and will happen in a glory tournament the
glory eight-man championship tournament eight
men enter the ring but only one will find glory we’re just getting started on
this edition of inside glory will feature the top four ranked heavyweights, I
will also be joined by my broadcast partner Bazooka Joe Valtellini
as we preview the key matchups in this can’t miss event Saturday December 8 christmas comes
early as the best stand-up fighters in the world converge on rotterdam for
glory 62 super fight series with headline action from four of the world’s
top 5 best lightweights as Marat Grigorian faces Christian bad news Baya for
the first time ever and Tyjani Beztati seeks revenge against stoyan koprivlenski glory 62 super fight series Saturday
December 8 check date and time in your area
don’t miss it welcome back to inside glory and look who’s here
and all his glory the former welterweight champion of the world
Joseph Valtellini ready to talk about this massive tournament I am I’m excited
man we haven’t seen a big heavyweight tournament like this since glory 4
Tokyo so I’m excited to have it back alright 8 of the top heavyweights in the
world today squaring off and the number one seed Benjamin Adegbuyi your
reaction to him getting the top spot well I think he deserves it I mean
multiple time contender tournament winner I know he’s motivated to get in
there and the prize money in this tournament he wants it you got $100,000
in this side of the bracket the four seed will be Jahfarr Wilnis they
could potentially meet in the semi-finals break that possible matchup
well they’ve fought twice in the past first at glory 24 Denver then recently
at glory 58 Chicago close fights the first one could have gone easily to
wilnis but that last one adegbuyi just looks so dominant but that fight
with wilnis and his pressure could go any way
well how does wilnis beat him
this time he hasn’t been able to do it in the first two attempts well it was
with his pressure and wilnis does well with forward pressure he’s got to get
inside use those busy combinations and it’s low kicks are some of the best
three fights is one night is obviously a challenge for any fighter in the world
but heavyweights especially they have problems with stamina you would think
the longer the night goes on how do they handle that well I think it’s just
really being patient and I mean an eight-man tournament you might have to
have a little bit more strategy than you would in a four-man tournament so it’s
finding that balance between thinking about the next fight and leaving it all
in the ring you say patient other people might say you need to be in patient go
for the kill right away get this thing over with and move to the next round
well I think you have to have a little bit more strategy than that because
there is no second fight unless you win the first one so yes go out there
perform you have to win but if you have two more fights after that and you just
threw your shins and your shins are cut or bleeding especially out of
heavyweight that can give you problems
so is Adegbuyi in your opinion the favorite to win it has to be I think he just evolved
so well and now especially training with Rico and Dennis Crowley at super Pro I
mean he’s won three contender tournaments in the past so he knows how
to pace himself in multiple fights but he hasn’t fun in eight-man tournament so
he has one more fight to prepare for it so that’s one half of the eight-man
tournament bracket broken down by Joseph Valtellini we’ll hit the other half a
little later on here on inside glory Benjamin Adegbuyi has earned the
number one seat he currently ranks second all-time and
glory wins for a heavyweight as well as being the only fighter to win three
contender tournaments riding a three fight winning streak including two
against opponents featured in this tournament
mister gentleman as he’s called is certainly the man to be fighting tonight out of Bucharest Romania mr. gentleman Benjamin Adegbyi I think is the biggest tournament in my
life the biggest fight of my life eight-man tournament the toughest
challenge that you can get in our sport I already won some tournaments it was
different there were four man tournaments but this tournament all the
big guys even Jamal and Guto, all the top contenders they are in Jamal is one of the biggest fighter in glory
everybody knows is a tough guy I don’t want to talk trash fighters but I don’t
think he’s my level junior tafa it’s one of the most
interesting guys in glory he has a good very good boxing he has some knockout
power it’s a guy to just watch out I’d beat him already
for sure i’ll beat him the second time but I don’t understand in a way let’s talk about Jahfarr mentally and physically he like pressure fighter is one of the
toughest guy in the cinema it will be one of the best tournament in the world
eight tough guys they will be meeting one night but it’s only one there only
one champion so this has to be me I’m the number one I will be the champion mister gentleman looks as confident and as fit as ever the other side of the
bracket features number 4 C Jahfarr Wilnis so while unsuccessful in two
attempts against Adebuyi should they meet and he defeat the
number one seed in the semi-finals his path to tournament champ would improve
greatly in the finals as he already has two wins against the number two seed Jamal Ben Saddik
knows he has a tough road ahead but then again he’s as tough as it
gets this is good it’s good when I heard of
this tournament I was like I want to be in it so let’s make it happen
let’s do this I don’t make a joke of this story
because I really want to win that’s hard you had pain but you still
must go you’re injured you must go you know conditioning is going away because
you fought three hard rounds still you must fight it’s tough but when you win something
like this you really feel yourself on another level you know you won yeah but you must go
again so you start all over again it’s all here it’s all in the head you know it’s or Ben or Jamal one let’s do this
let’s do this I know I’m hot I know I can go deep if I
wake up and I feel like an animal I’m going to destroy them don’t count out
Jahfarr Wilnis he’ll have added support in his corner and his brother
former middleweight champion Jason Wilnis
two down two to go
when we come back on this special edition of inside glory I’ll be joined once again
by my broadcast partner Joe Valtellini as well as look at the other side of the
tournament bracket featuring number two seed Jamal Ben Saddik and the three seed
Guto Inocente you’re watching inside glory welcome back to inside glory we’re here
to break down the other half of the eight-man tournament taking place in
Rotterdam all heavyweights Joe let’s talk about the two seed and the three
seed the Goliath Jamal Ben Saddik and of course from Brazil a man who just
battled for the heavyweight championship of the world
Guto innocente well both of those guys have come off of title fights so they
have to prepare for five rounds which could give an advantage because as
a heavyweight to prepare for five rounds is a lot of work so they have to put
that extra rounds in their conditioning and especially on their pad work but
they do need to remember three rounds that’s totally different than five
rounds when you’re in a three round fight it’s more of that sprint you got
to go out there you got to lay out you got to be more active right off the
start but in five rounds you tend to pace yourself a little bit more and
sometimes you might have to take a round off especially as a heavyweight so these
guys need to really make sure they prepare for that sprint like mentality
you got to go in there be able to fight as hard as you can for three rounds take
that time to rest and then fight again to other potential time Jamal Ben Saddik
in his last fight mowed right through d’Angelo Marshall do you expect him to
come out with that type of strategy in this tournament well for him it could
play well he’s big he’s strong and he hits really hard and especially when he
throws his kicks he does damage every time with it so it could be a good
strategy for him to go in there really lay it out on the line and get that
early win and move on to the semis as for Guto innocente he just fought
Rico Verhoeven credit to him he went all five rounds he didn’t take a lot of
risk though he didn’t really pressure the champ much what do you think about
his strategy in this tournament well I think guto is gonna fight guto’s way and
that’s with a lot of movement explosive kicking on the outside but when he
fought someone like Jamal Ben Saddik or good forward pressure fighters it tends
to slow down that movement that type of you know fancy footwork that he’s used to
so for him I think we’re gonna have to see a mix with his outside movement I
think we’re gonna have to see in pressure and especially on the inside
put some combinations together now let’s assume they both make it to the
semi-finals it’ll be Jamal Ben Saddik taking on Guto innocente it would be a
rematch the first fight it was dominated by Ben Saddik because Guto didn’t know
what to do what does he change this time well he’s just got to be more active you
got to go out there throw combinations don’t sit there and wait I’m talking to
Guto he said the ring felt really small with the Goliath’s being so big in
there that he takes up a big amount of that ring so he found that he
didn’t have the space in the movement to try to create any offense so for Guto
it’s just trying to put things together he’s got to find that space he’s got to
put combinations together and he’s just got to create offense earlier you told
us to use up the one seed would make it to the final Benjamin Adegbuyi, who do
you think makes it out of this bracket well I think it’s got to be
Jamal Ben Saddik I think just with his size and his power advantage and the way
that he beat Buddah last time I think he’s got a slight edge here so according
to Joe it’s gonna be the one seed Benjamin Adebuyi taking on the
Goliath the two seed in the final I’m not gonna ask you right now who’s gonna
win I want to make you and the people at home wait we’ll find out who Joe thinks
is gonna win this massive eight-man heavyweight tournament coming up a
little later on sitting at number two the Goliath currently holds more
knockouts and a greater knockout percentage eighty-one percent than any
other heavyweight in the tournament so while stamina is key in fighting three
times in one night his greatest asset maybe in his knockout power you need to be in that tournament to show the audience and the fans that you are the best heavyweight so you
need to fight more than one fight in one night the winner of the tournament
really is the best of the heavyweights if you win a single fight it doesn’t mean
you are the best heavyweight you need to be in that tournament to show the
audience and the fans that you are the best heavyweight so you need to fight
more than one fight in one night I want to show the audience and the people and the fans that I am the best this man who enters the ring it means he’s gonna win the tournament he pushed the reigning champion to the
limit in the 2017 fight of the year here comes Jamal Ben Saddik when he enters the ring so the feeling that I love you can have it three times
in one night look goliath he’s ready to go Joe here we go this could be over in a few
seconds from the first fight I am going to show the audience, the fans that I am
the best that we were out of there and I gonna win the tournament they’re going to see it from the first moment that I walked into the ring I don’t have any fighter who that I’d
love to meet I just wanna I just want to fight all the fighters so I really
looking forward to this role and you can’t wait to to fight it December
because I want to fight all the fighters out there I just wanna kill them very quick and
that’s what they’re going to do also in the 8 man tournament in Rotterdam while the Goliath has made it look easy
at times he feels the tournament is his it all goes according to plan now the
dark horse in the tournament sits at number three with a victory over Adebuyi but a loss to Saddik as well as going the distance with Rico Verhoeven
Guto knows he can hang with the best and is looking to pull off the upset I’m Guto Inocente and I am from Brazil a good start to round 2 for the
Brazilian you got to think guto got the potential to knock anyone out with his
kicks what a start to this fight my favorite technique is like a high kick
I love to kick this people in the head I love to knock people out man guto going in the for the kill this
would be the biggest win of his career here comes Guto charging it again well guto’s gettin’ in his shots in as well oh that left hand connected we’ve seen literally two minutes of
non-stop guto coming forward and another shot landed by innocente I think I’m very strong for the
heavyweight division a semi-final rematch between Guto
innocente and Jamal Ben Saddik is worth the price of admission alone but up next
Joe valtellini will join me one more time as we take one final look at the
eight-man heavyweight tournament and possible others coming out of the
remaining four that you may want to keep your eye on inside glory continues Saturday December 8th from the Rotterdam
Ahoy the biggest fights on the biggest night as glory brings you the 8 man
heavyweight tournament the top four ranked heavyweights take the three
fights in one night challenge featuring number one contender
Benjamin Adegbuyi Jamal Ben Saddik, Guto innocente and Jahfarr Wilnis one night one
winner to be crowned glory’s heavyweight tournament champion glory 62 Saturday
December 8th don’t miss it December 8th Rotterdam ahoy one of the
biggest tournaments in glory history 8 big heavyweights colliding for $100,000
Joe earlier you told us you think it’s gonna be Benjamin Adegbuyi vs. Jamal
ben Saddik in the final obviously before handicapping that match you’ve got to
consider what kind of condition will they be in considering they’ve already
fought twice that night but all things even who wins well I think Benjamin
adegbuyi just because he has the ability to adapt we can see him fight
long we can see him fight with pressure and just with his team training with
Rico on a consistent basis man he’s been unstoppable if Jamal Ben Saddik doesn’t
blow through his first two opponents like he did to d’Angelo Marshall and like
he almost did against Rico in the first round what will happen then
well I think that’s where adegbuyi picks up steam I mean Jamal Ben saddik’s
gonna really rely on that power especially earlier but as the fight goes
on that’s where the advantage goes to adegbuyi so you’ve got adegbuyi
winning this whole thing if it’s not a adebuyi
if it’s not saddik if it’s not one of the top four seeds we’ve already discussed
give me a dark horse that you think can win it all well there’s two I mean and
I’ll give you the one I think that’s gonna have the biggest advantage and I
think it’s Tomas Mozny I think he’s tall he’s long he’s got some unorthodox
type of striking and guys really have to close distance to attack him and he’s
good at playing with that range but don’t count out junior tafa
if he hits you with one shot it’s good night hey I know junior Tafa has been
training with Mark Hunt and we all know what he’s done in kickboxing tournaments
in the past can’t wait for December 8th love talking
kickboxing with you so what I do best bro all right one final look at the
bracket show number one Benjamin adegbuyi and number four Jahfarr wilnis could
meet in one semi-final while number two Jamal ben saddik could face three seed
guto innocente in the other but don’t count out the four remaining fighters
that will make up the black corner number five junior tafa and number seven
Tomas Mozny along with unranked and promising heavyweights Arek wrzosek
and mohamed abdallah the selection of the quarterfinal matchups are coming
soon you don’t want to miss that preceding glory 62 rotterdam will be the
glory super fight series featuring two top ranked lightweight matches saturday
december 8th christmas comes early as the best stand-up fighters in the world
converge on rotterdam for glory 62 super fight series with headline action from
four of the world’s top 5 best light weights as Marat Grigorian faces
Christian bad news baya for the first time ever and Tyjani Beztati
seeks revenge against Stoyan Koprivlenski glory 62 super fight series Saturday
December 8th check date and time in your area don’t miss it that will do it for
this edition of inside glory up next our season-ending super event at glory 62
rotterdam featuring an eight-man heavyweight tournament the first of its
kind and almost six years don’t forget to check out all things glory on our
website follow us on Facebook Twitter and
Instagram as well as catch up on all glory features shows and fights on our
YouTube channel you

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