If Conor and Khabib are standing, it doesn’t necessarily mean Conor’s winning…

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We’re close to crunch time, right? Final picks. You got to make your final picks. Biggest fight, MMA history, Khabib and Conor. Who you going to take? And I’ll tell you this: I do not buy all of
the narratives out there and I find that we’re very quick to jump on them, and you can just
kind of rinse and repeat and throw two new guys out there and you have the same narrative,
right? Who’s got the reach advantage or…? “Well, if Conor can keep it standing…” “Well, if Khabib can get it to the ground…” And somehow no matter how many weeks and months
and years go by, decades of being fight fans, we just keep turning to that same argument
and it’s a little bit boring and it’s a little bit dull, and it’s certainly unsophisticated
analysis. Has Conor proven on his feet that he’s a better
fighter than Khabib? You make that decision. If the answer’s yes, okay, fine. The narrative though, as though Khabib has
ever been stuck on his feet and been beaten up, is simply false. A little of that came out in the Al Iaquinta
fight and I didn’t agree with it. Khabib was landing shots, he was using footwork,
the head motion wasn’t necessarily great, but he was still winning moments of the fight
stuck in the range where people said he doesn’t want to be. The other side of it is with Conor and is
wrestling. I don’t know how to say this any clearer but
wrestling—and I say this, too, as a wrestler—wrestling is one aspect that can take a fight from here
to here but the second you hit the ground you’re no longer wrestling. I can just share that with you, whether you’re
talking about Olympic wrestling or you’re talking NCAA wrestling – that is no longer
wrestling. That is not where we want to be. That is not where we spend our time in the
practice rooms and at the training centers and trying to compete at. That’s now a different sport known as grappling. If you start adding strikes, it’s a sport
known as mixed martial arts. Conor has shown an ability to get up off the
bottom. Go see the Chad Mendes fight. So it changes. It just changes a little bit. I don’t know that either of those narratives
is completely true. Just because the fight is on the feet–here’s
the final analysis I’ll make [00:02:03]—just because the fight is on the feet does not
mean that Conor is winning. Understand that when you’re watching the fight. Understand, he must take one of these in a
forward direction and put it on Khabib’s body, okay? If the fight goes to the ground that does
not necessarily mean that Khabib is winning. I think both of these guys would like to keep
it in their realms, but us as fans can’t just jump to the conclusion that should they succeed
with their goal they’re automatically winning. The other part of it that I don’t buy into
is the narrative about Conor and his conditioning issues. I will concede to the narrative that Khabib
has fantastic conditioning. I’m just not quite ready to admit that Conor
does not. I haven’t seen that, and I know some of you
think that you have between the Floyd Mayweather fight where he said he was tired. Look, that’s a different sport. It’s a different sport entirely. Or, if you were to look at the first Nate
Diaz fight where Conor came out and said, “I was tired,” but it was two weight classes
different so it’s a different environment. I just don’t know if I’m buying that. Let’s see what happens here in this fight,
but let’s make sure that we’re real fair to go into it with an open mind. Because if we as fans—okay, my overarching
premise to you guys is this—if we as fans are not willing to accept just because the
fight is on the feet does not mean Conor’s winning and just because the fight is on the
ground does not automatically mean that Khabib is winning, if we’re not willing to accept
that, how can you expect the judges to? We cannot let this go into the hands of the
judges with them coming in with a preconceived notion that if more minutes of this contest
was on the feet, “Well, then I guess Conor must have won,” and if more minutes of this
was on the ground, “Then I guess Khabib must have won.” Go into it open. Go in there excited. Go in there remembering the same narrative
was said about Stipe and Cormier. Cormier was going to have to outwrestle him,
Stipe was going to have to out-strike him. That wasn’t that long ago. And get ready to enjoy the fight. And I’ll tell you this, too: I really appreciate
Conor making statements such as if Khabib doesn’t make weight—first off, I think
that fight goes on anyway, but he has gone a step further as to say, “If for some reason
Khabib does not show up, I will fight either Ferguson or Pettis.” For some guys, that would be tough-guy talk. For us as viewers, that’s a relief that we’re
not going to have to deal with that drama, that the show is going to go on. But ultimately, if you look at Conor’s history,
if you look at the Chad Mendes switch-up at the last minute, he’s a man of his word. If he says he’s going to fight on October
6th, he’s going to fight on October 6th.

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  1. Let's keep it real. If the fight is close and it goes to the judges, Conor wins it. Dana's already mailed the check to the judge who makes the difference.

  2. Chael I usually love your opinions and respect your attitude but in this case it's just balonie. If they are on their feet Conor is winning. Too fast too smart and way too technical. I mean watch his other fights. Just outclasses people with his striking and footwork. Khabib will be no different.

  3. JUST put on the video. Have about a $1000 i want to put down, soon as I see Lord Chael's prediction I will swiftly make the counter bet.. let it be so!!!!

  4. Chael has an uncanny ability to break things down in a different light to get you to see things through a different lens. Love it. Also I’m a Connor fan that thinks Khabib wins this fight.

  5. Chael honestly with all due respect is the narrative that you are not massively gimmicked up for this Fedor fight by you're skin tone and neck veighns the real or false narrative

  6. It’s clear now after all the speculation that only one thing can happen. Conor is going to take Khabib down and ground and pound him, finishing with an arm bar.

  7. Come on now Chael, now you're just talking for the sake of it. History has shown that if Khabib takes you down you're losing, and if Conor hits you on the button with that left canon you're getting knocked out.

  8. The thing is this, Khabib started striking out of nowhere in the Iaquinta fight because he knew Al was extremely tired from the wrestling and he said "ooh, great chance to show off my stand up game!" and he still threw about a million left jabs one after the other like a child spazzing out in Street Fighter.

  9. Using Chad Mendes as an example of Conor getting off from the bottom.. As anything more than herpa derpa doop doop is boo.

  10. i was wonderin for so long who Chael sounds like and now i realize after re-watching the Office he kinda talks like Micheal Scott xD not the same voice but same intonation ,pauses and so on … xD interesting coincidence .. or maybe its just me

  11. Conor should make the smart move and reject the UFC belt and create all his terms for who he fights when and where .. the belt limits his options. hes going to get paid either way.. might as well do it the way he wants to..take the Ufcs power of the belt away from them

  12. Im so excited and hyped up to see this fight. I hope its gonna be a 5 round cardio battle with alot of blood, ground and pound. And i want to see connor's head slowly getting choked or get knocked out by a pussy jab 😂

  13. Khabib will constantly push forward and Connor hasn't been challenged like that ever before. Khabib is relentless. I got Khabib winning, he can win in more ways all Connor can do is catch him in a punch or get a decision. Khabib will just do what he wants.

  14. Oh the irony. Blast people for supporting lazy and forced narratives, then you say that Nate is two weight classes above Conor. That's just objectively false. Conor could barely make 145 and fought at 155 multiple times. Nate has had the majority of his bouts at 155. Saying that fighting around 170 is fighting up two weight classes is nonsense.

  15. Sonnen sport handicapping skills are as good as Conor grappling in later rounds.
    If fight is standing chances are Conor will be winning the first rounds, if fight is on the ground khabib is winning no matter the round.
    Conor cardio is not too bad at 145 but khabib freak intensity will dwarf Conor endurance.
    If Conor fail to KO Khabib he will break after the 3rd round.
    Jon Jones and Khabib will die fighting all rounds,
    Conor will give his back, run away or lower his guard when losing and tired.

  16. Come on if the fight stays on the feet everyone knows that Connors a better Striker. If he's not held to the ground for most of the fight this weekend Connor wins. The fight has to go to the ground and stay in order for him to lose.

  17. Comparing Al to the Double champ Is like apples and oranges… khabib I will not have any time to grab Connor and take him down his chin will be wide-open for an easy knock out 1st round ☝🏻

  18. Imagine what if.. Khabib is not making weight, and his belt will be stripped? It seems a new possibility to strip a champion for not making weight..

  19. DIdn't Edgar's camp say that Conor had several opponents to choose from including Frankie and yet Conor opted for Mendes? It's important cz of the narrative that he'll fight anyone, anytime. There's a lot more behind the scenes.

  20. I know this will probably be the biggest fight in terms of money but nothing else about it feel like it's the biggest or even going to matter in a few years.

  21. Breaking news – Khabib is pulling out of the fight because of an injury… probably just a cramp in his ovaries…

  22. Haba cheal just loves being different,if ever there was a case for a fighter to be winning when it's on the feet and the other fighter to be winning when it's on the ground it's deffo this 1 😂😂

  23. Chael makes some good points. This is a fight between two high level Mixed Martial Artists. Conor is better at strking and Khabib is better at wrestling but they both have skills on the feet and on the ground. This reminds me of when they said that Overeem vs. Lesnar was a classic grappler vs. striker matchup but it was noted that Overeem can grapple and Lesnar can punch. Lesnar got destroyed on the feet and only attempted one takedown but he managed to punch Overeem above the eye and cut him before he got finished off standing.

    Chael himself did rock and wobble Anderson Silva, one of the greatest MMA strikers of all time, in their first fight. Conor McGrecgor was able to get off of the bottom against Chad Mendes. I could see Khabib being able to hang standing with Conor long enough to set up a takedown and if he mixes striking and grappling he might tire him out enough on the ground to make his standup more effective. Regardless of what happens it should be exciting.

  24. The same way Stipe would destroy DC on the feet and DC will wrestle Stipe.. It never happened. Sure Stipe controlled most of the striking but DC slipped that overhand in at some point. Khabib is an unorthodox fighter

  25. LOL. STFU. Connor will bust Khabib up on the feet and Khabib will bust Connor on the ground. Enough of the UFC and their fake champions and golden geese. Every one of them’s gotten crushed and vanished eventually: Van Zant smashed by Rose, Rousey smashed by Holm and the lioness, Yair smashed by Edgar, Lesnar smashed etcetera. Time for the next golden goose to get “smash by theese guy who legacy is no money but smash. He relax for six October and then smash heem.”

  26. khabib n tony both get injured n out at the last day of fight… pettis beats conor n become the new champ… dana white commits suicide.

  27. Just watched the Conor vs Chad fight again and i gotta say i was unimpressed with Conor. He was losing bad and chad let him off the hook. Can’t see Conor winning this fight at all if Khabib keeps pressure on Conor will tap! Just my opinion. I like both guys. I give Khabib the edge in a dog fight!

  28. I just RANDOMLY watched some training video from a UFC event and they played DMX, now I'm watching this video and there's DMX in the background. It's safe to say DMX is a gym favorite.

  29. It may sound brazy af, but Khabib could KO Conor on the feet. It could happen. Conor could get caught slipping if he's not A1 sharp tomorrow night. But honestly, the best version of Conor McGregor beats the best version of Khabib Nurmagomedov 9 times out of 10. His movement is too good for Khabib to grab a hold of him without getting sparked by a few punches. Hell, Khabib might not even grab him once.

  30. 1:25 Yes, you are
    2:16 Yeah it does
    2:30 Conor has the cardio of a 260lb HW and gasses out in the 2-3 round of most fights

    Chael you're either chewing gum or something else is making you slide that jaw around pardner.

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