I can’t believe KSI did THIS after the KSI vs  LOGAN PAUL 2 WEIGH IN… *behind the scenes*

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George engine you got this Yo, what’s going on everybody it’s a boy Jason or person or another person whatever You guys want to call me and again as you guys to see what’s out of the video? We have another ksi and long kpop video I’ve been doing a lot of these but obviously I want to record as much content as I can be in all the way up To the fight one more fucking date. So ksi knock slogan out. I’m so fucking excited today We’re gonna be going to the weigh-ins obviously shits gonna go down again last time Jay Jay ended up pushing Logan I honestly don’t know where we can expect today Maybe some pushing maybe some beef we’re gonna get driving over there because it’s like a 20 or 30 minute drive and it’s already 12:30 And I gotta be there as soon as possible We’re finally gonna be able to see these two face to face and obviously and their final form all of the hard work their physique And everything it’s it’s come down to this just for literally 24 hours away If your team gets I just like myself and definitely the dot-coms below It’s my last we didn’t you get like ten dislikes and I’m guessing those are all gonna pop em, but there’s a matter I’m excited to go I’m excited to see them do it their way ends and we’re just gonna see what’s gonna happen if you guys haven’t seen yesterday’s video Go watch that video right here Leave a like subscribe to us sings comment turn on post notifications if you guys want and yeah, hopefully you guys enjoy the video You got this Sam let’s go you got it Do it it looks fucking Sally and us go Look So which you guys saw there was behind the scenes of two days away and honestly I rise a little bit late So I wasn’t really able to get like a good angle and plus I have the g7x It’s not the best camera, but I thought I record some of the after for the Wayans I got a me case I I got to shake his hand which is pretty insane I had my thumb as Bradley was a big Gator on camera I don’t know if you guys were able to see it, but I got a handshake at the end of the day That was a pretty cool experience for me I dapped him up like the very first press conference and now I got it I got a actually shake his hand in the way and it’s gone it to the point where I’m just so fucking ready to see the fire and It’s it’s gonna be in less than 24 hours and I’m so fucking ready for it Obviously case I himself and his team are gonna remember me they have met so many people and the experiences that I’ve gone from going to like literally probably every single event and seeing how they are off camera and in person it’s just It dude, they have a solid I’ve seen their fucking humble and and they’re hungry There’s not really much else to say I believe there’s some shit that went down with Shannon and a fan and then some more beef that went down with Fatah and Jay Paul, obviously none of that matters It’s not gonna matter Tomorrow’s fight night team kazar the way I’m gonna end the video here if you guys enjoy you guys already know what you guys needed To its menu boy Jason oppressor, obviously you guys move around a video

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