Hustle Art Online Abridged ep 1 first scene substitles l0l

By Stevie Adams / in , , , , , , , , , , /

make sure your parents arent here and wear headphones or some shit yknow Kiri motherucking TO: Okay, I’ll be the one to say it, Kirito: THIS SOME OLD BULL SHIEEE (shit) Hoe– Asuna: Kirito I- Savage af nigga: BITCH YEW SHUT YO DAMNEST LOVIN ASS UP Kirito: the only reason we in this situation is because YOU was walkin around in that thottie ass outfit Sexist: PFF, Like a nigga wasn’t gon snatch dat ass UHP Ass-una: The new “ching chong” product just came out, I wasn’t not gonna buy it Kirito: Nobody give a damn about some garbage DLC Sponsored by A BUNCH OF HOES (damn.) Assuna: Take that back asshole (i dont have to say that she sounds like a bored fussy spoiled ass whore, but meh) Kirito: Assuna, if I caught yew at a store, I would take you back, and speaking of BACK, LOOK AT MY SHIT this legend of zelda “RedDick”? have an ass fucked up my shit! Ass: i diid~ Kirito: NIGGA YOU SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH Kirito: I’m bout to beat on yo ass in a minute Dick sucker: hew doesnt apperciate yew liek ay deeww, “??????” raepe!11 OH YAY SHWO HWOUUH! — im not even gonna say *licks assuna* Assssssssssuna: kirito help, hes raping me (seems legit) Kirito: dis nigga not rapin you, you just gettin licked by some nigga tongue shit Yo nasty ass just can’t tell the differense Spend less time at the kitchen, and you might learn something HO! Asuna: Kirito you sexist asshewl, do something! Sexist asshole: Keep givin me that altitude, and i WON’T Kirito: nigga wearin green so you kno he on dat freacc shit Kirito: BUUUT, That violate my real nigga code. AYE! old ASS fuck boy with the tongue DISORDER! ???: w-wat?? are u talkin to mi??! Kirito: YEAH! I’m talkin to you MOTHERFUCKER! Kirito: YOU LICK MY BITCH ONE MORE TIME AND I’LL roast on yo ass, beat in yo ass, killing yo ass, AND HAVE AN UNPROTECTED SEX WITH MY BITCH ON YO ASS and when i’m done, i’m dropping you off at arkham asylum for the niggas, that got necrophilia! Suguh: NOH! wh-what? what is wrong with yooo.. D: Kirito: oh yeah fam! im dat type of nigga, I listen to Eminem 12 hours a day got mommy issues AND I JUST DONT GIVE A FUUUUHHH Sugouhhhh: eeee b00biezz!!11 😀 kIrItO: Computah! take out this shitty ass game, for i can put in work on that punk ass, bitch ass, pussy ass, haven ass, I live in my mama’s house at 45 pedo have an ass niggah! Computah: Why should I shut the server down for you>:| You’re not my real father unit. D:

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