HPD sergeant caught punching woman on camera

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video from a Waipahu restaurant…obtained by KITV4. That’s an Honolulu Police Sergeant and a woman we’re not naming. KITV4’s Lara Yamada talked to the woman.. She also talked to the Police chief and has our top story… Criss-crossing the restaurant. A violent clash. Surveillance video from Kuni’s Japanese Restaurant Monday night appears to show a woman throwing a punch at a man. That man following with one blow after another. Taking her down to the ground. Followed by even more blows. Honolulu Police Department Cheif Louis Kealoha says HPD determined the man seen in the video is 18- year veteran assigned to District 5 in Kalihi. KITV has confirmed through multiple sources it is this man: Sgt. Darren Cachola. 2030-52 Looking at the video the knee jerk reaction for myself was this guy needs to be arrested and brought to justice as a police officer, but when you step back and you compose yourself and you think what needs to be done, then you have to look at certain things such as the law, the evidence that needs to be collected. We need to know exactly what happened. Chief Kealoha says Cachola’s police powers have been removed, his gun and badge taken away, but he is still on the clock, and employed by HPD. Kealoha says no arrests have been made as of yet. But what may suprise you is the woman in that video says this is all a “misunderstanding.” 1124 To the average person it’s looks pretty rough. 1129-39 I understand how it looks. We train all the time together. We do kick boxing together and we were playing around. 1426-35 KITV talked with managers at Kuni’s and they say the restaurant is a frequent watering-hole for law enforcement. Many staff members are close knit with the officers who stop by. They say the woman is waitress at Kuni’s. Cachola’s family tell us she’s a new girlfriend. Friends — who say they want to remain anonymous — tell KITV they, and others who know what happened that night, are afraid to speak out for “fear retaliation.” 1148 So why in the restaurant? The store was closed. 1220 It was blown of proportion. That’s all. Maybe we shouldn’t been playing around like that in my working place but… 1846-03 I was disappointed, because to see that kind of violence is unacceptable. Whether it’s a citizen or especially a police officer, because we should know better, because we have policies and guidelines, and our officers receive training in domenstic voience and how to investigate it. Cachola’s girlfriend says she will not be pressing charges. But HPD has launched a FULL investigation — including into the officers who responded to the scene. He wants to know whether they followed proper procedures in reporting the incident. He says they’re interviewing them, Kuni’s staff and other witnesses. Kealoha says there’s also much more of that incident caught on surveillance — he wants to review it ALL — before they take the

22 thoughts on “HPD sergeant caught punching woman on camera

  1. impressive how partial the HPD is when it comes to their own assaulting someone… part of the club, no?

  2. doubt the woman in the phone is even the victim, or she was scared to say the truth…
    if girlfriend, domestic violence?

  3. funny.. how the evidence needs to be collected and blah blah blah when it's a cop in question. but if they "swung the story" to it being the woman was the criminal, she would be arrested and chastised.

  4. That whole Honululu police department needs to be cleaned from top to bottom !!! Too many videos here on You Tube of their excessive force !!!

  5. Cops always want you to believe that there is 'more to the story' than what is obvious on the video, but there almost never is. It's a feature of sociopathy to blame the victim and look for additional 'evidence' to justify rash and violent action. they do it because the 'brotherhood' is more important than the truth.

  6. Did I hear correctly??? "they and others who know what happen that night, are afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation" (1:59). Was that a cop or a mobster/gangster that committed the offense?? So, when the chief said that they were to compose themselves and look at all the evidence such as law (1:11), he really meant the blue code of ethics because if nobody wants to talk, that should raise a huge red flag about the absolute corruption in that department.

  7. How brave for a cop to punch a women. This shows how much cops think about citizens. The cop will get away with this because of the police union.

  8. This was his girlfriend in 2015 and he was fired. He was involved in a second domestic violence incident in April 2017 with his wife. She also refused to press charges. Here's the article on that. http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/35222092/former-hpd-officer-once-accused-of-spousal-abuse-cited-for-domestic-disturbance

  9. Why is that when cops get into trouble our tax dollars still pay them as for any other job ur fired. Cops need to all go back to school and get a degree for their career.

  10. police SGT hAWAII MOTTO: Lead with your left, err I mean lead by example?I guess we found where all the other "good" cops that resign and "retire" too soon, go for a new job.

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