How to wrap your hands Wrap your hands for boxing for beginners

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Don’t know how to wrap your hands? In
this video we’ll show you how to wrap your hand
HiTek Style! Aloha Ryan here from Hi-Tek Boxing where we show you Boxing Techniques to help you get fit and get in the ring! So we’re gonna start off with a
180 inch hand wrap Mexican style so when you wrap your hands you wanna make
sure wrap it snug not too tight not too loose the first thing we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna put the loop on your index finger now we’re gonna make a pad
for your knuckles so when you make your pad you wanna make sure you wrap it loose
now we’re gonna do this four times and I forgot to mention make sure you have
your fingers spaced out and now we’re gonna pull it out so the pad is even
thicker now so your forwards this four times but now it’s gonna be eight times
of course including the underneath part as well and for my preference I’m gonna
make it even thicker by folding this pad in half so it will now be sixteen times so
with the pad being here I’m gonna place this between my pinkie and my ring
finger and I’ll hold it in place like this and I’m gonna wrap one time around
my knuckles kind of to secure it and I’m also gonna wrap one time around my wrist now we’re gonna have to
fix your pad so we’re going to take it out here pull it out just a little bit
and we’re going to slide it underneath so now it should be.. the pad should be placed
directly over your knuckles now the next step we’re going to do is
we’re going to make an X between the fingers of our hands and down the middle
so make the first half of your X we’re to come from underneath between your
pinky on your ring finger come across now we’re gonna support it around your
wrist so everything we’re gonna everything we do we’re gonna support your wrist for support so I got that one time around my wrist next step of course
to make the other half of your X I’m gonna be coming from underneath
between my index and my middle finger and come across I have your X I’m gonna wrap it once around my wrist again for support we should end up here and now we’re gonna
save the middle for last so gonna come over the top between the middle and I wrap it around your wrist and you
can do any one-and-a-half times I’ll go again here now next thing we’re going to
do is we’re going to cover our work by covering this mess up now they kind of
support it even more and secure it so we’re gonna wrap around your knuckles
one time I’m gonna come across and have to do
that one time now gonna go back around your wrist and come back around and pull
across and now you can wrap it around your wrist all in one time we should have a good amount of wrap left
towards the end so the last thing we want to do is we’re going to wrap your thumb I
just notice we didn’t do that yet so they wrap your thumb I know you pull on
we’re gonna pull from two ways one from over the top and one coming from
underneath so the first one you will go over the top here pull the cross over
and then pull across and we’re gonna wrap around your wrist that’s one time and
on a second time so instead of coming from above we’re gonna come from below
other side and then pull across the other way and of course we’re always
wrapping around your wrist for support and because you can tell we asked a little
extra wrap here so that’s okay so in actuality I could have made my padding a
little thicker maybe five times I would have had more but since we have
this extra wrap here we’re gonna use that again to support our wrist and if
you really feel like your wrist is kind of bulky already you can slide it
start wrapping a little bit of a forearm so you get a little more support and this was
not bulky in one area so then we’re gonna do that here we’re gonna finish
around your wrist and and for you beginners out there if
you ever have your hand wrap backwards at the end there’s no need to undo
everything of course you would just have to flip it over so to fix your velcro
but in this case I did mine correctly so I’m just going to finish up here right across and here you go. So this is my hand wrap, Hi-Tek Style. If you have any questions regarding hand wrapping please leave
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