How to Touch Parry & Counter Punch | Boxing Lessons

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This is the last defense counter technique
in this series for Howcast It’s touch, counter-punch, or you can call it a parry, whatever you choose
to. Works like this. He’s going to throw his one, two on this mitt. He’s going to touch
there and crack away with the step. Now if I make an aggressive move towards him, in
this case Dylan’s not even going to move his feet. Watch how this is done. Jab, jab. Now
we integrate the jab again. Jab, jab. Touch one, two. Jab, jab. Back. Upper cut. Slip
out. One, two. Touch, one, two Jab, jab. Beautiful. That’s it.

10 thoughts on “How to Touch Parry & Counter Punch | Boxing Lessons

  1. He came back with a 1-2 counter after the parry. I know some of you don't know shit about boxing but at least pretend that you do.

  2. alright, for the people slating this video, it's a nice way of showing the technique. no, the guy on mitts wasn't throwing the starting punch with any real intent, but that allows you to see the movement. if this is the only source you and a training partner had to learn how to parry, and the two of you had some boxing or striking experience, you could work it out. stop slagging it off, and see it how it's meant to be seen

  3. I actually quite enjoyed it, you people just don't see the beauty of it. That, "touch parry" is what you call a "check." E.g. if someone tries to kick you, you do a quick kick towards his leg to prevent himself kicking that is called a leg check. That quick "touch" when applied on a full force punch will cause the attacker's arm to suffer recoil and render it into recovery position for at least 2 seconds. Giving you the opportunity to counter through the opening on the downed arm, it looked simple but it's actually a difficult technique. You people shouldn't criticize something you do not know about.

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