How to Throw a One-Two-Three-Four Punch | Boxing Lessons

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There’s times where you want to end a fight
quick and a good way to go about that is send your one, two, three, four right down the
pipe. Delen’s going to show us in a standing position his one, two, three, four. Good,
again. Now he’s got two options here. He can throw four straight punches or he can hook
the third punch. So, first he’s going to throw them straight, second he’s going to hook the
third punch. This is how it looks on mitts. We’re going to give you a little head movement
too. Jab, jab. Good, jab, jab. Forward, jab, jab. Jab, jab, straight, four, jab, jab, right
hand. We’re going to mix up a little bit of head movement and some single hand counters,
right hands and left hooks. Jab, jab. Back, slip right here. Forward. Jab, jab. Back,
two. Jab, jab. Straight, forward. Jab, jab. Slip out. End it, four. That’s four integrated
with the jab, hooks, right hands, but that’s how you get the job done.

13 thoughts on “How to Throw a One-Two-Three-Four Punch | Boxing Lessons

  1. Always thought it was 1-jab 2-cross 3-hook 4-hook, with your dominant hand being the one you use on 2 and 4.  This looks like 1-2-1-2 to me.

  2. That guy’s hook is weird, I watched few other videos of this channel with this instructor and the black guy and he always throws that weird hook, which was commented by some others as well saying that it is weird.

  3. There are times when you want to end the fight quick…other times…for some reason, you want to end the fight slowly.

  4. thatz a lazy hook if this boxing coach is so good at his craft why is he not on the prime boxing events never seen him on prime time

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