How to Play: Knockout Baccarat

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Welcome to Knockout Baccarat. In this game,
the regular baccarat bets can still be played: player, banker or tie. So the regular game
of baccarat can continue. The additional bets that we have are ante/wager for player, ante/wager
for banker, natural win player/banker or bet on the winning totals. I’m going to explain
to you how these bets work. Before the cards are dealt, people are invited to place their
bets. Player, banker, tie can still exist just as your regular game. People are also
invited to bet on ante for player or ante for banker or on a natural win for player/banker
or on the winning totals. When someone bets on the ante for player or banker, the first
card is shown in the game, in this case a 9. People are now invited to up the ante,
play or fold. To play, you must place double the amount of the bet in the wager area. So
you must double the ante or you can fold your hand straight away. Seeing as this is a 9
for the players hand, there is every chance that the banker is going to lose, but lets
say they play for now. The hand is then dealt just according to the regular rules of baccarat.
5 to the player. 9 natural to bank. Bank wins 9-5. So in this case the player loses, the
bank wins. There is no commision on the ante/wager, so it is all commision free. The ante always
wins even money, but the wager can win odds. It’ll either win half, even or double and
it depends on the hand that we have beaten. So if we have beaten a hand of 3 or less,
it will pay half. If we have beaten a hand of 4 or 5, 5 in this case, it will pay even
money. If we have beaten a hand of 6, 7 or 8 it will pay 2 to 1. So there we go, lets
place your bets and play hand number 2. Natural win player, natural win banker if the correct
result comes up and it is a natural win, 4 to 1 is the payout. And we can also select
what we think will be the winning total. Here we go, no more bets. 4. Up the ante, play
or fold. So, we’ll play this one and if somebody folds they are out of the hand, it doesn’t
effect any other bets in that box. But in this case we’ll play it. 5 to player. 7 to
bank. 6 to player, bank wins, 7-6. It’s not a natural result, winning hand is 7. Ok. Even
money. The hand that we’ve beaten is a 6, 7 or 8 so we pay 2 to 1. The winning total
was 7, four and a half to 1. Place your bets. So that’s Knockout Baccarat. Ante/wager for
player and banker, natural win for player and banker, or select the winning totals.

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