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Awesome Intro… Hair 101 Basic Boys Haircut We’re going to do a boys haircut. We’re going to try and leave a little bit more length on the top and have the sides at a number three so you’re going to want to have a cape or some kind of protection. maybe a plastic bag if you don’t have a cape your going to need Clippers, an attachment this is a 3/8 inch they just pop on like that. I’m going to have it closed so it’s shorter. a comb, thinning shears, these will make a huge difference in your haircuts especially if you’re not professional if you’re just starting out these will fix a lot of the little mistakes that you’ll have. T edgers to do around the ears and the neck and just a pair of good shears, cutting shears K so we’re going to go ahead and start with the clippers. we’re gonna go. LOOK DOWN HUNTER! We’re going to start right in the back and taper it up just a little k look straight so what you are doing is flipping the clipper up when you get to the spot that you want to start blending it then we’re going to go right up here by the ear, straight up to about just at the eyebrow length just flip it right there pull the ear, so you’re not gonna scratch their little ear. we don’t want to hurt them then hear just fold the ear this way.and cross your hand over just the same thing just flip it up, if you’re doing it with a little kid. you can give them a little dumb dumb sucker. iPhone or something to get them to calm down to have them not wiggling to much so we’re going to do this other side.
LOOK DOWN AGAIN. k straight K same thing we are going to fold the ear over this already looks a lot better ha Hunt
no more hairy ears alright, one more time on the bend in the ear
there we go okay so the bottom part is done.we’re going to go ahead and do the perimeter now
what’s a perimeter? this is the perimeter right here it goes all the way around your head. it’s where your hair starts to grow. so we’re going to take the T edgers and start the comb in the back.
LOOK DOWN we’re going to cut straight down. we don’t want to cut into where the natural hair pattern grows So find that if you’re going to do a straight line you find their the highest spot you go straight from there. If you’re going to do a curve And you would just kind of go like that I usually do straight because curvy looks feminine to me i’m gonna go right in there K right where the natural hair starts to grow then just go up this way k look down you might have to go over it a few times. little boys have lots of fuzzies
all over their neck nice and straight we’re going to go over to the side here. and do the rest of the square
LOOK DOWN AGAIN There you go and then just follow that line just a little bit in the ear And now I’m going to switch over to the side burn. Look straight We’re going to do it right about there and then fold the ear down there we go If you have any long pieces that are hanging over you can take the comb and flip it like that Just go ahead and knock those off With T edgers same with this side right here
you can blend it in okay that looks nice same with the front The perimeter on the front, you can
lift it up or pull it down and knock off that point okay other side. ….LOOK STRAIGHT…. flip it up. there we go tilt the comb away from the head like that so your just getting the very edge ok, so now our perimeter is done we’re gonna take the spray bottle and spray the rest of the hair then you’re going to take your shears and your comb comb through the hair to make sure there’s no sticky stuff all the syrup from breakfast did you eat pancakes today?? ah yummy. ok i like to comb all the hair just to get it saturated Okay we’re going to start on the right side by the right eye we’re going to comb this forward and then back to make a little bit of a piece right there. ok so we have our guide at the bottom this is where the Clippers were cutting
that’s where they stopped so we’re gonna cut from there up
and don’t cut past your first knuckle You might need to take two little sections to get that then we’re going to move back a little bit pull the next section up.
cut from your guide straight up to the next section look down hunter. there you go.
that’s better there’s the guide.
just cut right up there. keep walking around head as you go
make sure you’re always in front of your work I cross check the hair i cut.
i pull it forward to check it and then pull it backwards make sure you get everything lying down in
different directions that looks pretty blended in there. if you see any big lines you can take your shears and just knock them out or you can take these awesome thinning shears,
these are awesome cause they are really forgiving for haircuts
so you can take these if you see any dark
spots like heavy lines where you were’nt able to blend it very well
take these blending shears and just go along and chop away a little bit have some fun make sure you don’t go crazy
with them they do help a lot
ok that looks good on that side
so i’m going to go around and do the same thing
on all the sides if you miss any go back in there and grab them okay thats good alright, when you feel like you’ve got the
edges blended pretty well. you’re going to move to the top. So i’m going to show you how to do do you want a mohawk hunt? I’ll show you how to do a mohawk
then I’ll cut it off because he doesn’t want it like that What you’re going to do is comb the hair into a mohawk If you were doing a mohawk where you wanted a gradual blend, that’s really in right now r you wouldn’t even need to cut on this specific haircut pacificare you and even really need a
couple minutes after maybe just 13 right there just even a mohawk arm me you would be doing right now would be
taking and planning from this longest point all
the way to the shortest playing and you just take a little bit right
there and do that section on my back but he doesn’t want a mohawk I’ll show you that later.. i guess
on Zade we’re just going to do a regular boys haircut this boy you’re going to pull it straight up
I’m going to chop it, cause You want
to wear it spiky right Hunter?? um…….
You like your hair spikey?? So I’m going to go in like this and just point
cut. Now you don’t want to go past
your first kuckle just gonna wanna this just gives it a little bit more
texture so it’s not straight lines you’re just making little “V”‘s you’re going to try to keep it all the same length.
start with your guide have the tips your fingers holding the
spot that you wanna match and then go to the second knuckle never cut past the second knuckle you’ll cut yourself it will be a big
GASH in your hand okay, then the same back here if you switch to the other side you can go from the guide in the back point cut UP eventually you’ll be able to see both sides
of the guide okay make sure you’ve gone all the way down to the bottom okay so you have the middle length established. you just need to match the middle
length and the side length say you’re gonna start on the right side
here. Pull the hair straight up by the face and then point cut again match those two you should have short long,short you’re just gonna cut off the long part and match the
two short parts………..
there we go…….. so point cutting can be kinda scary at
first cause you feel like you’re going to cut your finger as you cut you should be pulling back a little bit so you’re not chopping into your finger you’re pulling away just check it. go back and forth a few
times just when you come forward if you see
these lines those are long spots
so you need to go back through there and i’ll show you how to cross check it too at you’re cutting choppy like this there’s gonna
be some of that that’s kinda what you want to give it texture so we are going to go to this side now….
same thing short/long/short just cut off the long part point cut it
all the way back you getting hair in your mouth Hunt?? on my nose!
oh dear 🙂
let’s fix that…. there we go. ….. long spot right there
we gotta get that outta there so this section you’re more just doing to your first knuckle… and then for the second half of
this section you’re going to come around
to the front of them if you’re right-handed. if you’re
left-handed it would be that side on this left side you need to just pull it up and knock off that little peak that you’re
going to have because of the curve of the head right there you see it? there we go… just do that all the way to the back of the head. point cutting okay so now this is the point on the front of the
head that we are going to point cut around so just comb it all forward and take off some of the length…
PUT YOUR HEAD UP! okay so i’m going to go in and just point cut this out okay and now we’re going to cross check it okay let see so this is a long spot
what you do is we’ve been cutting this way so we’re gonna take sections this way
just to make sure we don’t have any long spots and OH LOOK! there’s a big long spot so we’re going to point cut that…… and then there’s another little long spot doesn’t have to be perfect because you
want it to kind of be textured for the spiking you don’t want any really long spots….
Hunter look up. there you go So cross-check it around and make sure you have it’s starting to dry out
i’m just going to squirt it down a little bit that’s probably why you’re getting all those little
hairs on your face cause it dried out there we go ok,….. so just cross-checking
you’re going to go make sure there’s no long spots okay so after you’ve done that and you’ve made sure that you’re pretty much even…
if you want you can go through this if there’s any heavy spots that look thick or a little bit too long or a hard-line can take these thinning shears and you can
just go over it and it blends it right in you can also go through the top with these
just on the TIPS and do some texture through the top this is really good for Cowlicks.
if you have cowlicks you can just tame them down with the thinning shears…
and that’s it K Hunter. You want me to spike it and put
some gel in it now?? NO!
you want to do it down? Ya! i’m going to spike it cause it’s
my show okay?? 🙂 so you’ll want to wash it.
give them a bath or a shower we’re not going to do that
cause Hunter doesn’t want a bath. right Hunter???? we’ll just spike it alright Hunter you’re done give you one little brush off with the towel from
all that hair and then we’ll do a spin K

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