How to choose a punching bag? Answer from SPARTA

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Hello. My name is Dmitry Melnikov. This is series of videos about our products. Today I will tell you about the product which has the highest demand. It is our boxing bag. There are two types – First is leather bag. Cowhide, for this bag we give a guarantee of 6 years. This bag is eternal. The second type of bag – is the one that you see here. This bag is made of reinforced PVC 750. This one is also almost made of highest quality material. Now I’ll briefly explain how we make these bags. Outside every boxing bag is covered with PVC 750 reinforced sheet, which is very strong and you can’t break it. From the inside it is stitched with canvas layer to improve strength and enhance durability. Inside the bag is inserted foam rubber liner width of 1.5 cm and has foam directly into the sleeve, and then filled with rubber crumbs depending, whether you want to make the bag, hard and heavier or light weight and soft . You can select the type of filling yourself when ordering. On each bag you can see our logos that are printed from the bottom up by a special UV coating, Logo can never be erased. By the way, if you wish, we can print the logo of your club, your federation or your organization. It is also a very important point – this is our suspension. which is a unique system of suspension type “chandelier” which keeps the bag in its exact celinder shape, even after long intensive work. In addition to this, suspension restrict the reverse swinging of the bag, even if you’re a heavyweight even if your weight for a hundred, even if you are a master of boxing. Bye!

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